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The focus and themes of the Introduction to Calculus course address the most important foundations for applications of mathematics in science, engineering and commerce. The course emphasises the key ideas and historical motivation for calculus, while at the same time striking a balance between theory and application, leading to a mastery of key threshold concepts in foundational mathematics. Students taking Introduction to Calculus will: • gain familiarity with key ideas of precalculus, including the manipulation of equations and elementary functions (first two weeks), • develop fluency with the preliminary methodology of tangents and limits, and the definition of a derivative (third week), • develop and practice methods of differential calculus with applications (fourth week), • develop and practice methods of the integral calculus (fifth week)....

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8 avr. 2022

An excellent course, especially if like me you had done some calculus in the past and wanted a refresher. David is an excellent, clear, and attentive tutor. I can't recommend him enough. Many thanks.


26 sept. 2020

I have completed quite a few courses on Coursera. This is by far the best instructor. I really hope David is going to do teach another Coursera course soon - I will sign up regardless of the content!

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par Anna

25 janv. 2021

This course is just one of the most legit courses on calc I've taken on the Internet. The lector is a professional with such a contagious passion for math, lessons are very well explained and structured. If you wanna see the beauty of math, I think this course is for you. THANK YOU SO SO MUCH!

par Muhammad E

14 juin 2020

One of the Best Math Courses Ever!

I Really do hope that the university of Sydney make sequels for it

and Mr. David Easdown thank you very much for the effort and the entertaining way you offered this course in!

really appreciate your effort and loved your enthusiasm for math

par Leonardo C M

19 juil. 2020

This is a great course to take for people who are not at all involved in Calculus maths. I was new at it and I truly believe I have learned a lot. Excellent instructor and very comprehensive materials.

par Thiago S d S

26 mars 2022

Excellent course. Great didactics, well-organized material, step-by-step explanations, with constant presence and support on the forums. I recommend!

par Matt O

3 avr. 2022

David did a great job explaining the concepts. The discussion and notes really helped with the practical questions on the quizzes. Thanks!

par Adam E

15 mars 2022

Well paced and comprehensive course. Definitely harder towards the end but the material is presented with clarity and enthusiam.

par Lesweni A M

27 janv. 2023

Thanx very much to uplifted my self with big opportunity in completion of my course

par Mau G

26 juin 2020

Very good course. The teacher is amazing!

par Daryl J S

26 juin 2020

Great calculus refresher course!

par Ana M T

9 août 2019

It is a great curse to learn the basic topics about Calculus, but it really is an introduction. The exercises aren't dificult, so I can't deep into this topics. Even though, the way it pretend to introduce the topics was great; I like it so much.

par Sam P

30 mai 2021

Not very well taught. It was not explained thouroghly enough, I had to use 2nd party sources to learn the material. But I was able to learn the basics.

par Veethika G

15 août 2020

its a very good learning process for anyone who is starting or already knows calculus you will get your fundamentals revised as well as learned.

par Stephanie P

27 juin 2021

they really really need to show how to execute the problems in the examples instead of saying "therefore it is this___"

par Angelica N

8 mars 2021

he should explain how to do the actual problems. I have a hard time with the tests bc he just went over the basics and not the more complicated stuff

par Fred V

18 oct. 2020

Useful for teenage learning, catch-up learning, as well as refresh-learning. However, in the discussion forum, instructors verge on arrogance and indulge in fallacies. It is surprising to see, nowadays, instructors who blind students with their oversized egos.

par Christopher N

2 oct. 2020

Coursera woudn't let me unenroll from the course.

par עומר ק

26 oct. 2022

Such a fun and fantastic course!

David made the material so approachable and relatable with his many wonderful examples of it's applicability and appliance in reality. I also enjoyed how throughout the course David persists with educating the student about the historical context of the material, it's relations with other fields, and how it is nested exactly in the big picture of Calculus. Finally, I took pleasure with David's enthusiasm and Obvious passion to teach others the mathemetics of Calculus, and really enjoyed watching his ziellous and joyfull teaching.

All of these made my learning eperience suprisinglly wonderful and certainly much better than my one in high school. I feel David made a well-built course, and communicated the material in an greatly lucid and intelligible manner, unifying all the material with insightful stories and educative examples that allow the student to have a wider perspective on the material at hand and better grasp of it in consequence. And with all the while examplifying contagous enthusiasm.

