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The focus and themes of the Introduction to Calculus course address the most important foundations for applications of mathematics in science, engineering and commerce. The course emphasises the key ideas and historical motivation for calculus, while at the same time striking a balance between theory and application, leading to a mastery of key threshold concepts in foundational mathematics. Students taking Introduction to Calculus will: • gain familiarity with key ideas of precalculus, including the manipulation of equations and elementary functions (first two weeks), • develop fluency with the preliminary methodology of tangents and limits, and the definition of a derivative (third week), • develop and practice methods of differential calculus with applications (fourth week), • develop and practice methods of the integral calculus (fifth week)....

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13 nov. 2021

thanks coursera and Professor David Easdown for suitable instruction and friendly methodology after calculus which course to carry in advancement\n\nmy will is to undergoes with chemistry engineering

26 sept. 2020

I have completed quite a few courses on Coursera. This is by far the best instructor. I really hope David is going to do teach another Coursera course soon - I will sign up regardless of the content!

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par Dannon G

13 déc. 2020

Best instructor. Made calculus very approachable connecting topics, illustrating applications, and his enthusiasm (which is contagious). Wish he'd do follow-up courses for more advanced mathematics.

par Ravindra G

30 nov. 2020

This is an amazing course. I loved the way the instructor used classic examples to explain calculus by helping us approach problems from the perspectives of Newton, Leibniz, and the ancient greeks!

par bella w

16 déc. 2019

wish they did practice questions with an example of how they found the answer.

par Haran S

25 janv. 2021

Excellent course. Professor Easedown explains all the concepts very carefully and clearly, and the accompanying notes and regular practice quizzes are very useful. It's been 17 years since I last studied calculus (a-levels), and I wish this course was available back then. Rather than rote learning equations for differentiation and integration, Prof Easedown explains how to derive the equations in the first place, with proofs, illustrations using graphs/ limits etc. He also doesn't jump steps, which is extremely refreshing compared to other maths MOOCs. The only minor improvement would be to put explanations of correct/inocrrect answers in the practice quizzes, so we can learn from our mistakes.

par Brian U

27 août 2019

Fantastic! I hadn't taken calculus (or any other math) for over 20 years. But I will be taking Calc II for a data science degree. So I registered in this course as a refresher. It covered all the material my professor recommended that I review in preparation for Calc II. The lectures were interesting and well-timed. The exercises were great practice. And I'm saving the notes as a reference.

par Vitaliy P C

17 mai 2020

Hands down the best class I've taken on Coursera thus far (my 5th). Incredible instructor, superb video, amazing notes. Could not recommend it any higher. Will seek out again. Well done!

par Solmaz G D

10 avr. 2020

it was so informative and every things was planned intelligently all trough the course . I enjoyed and learned a lot of studying this course . Thank you for all your efforts.

par Daniel H

28 févr. 2019

I Loved how you could have the option to look over the notes instead of the videos to complete the course at a faster rate.

par Sarthak G

11 janv. 2019

The teacher is great and if you are beginner this course is really for you

par Amr F A

27 juil. 2019

Great course .

thanks for the efforts .

par Rafael P R

19 févr. 2019

Excellent and interesting course

par ADAM G

27 nov. 2019

This is an excellent course guided by a passionate and responsive instructor. The course incorporates the best of online learning - explanatory videos, written lecture notes with examples, and live discussion forums where real students are asking questions and receiving replies in a timely manner. Kudos to the professor and to Coursera, hopefully you can retain this course for a very long time. A few points of improvement if I may. I took this course as a refresher for previously haven taken calculus about three years ago. There is no companion textbook, which I would have found invaluable. I also wish that there were even more examples of worked/solved problems to draw from. I believe that an inherent problem with math instruction is that through the use of symbology (by necessity), the student is expected to learn and understand all parts of written notes. Instead, I strongly believe that plain language explanations of in conjunction with traditional lectures notes are most valuable. If you do not understand a single portion of a problem, you are left (as I have been) at great length to try to find a comparable problem to digest what is occurring. Lastly, I would suggest cultivating companion videos for the lectures from open sources such as Youtube that students could view in conjunction with each module. Despite the very best of intentions and efforts, the video lectures move very fast and at times, I think there are clearer examples available elsewhere. Often times the Khan Academy style of working through a problem while explaining it would be a great adjunct to the content here. Again, I thank the Professor for his kindness and passion for math. Well done!

