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In this course learners are introduced to second or foreign language theories and practices for teaching and assessing listening, speaking, and pronunciation. Learners will also be introduced to basic studies in second language acquisition and their pedagogical implications. Teachers will be invited to recognize the importance of grounding their own teaching philosophy through an examination of purpose, content, and technique....
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21 juin 2021

Interesting courses! I am learning a lot. Thank you very much Coursera. I have just completed course 2 and been delivered a certificate but I just can't access my new course. What should I do, please?


29 déc. 2021

I enjoyed taking this course. Even though I don't like the peer-grading system in general, within this course it makes sense. It is always interesting to hear other people's opinions and experiences.

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par Kathy A

13 déc. 2016

This course was so helpful. I could see the why of how classes were set up with VIPKID and which theories were in place. I also gained valuable insight in how to implement strategies for different learning styles. The course was easy to follow, and the assessment at the end of each lesson helped in organizing the information I learned for future recall. Thank you Coursera for offering this opportunity.


27 déc. 2015

Honestly, It's one of the best course in the world. I've enjoyed and learned a lot from this amazing course. In addition, I was a bit confusing about teaching approach, but after finishing the course, I can work with different approaches in teaching, moreover, I can choose which approach is suitable for my students and which not capable for them. However, I would love to thank you all teachers, classmates.

par Nataliya K

11 mars 2016

Great course! I highly recommend it to everyone who is interested in ESL teaching and learning. Dr. Shawn Dixon is not an instructor - he is a real actor. He turns on his lectures into shows. It was my 15th course on Coursera, all of them were interesting and useful, but it was the funniest one! I have never seen a complex and boring theory outlining so exciting. Believe me, you will enjoy this course!

par Adalto F d G

1 juin 2016

The high level of the content and the teachers able to inspire, are maybe the best reason to do this course. I never saw so good teachers as they have here and the ability to teach and give valuable information to the learners as done here. In another situation, this course should cost a lot of money.

Thanks to professors Shane Dixon, Jessica Cinco and Justin. More than teach, you are able to inspire!

par Rosa F

25 oct. 2020

Even if as teachers we already know about the different approaches and the use of its techniques and strategies, the way you use to explain the contents, has helped me a lot. Now I'm learning in the good and right sense. I have more clear how to help my students and its helped me also to auto reflect where and who i am and where and how i want to go from here in my teaching-learning process.


par Rachel G

10 juil. 2017

By studying the history of teaching approaches, I learned both the purposes behind teaching techniques throughout history and why the do or do not work based on a learner's purpose for learning a language. And, as a bonus, as a second language learner, I learned new learner strategies too. The information was clear, and the method of presentation made it both entertaining and memorable. Thanks.

par Maria C R

10 janv. 2023

The instructors practice what they preach. There is no lack of creativity in each session. They simplify the approaches and make them more understandable and fun even for adult students. The instructors give us a general overview of each approach but recommend that we do further reading as well. Hats off to Dr. Shane for his acting skills, I really can't get "Parlez vous Frenchie!" off my head :)

par Yeganeh A

29 oct. 2022

Hi :)

By passing this module I have learned a lot about the history of language learning and the route of reaching the last approach which is called communicative approach that does not have clear and fixed methods and teachers can use different ones to make language leraning enjoyable. The videos are nicely made and I thank you very much for giving this opportunity to watch, read and learn. :)

par Kh T

19 août 2021

Very nice concept with the time machine and using caricatures! Just one observation: I've noticed that the "Why" question in the time machine videos is different from the "Why" in the sheets. While in the video the caricature was asked "Why do we teach language", the question in the sheet seems to be "Why do we use this approach". The two overlap, but sometimes there are differences to consider!

par Aaron T

29 nov. 2020

The lessons are engaging and interesting to say the least. It is interesting to learn all of the approaches that have been used throughout history. I will take what is useful from the approaches, discard what is useless and finally, make an approach that is truly mine! I recommend this course to anyone who is keen on the theories of 2nd language acquisition or on language acquisition in general!

par Esther A

17 janv. 2021

I'd like to say special “Thank you!” to my main dearest American teachers and all members of team of this wonderful, and, very useful for people around the world, course. Thank you for your unreal help for such women like me. Your great program really changes for better a lot of lives. You make me a person, who is full of happy and hope for better fate in the future. Love you all very much!

