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DevOps skills are in demand! DevOps skills are expected to be one of the fastest-growing skills in the workforce. This course can be a first step in obtaining those skills. Introduction to DevOps explores DevOps as a cultural movement, including building a business case for DevOps, the essentials of DevOps, and a brief history of DevOps. You will learn new ways of thinking, working, organizing, and measuring to fully gain the benefits of DevOps. You will learn how breaking down silos and organizing developers and operators into single cross-functional teams is necessary for truly adopting DevOps. Having everyone contributing and everyone being responsible for success is at the heart of DevOps. By thinking from a DevOps perspective, you will be able to build better products for your customer. You will view DevOps from a business perspective as well as for becoming a DevOps practitioner. You will see how building a culture of shared responsibility and transparency is the foundation of every high-performing DevOps teams. You will have an opportunity to explore the concepts of infrastructure for Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery. You will be able to use actionable measures that apply directly to decision-making and will ultimately result in continuous improvement. This course is designed for those new to DevOps as well as those looking to increase their current knowledge of DevOps....

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11 mars 2022

It is really a great course toward understanding what DevOps really is. After taking this course, your all perspective of DevOps will change and your mindset will change with a new DevOps thoughts :).


25 mai 2022

The course was very comprehensive and easy to understand. The instructors made sure that they are giving the information in a way that won't make me confused. Thank you so much for this great course!

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par Adeyinka O

20 févr. 2022

Can't wait to undertake any other course facilitated by this instructor. The presentation is fantastic, deep, and all-inclusive, and you're just buried into it and never wanting to take a break.

par Mihisara K

20 mars 2022

I learned a lot from this course. I love the energy in Mr. Rofrano. He's an excellent Instructor. I really appreciate the course. Made learning much easy. Thanks a lot, Coursera.

par Mohammad J

29 juin 2022

I'm new to programming and have never worked in the industry so most of this went over my head. However, I was able to see the bigger picture and learn about how to optimize and better utilize teams to get work done efficiently.

The instructor was extremely insightful and made this course interesting and easy to learn.

As an aside, this course took roughly 6 hrs to complete watching at 1.25x speed

par Syachin D

15 févr. 2022

Very interesting and useful course! I would like to see fewer questions about history in the tests, like "who wrote this book". I also think this course is not quite for beginners, maybe you should also make a note about this on the course description

par Fadhil A

8 mai 2022

I would highly recommend this course to everyone working in tech. Regardless of one's career. This course is not just about tools or technologies, it is about work practice and culture; The Culture of DevOps, taking this course has helped me in getting a better knowledge of many thing, It has helped open my mind to what DevOps actually is ad how the culture if applied correctly could be used to improve business and work.

Being an Engineer in Operations, I was able to relate with almost everything in this course, and I certainly understand and have an insight into Knowledge that I never thought of before.

This course would be beneficial to everyone in tech.

par Francisco L M

28 avr. 2022

I really loved the course. The content is well structured and organized, the instructor has a way of explaining content in such an amazing, funny and engaging way.

I am confident to keep on learning about this cultural change "DevOps" that is impacting the way organizations build and deploy software. And most of the things I learned can be used in may other domains

par Jermaine T

27 avr. 2022

I enjoyed the course. I really urge students to take their time and don't try to rush throught the course. Let every piece of information sink in, and engage in the discussion modules to really reflect and write on these topics.

par Joel D

4 avr. 2022

This was a great introductory course! I really enjoyed the narration of the entire course, I felt like the narrator really put his all into it. I think his passion for the topic really helped me stay interested.

par Samuel A B

21 avr. 2022

Exceptional. Thank you for sharing this wonderful and insightful knowledge with me. I hope to apply these principles not only in my organization but in every aspect of my life.

par Savio E

26 janv. 2022

It was a fabulous course and all thanks to the passionate trainer John Rofrano.

par Afraz M

16 avr. 2022

A person could have outstanding and extraordinary athletic predispositions (genetics, talent, etc.) yet in today's climate, that alone is insufficient. Without adequate instruction (e.g. coaching, resources), the athlete in question will most likely not be competitive in practice!

