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This course will teach you how to develop an embedded systems device. In order to reduce the time to market, many pre-made hardware and software components are available today. You'll discover all the available hardware and software components, such as processor families, operating systems, boards and networks. You'll also learn how to actually use and integrate these components. At the end of the course you will be ready to start architecting and implementing your own embedded device! You'll learn how to debug and finetune your device and how to make it run on a low power supply....

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13 juin 2018

I had a great learning curve. Overview on various concepts was given, which helped me put a lot of new terms strongly into my mind

22 août 2018

This course is extremely helpful and I specially loved the power management part in Week 5

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par Josefran S

21 oct. 2016

Video lectures are really bored, bad presented and almost useless. Most (if not all) of the useful content is presented in sections called web tours which are collections of websites were one can find information about the specific topic of a lesson. But many of the websites are bad organized, difficult to read/navigate or simply outdated. The course should be called Web Resources About IoT. I forced myself to keep going for two weeks/modules before I decided to buy a good book and take a more specific course like the one about Real-Time Systems

par Yuan M

26 oct. 2019

There are too many reading materials instead of teaching and practicing... Although I passed all the quizes, I felt like this was teaching myself. The subtitles of the videos are not synchronized.

par Bharath S

14 juin 2018

I had a great learning curve. Overview on various concepts was given, which helped me put a lot of new terms strongly into my mind

par Saman R

10 août 2017

This course contains some good information to get started with in IoT space, but it would have been way better if the creators would have taken the time to incorporate the vast knowledge in the course and not just link to a whole bunch of random articles and reads. In that case it could have been a complete spezialization on its own in IoT development (Power usage, protocols, security, OS, debugging, etc.)

par Abhinn K P

23 août 2018

This course is extremely helpful and I specially loved the power management part in Week 5

par Tatyana V

30 déc. 2020

Pro: Fundamental approach to IoT-specific problems, the course will certainly teach you something new. In general, the course follows industry paradigm and doesnt' fall into oversimplifying (Arduino and DIY staff). Cons: Much of the links are outdated, recommended hardware is no longer available for purchase (TI SensorTag), tests contain errors.

par Edward V

7 mars 2019

many links for further reading don't work

Mistakes on quizzes

par Yash S p

25 juil. 2020

Reading content is more.Why would we pay to read content instructor must read himself and then explain in video this is why we are on coursera.Else wikipedia serve the purpose. Coursera must look into quality of some courses. #Coursera

par Sankara N B

4 juil. 2017

The course contents were very good and the course was well delivered by the Professors. The course outlines some of the problems we Architects face across the embedded systems industry and I had learnt a lot about how much more care needs to be taken when defining an IoT device architecture.

par Darius P

11 déc. 2016

Very good introductory course into the field of embedded systems. I would recommend this course to anyone who is willing to step into the field of IoT. The course offers a wealth of resources for individual study in a very systematic manner.

par Parminder S

11 juil. 2019

I am very thankful to coursera for their great financial initiative. It helped me alot as i have learnt alot of new skills from this course which ultimately boost-up my confidence in internet of things research

par Miguel

22 avr. 2017

This course provide a lot of references, it is well organized, although maybe you will need more to do it than the time estimated.


12 mars 2019

Coursera (Architecting Smart IOT Devices ) given new life to me

I will try for the job

par Luis P

11 juil. 2017

Excellent review in every aspect of IoT ecosystem, from the processor to the cloud.

par Mozaffar I

25 mai 2020

Optional resources was very huge and heavy, But course was very perfect.

par Lokesh

10 juin 2017

Very good coverage. Good amount of details in the Curriculam.

par Muhammad N

1 mars 2020

code was well structure and the quizzes was hard to clear.

par Andre G

21 mai 2020

Very good course, a bit hard to absorb the information

par Muhammad i R

1 janv. 2020

A Prestigious Learning opportunity!

par sumit s

17 juil. 2020

it is very knowlagable course.

par Ruchira C P

24 avr. 2020

Very informative course.

par Dennis J I

24 sept. 2020

Very informative course

par Siddharth C

13 avr. 2020

Very nice information


9 nov. 2020

Good Teaching skills

par Ravi P

23 août 2019

Its good :)