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In this course, you'll walk through installation steps for installing a text editor, installing MAMP or XAMPP (or equivalent) and creating a MySql Database. You'll learn about single table queries and the basic syntax of the SQL language, as well as database design with multiple tables, foreign keys, and the JOIN operation. Lastly, you'll learn to model many-to-many relationships like those needed to represent users, roles, and courses....

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24 avr. 2020

Great course. The amazing thing about the instructor is that you will find something new and exciting in every course and that's why I loved this course and the remaining courses offered by Dr. Chuck.


2 déc. 2018

Thank you for teaching assistants for helping me while I had questions and got stuck during the course. Thank you for Coursera and Dr Chuck and teaching assistants again for the opportunity to learn.

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par Amit K A

19 août 2019


par Sushma R

27 févr. 2019


par Durgamma S

12 févr. 2019



31 janv. 2018


par elias d

13 janv. 2022


par Brayan P P

6 nov. 2022


par Jack

7 janv. 2020

Dr Chuck is awesome in the previous and subsequent courses, but I felt the SQL course was a little lacking. I don't know how anyone could learn SQL syntax or how to write queries with only two rushed lectures and not very many table animations. Fortunately I had a formal database course under my belt, but if this is all I had to go by I'd be quite lost. If you want a more comprehensive SQL primer check out:

It's free and includes more practice in writing queries.

That said Chuck does an amazing job explaining one to one/many relations and basic database design so even I got something out of it.

par Amanda T

16 mars 2021

While this course was good, I didn't feel it covered queries in any sort of depth. I took an online, university level Intro to Databases course about a decade back, and was taking this course partially as a refresher and partially because I no longer have access to my certificate. (I've yet to get a job in the field, so some kind of certificate would be beneficial.) This course wasn't nearly as challenging as the free course I took. Some questions where we have to come up with our own queries would have been nice.

par Tobie

20 nov. 2017

Very clear, short and basic introduction to mySQL. Some of the lecturing is a bit slow-paced and could be repetitive at times, and Professor Severance's written notes/scribbling during the lecture videos is often more erratic than helpful. The slides and resources were good though, and make the material covered very accessible. The assignments are appropriate but a bit tedious due to having to manually enter dozens of values into the databases that you build. Would recommend.

par Clement N S W

1 mai 2018

Great course for people looking to get a foundation understanding of SQL, how it runs behind the code and how to interface with it. The assignments are a good starting point to getting your feet wet with coding language.

Assignments could be more challenging to stretch the abilities; there might be a little too much guidance in designing database structure in the assignments.

par Miriam G

24 mai 2020

The lectures are fun and engaging and I learned a few new things (even though I've already taken a few SQL courses). My only criticism is the pacing was quite slow and I found that the assignments didn't take nearly as long as they said they would (i.e. 30 minutes instead of 2-3 hours). I would have preferred some more challenging assignments to test my learning.

par Zeeshan S

9 nov. 2020

This course starts from the basics and go till some advance topics. There are some mistakes in the script e.g. how to login to MySQL using command line but you can easily find that on the internet. Most of the commands that are used in this course are well explained but few are not explained and just used. Overall I recommend this course for the beginners.

par Nabil N

21 mars 2018

Great Introduction to SQL. Having zero background on SQL and databases the course was good place to start. The instructor is great, he explains well the material and very engaging. After the course I won't consider myself having a good understanding of SQL and its application. I will definitely consider doing more basic courses before moving further.

par Nina R

26 mars 2022

This is an easy to follow course but it will take some practice to get a full understanding of the concepts and application. I had to use some outside resources not available in the course to guide me through the second assignment. There was not as much guidance as with the first assignment, but I was able to get it done in 3 hours.

par Jacob T

5 juil. 2018

It's a great intro to SQL. If you know nothing about SQL and have a small amount of programming background, you will do very well and learn a decent bit. If you're looking for a challenge though to test your skills, I would recommend looking elsewhere. It's definitely an entry level class.

par Julia P

23 oct. 2018

This course was a great intro into SQL. The professor is great- he makes the content engaging, interesting, and provides necessary context to understand the basics of SQL and databases. The only critique I have is I wish there was more practice, eg. more bonus homework assignments

par Enrique

28 sept. 2019

It is a very good course, it teaches you the basics of SQL from scratch in a very clear way, the professor ir awesome and the assignment test your knowledge, however, it is too short, I feel like there much more to learn in SQL, but as the title says, it is only an introduction!

par Yasaman S

24 avr. 2020

Instructor was great. The course was really good. The only thing that I will change is more quick responses to Forums. Some of the questions were never answered or took a long time. I had other courses and questions were all answered in the matter of hours.

par Michael J

24 avr. 2019

As with the previous classes in this specialization, I feel like there are a lack of assignments. I really was getting in the groove of things and then the class ended. I would have loved for one or two more assignments to be added.

par Willian G

11 mai 2018

It was a pleasant course, which has a very passionate instructor that now what he is talking about. I think this course covers all the basics of SQL, but it light up on how to become a DBA, or Web Developer by showing the way.

par saurav j

12 mai 2020

Needs Lots of New Materials Needed to be added, Not up to the marks. I didn't enjoy this course much, plus JSON thing is worst I don't use Xampp. I prefer Mysql workbench and it doesn't convert the whole database into JSON.

par Lawrence X

21 févr. 2018

A good introductory courser for beginners for MYSQL!

The speech speed is appropriate and the language makes sense for non-CS students. There are not too many terminologies.

I will recommend the course to my friends.

par Luis A

15 mars 2019

A very good course taught by a fantastic instructor who makes learning fun. My only critical view is that it probably needs some additional examples or exercises for each section. Many of us learn by doing.

par Pratik V

23 juin 2020

concepts were explained nicely but felt that they were not that deep as expected like explanations were touch and go ,but since it was an introduction it helped tom get familiar with SQL, overall its good

par Ashfaq A K

25 juin 2020

Good to learn the basics of SQL. Gives you a detailed and easy introduction to the vast world of the database. Recommended to every student who is thinking of learning RDBMS for projects.