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Learn how to identify the enablers and barriers to learning transfer. Use your own experience to categorise the processes and activities involved in learning and transferring that learning into practice. There are many criteria against which the success of training and development activities can be judged. One of the most important, however, is learning transfer. Ultimately, the success of any given training and/or development program is reflected in whether or not what is learned is applied on the job. Organisations - and indeed trainees themselves - invest large amounts of time, effort, and resources in work-related training and generally expect to see this manifested in some way back in the work setting (e.g. as observable changes to how work is conducted). However, many organisations and their people view the likelihood of transfer of training more in hope than expectation. This course will show you how to approach the goal of improving learning transfer in your organisation....

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13 sept. 2019

I found that the culture of some country (especially in South East Asia) lead their people to a 'Learn and Don't Ask' culture which is a huge barrier of Learning Transfer.


19 sept. 2019

The course content has been very-well designed. It is practical, relevant and most importantly...the need of the hour in the corporate training environment!

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par Pascal W

14 mars 2020

The course was extremely helpful in understanding how to design and assess learning events in a business context. In particular, it was interesting to learn how important the alignment of learner, trainer and the learner's organization (including peers and managers) is for successful learning transfer.

The reasons I am not giving five stars are firstly, the presentation of the material and secondly, gaps in the material itself.

To the first point: the presentation slide design and pacing was at times confusing and distracting. I think this is partly because of the overuse of animations and the wording on the slides not always corresponding to what the speakers say. I ended up not looking at the slides during the video sections and instead studied based on the scripts for the narration (the summaries used in the narration, especially by the female lecturer, were mostly concise and helpful). If I had not been extremely motivated by professional reasons to study learning transfer, I would likely not have completed this course for this reason.

To the second point: There were some omissions in the presentation of the learning transfer system inventory (LTSI). In particular, while the final assessment uses a case study where the 16 factors of the LTSI are evaluated with numerical values, the course does not introduce these numerical values or how to give scores in this model. I would have appreciated practical guidelines for this assessment process. In addition, there was no critical engagement with the LTSI model. Some parts of the model are counterintuitive (e.g. separating manager responses into support and sanctions but having only one score for peer support; and the distinction between positive outcomes when transferring learning and negative personal outcomes when not transferring learning - what about negative consequences when transferring learning or positive outcomes when not transferring learning). In my impression, there seems to be a lot of overlap between the factors in the model which makes it difficult to understand why barriers and enablers were broken down into these specific categories. It would therefore been helpful to get the lecturers' perspective, as practitioners, on why they find this particular model, in contrast to other models, useful in their work and why it does make sense to them. Without additional information, it is difficult to assess the model's utility and research what potential alternatives would be.

I want to thank you for putting together this helpful and practical guide to learning transfer and hope you can further improve the content for future learners.

par Sineenad R

14 sept. 2019

I found that the culture of some country (especially in South East Asia) lead their people to a 'Learn and Don't Ask' culture which is a huge barrier of Learning Transfer.

par Natalia E

18 mai 2020

Thank you for a simple framework helping predict and influence if the training is going to be effective. Knowing and implementing Ed Holton's 16 factors is a must for any training professional. I'm happy I've learned them through this course and it is definitely applicable in what I do.


2 mai 2020

Well structured to provide the basic knowledge and understanding of learning transfer. I really enjoyed and learned a lot from this course

par Yehan B

27 mai 2020

Can recommend this course for gaining knowledge to improve your working background and how to become a prolific member at office

par Minakshi P

16 janv. 2020

The course was good in terms of establishing basics, but it could have been more extensive in terms of applications we can build towards a system of earning transfer, that's relevant to the VUCA world.

par Chelsea C

12 févr. 2021

I have nothing to say about the content. It's good. However, the e-signature on the final certificate looks forged. It looks like a photoshopped version (copy paste of the signature w/o making the background transparent) of a certificate and may actually be questioned by some employers. I hope this gets fixed ASAP since this is a valid concern.

par Cristiane d C G

29 juil. 2021

Great course! This is a deep overview on Learning transfer processes, barriers and catalysts. It helps us to support Learning strategy aligned to the business needs. Thanks, professors and Coursera! It is energizing to learn with amazing specialists in Learning & Development.

par Umme A T

14 sept. 2022

This course is really helpful as i am from L&D background. It did give me deeper insights in terms of ROI , how we invest money in training without expecting a return. Ways to measure impact , ROI & Learning transfer benefits.

par Mikhail D

28 mars 2022

Highly intensive and relevant. 16 factors help to design own LT educational project and take into account all the things help people to change their behaviors

par Ramnath D

20 sept. 2019

The course content has been very-well designed. It is practical, relevant and most importantly...the need of the hour in the corporate training environment!

par Mary A

2 nov. 2020

When you know the barriers to learning, you can do something about it and create an impactful training modules.

par Abdulaziz A

4 mai 2021

great course that digs deep in the root causes of poor utilization of training events in organizations

par Michael

12 janv. 2023

Great course. Reinforcement of what I have been fighting for in Learning & Development.


29 août 2020

it was very rich. i am glad i invested my time and energy at right place. Thank you!


16 août 2021

Awesome Course . Really helpful for applying learning to Day to Day operation

par Jody T

3 mars 2022

topics were easy to follow and made connections to examples I could relate.

par Shatha A

7 nov. 2020

I enjoyed and learned a lot from this course. Thank you for your efforts ❤️

par Karen B

6 oct. 2021

Practical steps for creating learning programs that will promote transfer.

par Charli H

3 juin 2021

Insightful, useful and valuable especially in my role within Learning

par Sandeep S

11 juin 2020

Very effective program into both ways as a trainer and trainee.

par Aiswarya M

15 mai 2020

Really informative course... 100 percent worth doing it..

par Amanda O

6 janv. 2022

a very good basis for understanding learning transfer

par Catherine U G

3 avr. 2020

I gain so much while taking this course. Thank you

par Dileep K S ( R - R S

31 mai 2021

Thanks, Nice preparation of the course material