par Brian K

27 juin 2020

Having had very discouraging experiences in previous calculus classes, this was a really great experience. Between the very straight forward video instruction, and very useful written notes, this course is very attainable with the appropriate amount of time committed. 4 stars only because the time commitments that were posted were easily half of what I actually needed to complete the course.

par David E P

10 oct. 2020

None of the exam or homework questions match what is being taught. He is reviewing elementary level stuff like what a number line is and what an integer is, and then the homework for that section has topics such as simplifying rational expressions. Something is seriously wrong with this. It quickly escalates into advanced proofs such as proving the theory of pythagoreous without adequate descriptors of how and why that is shown. Analytical geometry is tested after showing the proof once.

par Giulia B

7 avr. 2020

This course is great, I very much recommend anyone taking it! I took this course after almost six years since my last math course at the end of high school. At that time, I was very happy that I would not have to deal with mathematics ever again. But professor Easdown opened a new world for me. He made me appreciate that math is a fresh and alive discipline that can be understood if you find the right tools and work with persistence. His explanations are extremely clear, making students understand and appreciate mathematical concepts, and not only to mechanically apply formulas.

He provides great lecture notes and readings which cover the topics explained in the videos, sometimes with deeper explanations and proofs. In the notes, there are also examples of exercises, which are very helpful for successfully completing the quizzes accompanying each module.

The discussion forum is a great learning place. There are many interesting questions posed by peers and you can post your questions there too. The professor is very active and very kindly replies to any query in a very timely manner.

This course is amazing. I very much recommend it to everyone, especially if you think math is a dry and useless subject that can't be understood, this course will make you change your mind!

par Sesi

17 août 2019

Took this course as a refresher since it has been a few years since I bothered with calculus and pretty much forgot most things. This course really doesn’t assume too much pre-calculus knowledge and instead contains a pre-calculus refresher that lays the groundwork for the calculus in later modules.

Although a few times I needed to pause the video lectures to give myself enough time to understand the logic in later modules, overall the video lectures were presented in a straight-forward and engaging manner. David Easdown communicated concepts concisely and his way of speaking and enthusiasm for math helped keep me engaged with the video lectures. The readings are also well put together and allow you to go over video material (plus more for certain lessons) at your own pace. Practice problems were mostly easily although a few could be a bit more challenging (but not too much). As much as I would have liked a few more challenging problems, it is an introductory course, so the current question difficulty makes sense to me.

Overall, If anyone is looking for a well-put together introduction to calculus course (even as a refresher), I would highly recommend this course.

par Andrew M

10 avr. 2020

This is the best course on this platform, and perhaps the entire internet.

It's very hard to be enthusiastic and passionate over a video lecture, but instructor Professor Easdown excels in this area and learners will fine the lectures very engaging. Everything is explained from the ground up, and it is clear that the course aims to provide a thorough and fundamental understanding of the topic, rather than simply learning by rote or procedure. If something isn't explained fully, we are told why (usually due to complexity) and are told where to look if we wish to find out more.

The assessments are perfectly structured and strike the balance between challenging and accessible. If there is any trouble, Professor Easdown is very active in the Discussion Forums and provides excellent guides to any difficult problems.

This course is substantial, but not overwhelming. I found myself doing around an hour a day on average. You really do feel like you're learning something to a significant degree, but you are not forced to make sacrifices to find time to learn.