Buttom line: This is an amazing course, salutations David!

par Karin S

28 juil. 2020

This course is extraordinarily tough. I thought the illustrations were very helpful with connecting concepts and there were times I got excited seeing where things were going mathematically. The professor is very helpful and is very excited about the subject, which I greatly appreciate.

My only thing is that this course is horribly misnamed, but maybe the US and AUS have different standards for what is considered to be an introduction to calculus. You pretty much have 2 weeks pre-calc and then cover all of calc I over 3 weeks, plus some extra things to where I found it a bit overwhelming at times. If you're looking to level up your skills, he gives you some very helpful tools with which to do so.

par Soohyun Y

5 juin 2021

I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn calculus or brush up on their calculus. This course is so well designed and taught. The notes were incredibly helpful, and I feel that Professor David Easdown did a great job of explaining concepts and challenging his students. Furthermore, serious kudos to the video editor (and if it also happen to be the professor, double kudos). The visualizations were incredibly helpful in understanding the concepts faster. This course really boosted my confidence in learning while enjoying the process. If Professor David Easdown and his video editor were to do another collaboration, I think I would take the course regardless of the subject.

par Suren R

23 sept. 2021

I had learnt elementary Calculus in college. Later in my MBA, I had to apply calculus and I realised that the way we had been taught calculus in college was very mechanical. Learn formulas, techniques and diifferentiate or integrate. This course was indeed an eye opener. May be a little late in the day, since I am 62, but I could understand how immensely helpful Calculus can be in solving real-life problems. Amazing that Isaac Newton and Leibniz thought through and developed this really brilliant branch of mathematics so many years back.

My complements to our teacher of this course. He is absolutely superb. Thank you Univ of Sydney for offering such a great course in Coursera.

par Joy S

23 août 2020

Thank you! This course was exceptionally well-organized and engaging. Dr. David Easdown is a passionate lecturer, and I very much appreciate how attentive and active he is on the forums supporting students and answering questions. As a person with a weak mathematical background who has been intimidated by calculus courses, I found the material provided the right level of challenge (the the video lectures/notes could move quickly through more advanced applications of the techniques we were studying, but I wasn't overwhelmed by the practice problems--it was a good balance). I have built some confidence in being able to tackle more advanced courses in the future. Thanks again!

par Alvaro U M

5 sept. 2020

El profesor es muy entretenido, sobrio, explica bien y se detiene en los conceptos. Se nota que "vibra" con lo que enseña. Los apuntes excelentes, sin grasa, claros y precisos. Los ejercicios destinados a la comprensión de los conceptos, no muy difíciles lo que ayuda a entender la materia y no complicarse con artilugios algebraicos. Las referencias históricas y relaciones con matemáticos que construyeron el cálculo, notables.

En Chile, estamos en plena pandemia (al igual que el resto del mundo), pero nos ha pegado muy duro. Tomé este curso para olvidarme un poco de la contingencia. hacía muchos años que no veía estos temas. Valió la pena. Nada que decir. Excelente.

par Marwin d C

28 mai 2021

This is one of the best courses I have ever taken on Coursera. Professor Easdown explains the subject clearly and with great passion. The accompanying notes are excellent. Every bit of the material is explained in details and you will be able to solve the assignments and quizzes with the knowledge provided by the videos and notes. Note, however, that this is a short but dense course. You will probably have to invest a great amount of hours per week if you want to finish it within 5 weeks. But be assured that this is a GREAT investment of your time. I now feel ready to go deeper in calculus taking some more advanced courses. Thank you so much Professor Easdown

par Brian L

23 févr. 2021

This is a brilliant course by David Easdown. As someone who is rather 'long in the tooth' I found that the course provided much needed engagement of the mental faculties during the UK lockdown. It' was also like reading a good book - just did not want it to end! David's presentation is remarkable - no words are wasted and every sentence is delivered with sublime precision and with obvious enthusiasm. Enjoyable, challenging and immensely satisfying throughout. The notes are just right and the exercises are incredibly absorbing and fun to do. I do hope that David and the Univ of Sydney can find the time and resources to put on a further course.

par Pavel O

9 juil. 2022

This is a top-tier Math course, probably the best one you can find online to start learning Calculus. Every chapter consists of several video-lectures with dear Mr. Easdown narrating the material and reinforcing it with intuitive visualizations together with a comprehensive set of notes for the follow-up reading and digesting.

I never thought that Calculus would have been such an intriguing topic to study and apply! Thank you once again, dear David, and I am looking forward to seeing more courses from you! You can automatically count me in as your future student!

Greetings from sunny Portugal and take care!

Sincerely yours,