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The main goal of this specialization is to provide the knowledge and practical skills necessary to develop a strong foundation on information visualization and to design and develop advanced applications for visual data analysis. This course aims at introducing fundamental knowledge for information visualization. The main goal is to provide the students with the necessary “vocabulary” to describe visualizations in a way that helps them reason about what designs are appropriate for a given problem. This module also gives a broad overview of the field of visualization, introducing its goals, methods and applications. A learner with some or no previous knowledge in Information Visualization will get a sense of what visualization is, what it is for and in how many different situations it can be applied; will practice to describe data in a way that is useful for visualization design; will familiarize with fundamental charts to talk about the concept of visual encoding and decoding....

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23 juin 2019

Great intro to basics about information visualization. Would be a bit better if after doing the assessments the correct answers were provided as a guide to the peer review.

28 oct. 2018

Great course! Not too complicated and covers fundamental topics about visual encoding and decoding.\n\nThe explanation is clear and concise.\n\nThank you Professor Enrico!

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par Eaphy M

23 juin 2019

Great intro to basics about information visualization. Would be a bit better if after doing the assessments the correct answers were provided as a guide to the peer review.

par Nithish R

10 juin 2019

Well explained from a conceptual sense. Good to get a basic hands on experience with Tableau as part of the course.

par Thabo T

6 sept. 2019

Great course, it really game the skills and confidence to know what to do given a dataset

par Jonathan D

11 mai 2020

The course materials are generally useful. the videos are reasonably well explained so that is positive.

The main concern I have about the course is the peer review in weeks 3 and 4. My concern is as follows: Students are relying on other students interpretation of the course materials to provide an assessment of other students work. For example, a student who has little understanding of the course materials can provide poor feedback to other students out of ignorance.

Furthermore, a student may submit a poor assignment and may receive a passing grade. Is there a lack of oversight on the side of the course administrators.

If successive peer-reviewed submissions are required it can take many days for a students work to be graded depending on the number of course attendees.

The course should be graded by an expert rather than peer-reviewed for those two reasons.

par Saif R

4 déc. 2018

The course has great content, but it is not the easiest to follow. The videos present information in a sequential way, then the project are exciting and perhaps a tad too challenging. I would have loved more intermediate exercises that are shorter in weeks 1 and 2 before diving in the project in week 3. That said, the course is of great quality and I recommend it to anyone looking to learning about how to create effective and beautiful visualizations. You will also get introduced to Tablue which is an added bonus.

par Santiago S

21 nov. 2018

Great course, I've enjoyed Prof. Enrico clear video explanations about the covered topics. The course serves as a fresh start if you are looking to improve your data visualization skills and knowledge. Examples included during the classes helped a lot to understand what's behind the scenes. Easy to follow along, it was made with a balanced mix of both: practice and theory.

par Santiago T

17 oct. 2019

It helped me put some theory behind data visualization concepts I work with every day. After this course, I know better why some graphs seem better than others and have some guidelines as to where I should start when creating a new visualization depending on the type of data I have.

par Camilo C

5 nov. 2018

(Taken in Audit Mode) The course is great, Enrico is a great teacher and the introductory topics are great if you are searching for improving your data visualization skills. Simple explanations of a very broad and interesting topic.

par Jafed E G

6 juil. 2019

I enjoy the lectures. The professor has a good speaking and teaching style which keeps me interested. Lots of concrete math examples which make it easier to understand. Very good slides which are well formulated and easy to understand

par Marian E

28 déc. 2020

I thought this was a great foundational introduction to the world of information visualization. Being able to understand some of the foundations of what makes a great visualization and the process behind it will be a great asset.

par Yen-Ju T

4 août 2020

The course is with clear explanation. Professor will guide you to overview the concept of information visualization step by step. After the course, you will have the big picture of information visualization.

par Ian W

5 sept. 2018

Good introduction to information visualization.

If you finish this class, I suggest you finish all courses in this specialization because it's great and not too hard. :)

par Raja D H

29 oct. 2018

Great course! Not too complicated and covers fundamental topics about visual encoding and decoding.

The explanation is clear and concise.

Thank you Professor Enrico!

par Seydou D

16 mai 2020

This course is very clear, helpful and rewarding even for someone who has no idea about Information Visualization. I do encourage you to take this course.

par Alex S L

17 mai 2020

The course was eye opening to a vital skill in today's data age: visualizing and comunicating with information proficiently.

par Raphael d F S

30 oct. 2018

Very good! The videos and materials are great. Enrico's knowledge is impressive and inspiring.

par Andrea T

23 août 2019

Great course, thorough, easy to follow and full of resources to deepen the knowledge.

par Khalid M K

23 mai 2020

Good way of teaching, easy and interesting concepts to work with hard things.

par Emilio A A S

7 déc. 2019

A very good introductory course on the information visualization foundations.

par Vikram G

19 avr. 2020

Excellent Course by NYU , Professor enrico's classes are really good.

par Mathieu L

2 avr. 2019

A very complete and instructive introduction about data visualisation

par Panagiotis M

26 avr. 2020

Very well structured course, with clear and understandable teaching.

par Jeanne M L

24 juin 2019

Good introduction to learning Tableau in addition to concepts.

par Trud F A

29 oct. 2018

Very good course - it gives a good overview over the basics!

par Fabian R

2 oct. 2018

Some minor bugs but overall a really great course