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In this course, we'll look at the JavaScript language, and how it supports the Object-Oriented pattern, with a focus on the unique aspect of how JavaScript approaches OO. We'll explore a brief introduction to the jQuery library, which is widely used to do in-browser manipulation of the Document Object Model (DOM) and event handling. You'll also learn more about JavaScript Object Notation (JSON), which is commonly used as a syntax to exchange data between code running on the server (i.e. in PHP) and code running in the browser (JavaScript/jQuery). It is assumed that learners have already taken the Building Web Applications and Building Database Applications in PHP courses in this specialization....

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Aug 10, 2020

A very brief course which gives some deep ideas about JS, JQuery and JSON. It would be better to have some previous ideas about these stuffs otherwise some problems may occur during assignments.


Nov 14, 2018

Thanks for the course Dr. Chuck, I learned more than I ever bargained I would. The only thing would be is recommendations were to go from here and what to focus on if this is your first course.

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Sep 01, 2020



Apr 11, 2020


par Manal D y

Jul 31, 2020



Nov 26, 2019


par Soumyadeep M

Sep 10, 2020

I was targeting to learn JavaScript in depth. Because I don't know PHP very much, that's why the exams are very hard to understand for me. Each and every challenge at the end of the week, There's present a PHP & Database project. This course is not for them, who want to learn Javascript in-depth.

par Gonçalo S

Feb 01, 2018

Very good course with a fantastic professor, but I did find it a bit uneven. There's a whole week about JSON, something most people would find fairly basic, but javascript, a whole and very peculiar language, is taught in few minutes. Except for that, I couldn't be happier about this course.

par Carlo M

Mar 27, 2019

As for the PHP course, I would have preferred more exercises and information about the object-oriented paradigm.

par Mohammad T H

Jun 18, 2020

Very difficult one, must complete the previous courses in the specialization to make the most of this

par jamil h

Jun 04, 2020

very good experience but slow motion speech delivery would be better for non native learners

par Julio M

Feb 01, 2018

Una excelente introducción a Javascript y JQuery.

Claro y entretenido.

Buen trabajo!

par Pushpak C

May 20, 2019

this course gives good introduction to javascript.

par Devesh P

Jul 17, 2018

Nice course and practically covered all the topics

par Nelson H

Jul 19, 2019

Wish it could it gone a little deper in Ajax

par manav j

May 05, 2018

Same kind of assignments for each week

par Ramy T K

Oct 28, 2019

Excellent course

par Christopher H

Aug 15, 2020

Really good.

par Simon L

Oct 06, 2020

You need to have done the other 3 courses in the specialisation to be able to complete this... and it's virtually impossible to unenroll, so you're stuck with it on your courses page.

par José R

Aug 07, 2020

if you want to learn the basic, is good, but no more than the basic

par jorge e

Apr 03, 2019

Its very nice but link with php,

par Marjorie E

Jun 06, 2020

The instructor Severance, does not teach this course properly, he writes all over the board with this pen, scribbles a lot and covers the screen like a small kid would do, he scribbles so much, you who are trying to learn, get confused, because the board is all covered up, while your trying to make sense of what he's describing. He says things, like I talk about this, you figure the rest out. He compliments himself so much, and shows how much he likes to show off, and he's just padding himself in the back with how much he knows, he forgets how to teach the course. This is not a good instructor to teach this SUBJECT. You need a person who can teach the course, not showoff how much he knows, that he's not teaching, he's just hearing himself talk. I don't understand nothing he's describing.!!!!

par Munish K

Sep 02, 2020

This course is NOT designed for JavaScript. It was just a copy and past from PHP course. I took Module 1 which talks about JavaScript but then the Assignment. Its all about PHP and that not all. I was almost half way in PHP project. I end up spending lot of time in developing the PHP project but then I thought to go and see other assignment..... they all were for PHP project with little work on JavaScript, jQuery or JSON. This is the worst course I have every seen. I am surprise how they got this much good rating.

par Michael J

May 26, 2019

Good luck with this course. It is a VERY steep learning curve, and if you're stuck there is no help feature. I would not recommend this course to a person. You'd have better luck googling what you want to do and learn from there.

par Manuel C S B

Sep 08, 2020

imposible no puedo ver los ejemplos y ver los vídeos al mismo tiempo muy difícil aprender si hablan en otro lenguaje quiero un curso 100% en español

par Karishma

Jul 25, 2020

Too much pre-requisite knowledge required on PHP. I should've checked more carefully before taking up the course.

par seun D

May 06, 2020

This course didn't help me in anyway and i cannot recommend it. I however need a refund