Overall, an excellent course that avoids all the usual MOOC pitfalls.

par Diego R G

3 juin 2019

Excellent course! I learned so much in such a short amount of time. It's an excellent introduction to calculus and a good way to increase your mathematical skills. The lectures are great and the readings allow you to get all the information at your own pace and are a good way to get familiar with proper mathematical language and notation without being hard to read (if you have paid attention!). The quizzes and exercises are challenging enough to make you think and feel rewarded for being able to solve them, but not enough to make you want to quit them (in fact, I had a lot of fun doing them!). My advice to other people that want to take the course is not to rush it and to do all readings and exercises (try to get a perfect score in all the exercises and to understand all the questions before attempting each week's quiz). I am grateful to the University of Sidney and to professor David Easdown for making a calculus course of such high quality accessible to everyone. I feel more confident in my math skills and ready to keep learning more advanced stuff

par Phil

11 avr. 2020

This is a very well-crafted course that builds in a very systematic way. The algebra also builds in complexity. The quiz's are challenging and prepare you well for the module assessments. The notes are well written and will serve as good references for me in the future. The delivery of the content is done with enthusiasm, clear mastery of the subject and clear diagrams and explanations of the key concepts. Thank you very much for a beautifully crafted course, I wish I had understood Calculus this well when I was in high school. Highly recommend the course. However, for me, I found I needed to spend much longer that what is estimated in order to fully grasp some of the more difficult quiz questions. The notes and the forums do fill in the gaps when you get stuck. I feel an enormous sense of achievement and confidence in the subject. Thanks Prof!

par Brian A

2 févr. 2020

This course was a ton of work and took me a lot longer than 5 weeks to complete, but I absolutely loved it! The material is presented by a fantastic, well-spoken professor with a contagious enthusiasm for the subject. The well-built user interface includes video instruction with accompanying notes and practice quizzes. The user forum is also super helpful where the professor offered help to students' questions along the way. I found the default deadlines helpful to maintain momentum, but appreciated being able to reset them in order to accomodate demands on my personal time. Altogether, this course is world class and well worth the effort. Thank you, Coursera and Professor Easdown!

par Michael C

8 août 2019

This course was exceptional as a refresher for someone (me) who hasn't engaged in calculus in over 13 years. Professor Easdown communicated concepts in a straight-forward, easy to understand manner. It shocked me how he introduced so much material, so quickly, so concisely, and so thoroughly. The readings followed and expanded on the videos exceptionally well and will serve me well as reference sheets for the future.

This summer, I attempted 3 other processes to learn Calculus, each leaving me more lost and frustrated than the prior method. I only wish I had found this course earlier! If any seek a good introduction/refresher to Calculus, I recommend this before anything else!

par André H

8 mars 2020

I wanted to review pre-calculus and that's exactly what i found in this course.

David Easdown is a great lecturer and conveys the best attitude towards mathematics possible. It was so much fun to listen to him explain everything. Also he's very active in the forums for this course, answering pretty much any question arising which is great if one has trouble with the exercises for which he has also provided general hints in the forums.

This course was perfect for regaining all the knowledge i learned in school 15 years back. And this over a the course of 10 weeks spending just over 100 hours. (I was going a bit slower on my own terms)

par Adam R

10 févr. 2020

I used this course as a refresher (I took calculus ~6 years ago in high school) and it was very effective as such. I prefer written notes to video lectures, so I cannot speak to the quality of the videos, but I found the notes to be concise, effective, and easy to follow. They provided several interesting and informative proofs and derivations that I don't recall learning about originally. I would highly recommend this course to anyone mathematically minded, whether or not they have taken a calculus course before. Many compliments to Prof. Easdown, who was very helpful in the forums.

par Rukshan J S

13 sept. 2020

I enrolled in this course a long time ago and at first, I did not go through because I saw a lot of exercises. Little did I know that those exercises were very carefully created to cater to the best learning experience for the student. Prof. Easdown is the best Calculus teacher ever! If anything kept me going throughout this journey, it was his enthusiasm when teaching. Thank you soo much sir! "Please read the notes, and when you are ready, please attempt the exercises", the enthusiasm is priceless. Again, thank you, sir, and thank you Coursera!