The IBM DevOps/Agile series of lectures will save you a preposterous amount of time in understanding a very misunderstood topic. I am always grateful to have the opportunity to learn under people who understand so much their subject matter.

par Sipiwo R

28 févr. 2022

John Rofrano is an Excellent Instructor, Thanks to the IBM and the Team for all their hard work, I'm eternally grateful. I'm 47 years old, and when I was in University there was never a course on Software Development, so I couldn't study IT. But I've always had great ideas for software and I've always dreamt of creating my own Software development company. But where would I even start? So I'm truly grateful for this work you guys have done. Thank You.

par Diego A M

14 juil. 2022

This was one of the best courses I've taken so far. I understood and relate to a lot of was being explained. The way the concepts and scenarios was delivered as also on point. English is my second language therefore sometimes I have to make an additional effort to understand the content but John way of talking/exposing ideas was very clear and easy to follow.

John Jofrano is now my favorite trainer!!

Thank you very much.

par Harish J

18 juil. 2022

For a non-IT profressional like me--working in government who frequently hears the terms "agile" "Scrum" and "devops" from my friends in the IT field--this course was a perfect oviervew and introduction! It was simple and easy to follow---focussing on history, concepts, theory, research, descriptions of technical terms, enjoyable case scenarios. Great job to the team and the instructor!

par Slangman S

29 juin 2022

Very useful course with lots of real-life examples and lots of insights coming with. Helped me to understand what DevOps really means. As a software engineer I thought that I know the meaning of DevOps, but when I started the course I realized that my idea was totally wrong. Many thanks to the lecturer, it was really interesting dive into DevOps culture.

par Mustafa M E M

11 juil. 2022

As a fresh graduate structural engineer who is willing to change his career , i highly recommend this course as it changed my thinking and provided me the right way on how teams should collaborate with each other as the culture change is one of the most important pillar of DevOps and looking forward to continue this exciting journey.

par chandrasiris

14 juin 2022


First of all thank you very much for you to give me this oppertunity as we are suffering in a critical economic crysis.

It is enlighten my mind. The Lecturer Mr.John is excellent. The evalutation sytem is excellent it helps to keep us on track.

Thank you verymuch for every one who contribute this course.


par Ilenia R

20 juin 2022

Very interesting notions, well explained, useful and necessarily applicable in the workplace. It gave me the idea of what it means to approach the DevOps culture, how to unhinge the old approach and work on an automated and quickly deployable architecture.


6 juil. 2022

This was a very informative course I now have clear understanding of DevOps a culture to be embraced by all, special appreciation to our tutor, John Rofrano for making this easy, informative and fun God bless the entire team

par Muhammad A R

13 juin 2022

Its so easy to learn through the vedios and its a great apportunity provided by Coursera to enhance and learn new skills. I highly appriciate Sir John J. Rofrano for there Lactures which are easy to learn and gain skills.

par Sisanda A M

6 mars 2022

Very Insightful and informative. Great for beginners but i would recommend you take the foundational course first just to learn the terminoogy as well as the core fundamental principles of DevOps and Software Engineering.

par Dmitrii P

13 mars 2022

A very good course, introducing the domain of DevOps. Some quiz questions are a little bit useless - I mean, you'll probably forget the people-icons of DevOps and the books they wrote, unless get a closer look to them.

par abdelquoddousse s

13 juil. 2022

i like this course so much especially the professeur is so amazing when he explain this course i so bad in english but with his sple english i understand what he say and his joke thank you so much about this cours

par Hessam A

7 févr. 2022

Hi there, I am Hessam, and work since 2002 in IT era. This course is great, and very well organized, I could suggest to anyone, who are worl as devops or wants to become devops, it is fundemantal for to be DevOps!

par Haowei W

6 avr. 2022

After this course, I have a clear view of DevOps. Important principles mentioned in the course will gradually change my work style and enhance my productivity. This is not less important than programming skills!