par Ariel S M

27 févr. 2016

Like the course before this one, Theories of Second Language Acquistion was exceptional. I love how the professors creatively distill very important facts and information in a format that is enjoyable and refreshing for students. I wish all Coursera Courses were carefully planned and presented like this course - how you present it is just as important as the content that you are presenting.

par Ayhan Y

24 juil. 2022


I take this course as a base to revise my teaching techniques as I particaipated the course without any pain and it encourged me to continue step by step. Content is also very charming with its devil and angel debates, teacher's accurate and fluent performances like an actor. And materials are so user friendly that everyone can start to use immediately. Thanks for the opportunity.

par Kirsten M

2 avr. 2020

An excellent overview of the history of ESL teaching methods. Presented as vignettes using simple caricatures, it is easy to follow and the exaggerated style makes each theory memorable. The graphic organizer that the course provides keeps your notes in place, and will come in handy at Final Exam time. This is not an easy course; you will work and you will learn, but you will also enjoy.

par Fauzi B

31 janv. 2022

During my college year, I didn't really get the holistic view of language teaching history. Now I understand better. Thanks to the analogy of a pendulum, I can see how the language teaching approach swings to a totally different one. Moreover, I enjoyed the course videos. The concept of time travel is very creative and Dr. Dixon nailed all the presentation. Bravo Teach English Now team!

par Shane D L

14 févr. 2016

Shane Dixon is a little over the top, but it's clear that his energy and enthusiasm is backed up by his knowledge (also it makes sense that he would have such a personality considering the need for it in his ESL classrooms). Everything he says is directed towards helping you understand how to apply what you are learning in a class. Easily the most interesting online course I've taken.

par Fernando C C

5 nov. 2020

It was an extraordinary class, filled with interesting and appealing ways of teaching the contrasting strategies of learning. The only aspect that at the end quiz was a little dizzying, was those three questions of strategies and tools used by three of the language learning schools of thought, after all the information, it was a little hard to pinpoint the minute details of them.

par Chị H

27 févr. 2020

I love the lecturers and Coursera so much. I feel motivated when learning this course. It helps me a lot to get a deeper insight into the English teaching approach. I used to lack interest in the history of previous research, theory but lively illustration and fantastic teaching styles of lecturers awake my mind. I am grateful for having this opportunity to upgrade my profession

par Anastasia Y

23 juin 2020

This course is one of the most interesting and challenging ones I have ever encountered. The lectures are full of important names, dates, and information and I couldn't be more satisfied with this. The only thing I didn't quite enjoy was the Angel and Devil Approach: it wasn't as interesting to watch and, to be honest, a little weird. But the mentors did a great job! Thank you!

par Pawel V

22 juil. 2020

Highly useful in getting insights into the theories of Second Language acquisition. I could imbibe many techniques that can be used in my classroom. Definitely helped me in becoming a better teacher. The trainers are excellent. The material provided is really awesome. I feel all language teachers must take the course. it will be a very enriching experience for them as well.

par Jorge L

20 janv. 2023

Excellent course with excellent teachers who have awesome expertise by engaging us through communicative approaches based on real-life situations alongside the teaching-learning didactic pedagogical process, tutoring how to become an English teacher, critical thinker, and mediator in the face of this globalized generation, where English has become the second world language.

par Claudia A

16 août 2020

I am deeply grateful to Coursera for bringing this platform to the rest of the world. It opens the opportunity to learn and acquire new skills. Special thanks to Shane, Justin, and Jessica for driving the lessons in this course in a very interactive, fun, and creative way. It was an amazing experience, where I learned a lot and help me in acquiring new skills. Many thanks.

par Umarov K H

31 mars 2019

Very informative and helpful. It worse the time I have dedicated to it. Thank you very much to Coursera and Arizona State University for the provided opportunity and great experience and theoretical knowledge. I really didn't have funds for the course, thanks for your kindness and the will to bring knowledge even free of charge and without any benefit for you.

Thank you!

par David S B

9 mars 2016

This course was nicely contructed and fun. It contained a lot of helpful information for a person desiring to teach English as a second langauge. It helped me to move closer to my own approach and philosophy to teaching language. I would indeed reccomend this course to others. I may recommend this course to my teaching staff. This is reasonably priced and informative.

par Erik M

13 avr. 2020

In this course I was introduced to second or foreign language theories and practices for teaching and assessing listening, speaking, and pronunciation. I also learnt the basic studies in second language acquisition and the pedagogical implications. I understand the importance of using my own teaching philosophy through an examination of purpose, content, and technique.