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The course is awarded The Best Free Online Courses of All Time, and Best Online Courses of the Year (2021 Edition) by Class Central ( --- Information systems (IS) are important assets to business organizations and are ubiquitous in our daily lives. With the latest IS technologies emerging, such as Big Data, FinTech, Virtual Banks, there are more concerns from the public on how organizations maintain systems’ integrity, such as data privacy, information security, the compliance to the government regulations. Management in organizations also need to be assured that systems work the way they expected. IS auditors play a crucial role in handling these issues. In the course “Information Systems Auditing, Controls and Assurance”, you will explore risks of information systems, and how to mitigate the risks by proper IS Controls. You will also get familiar with the IS Audit procedures and how they are applied during the IS development throughout the Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC). Finally, you will get to observe how we can make the system changes more manageable using formal IS Management practices, such as Change Management Controls and Emergency Changes. The conversations between the course instructor - Prof. Percy Dias, and the IS auditing practitioner will give you a concrete idea on how IS auditors perform their duties, the qualities to become IS auditors and future prospects of IS auditing industry. This course is suitable for students and graduates from Information Systems, Information Technology and Computer Science, and IT practitioners who are interested to get into the IS auditing field. It is also a good starting point for learners who would like to pursue further studies for IS audit certifications – such as Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA)....

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28 déc. 2020

Superb course, the instructor lecture and material is precise and concise. A worthwhile for any current and future IS auditor. Pity that I can only give 5 stars as the course deserve 10 stars rating!


24 juil. 2022

Pro. Diaz has taught and enlightened me about system audit a lot, most of this information was very new to me. I felt fortunate to have a mentor like him, and like to enroll in more courses with him.

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par Vicky

9 avr. 2021

This course is perfect for students, fresh graduates and learners / new comers in Audit and Information System. The lecturer, Gavin Percy Dias is a professional in education. He tried to convey the material as simple as possible just like in-class learning. Unlike my previous course, the quiz is available for free users which is nice. There's still room for improvements however, especially on the delivery of the course itself in terms of diction, selection of sentences, advancement of materials because different words and sentences sometimes imply different meanings. Thank you Coursera!

par Chitundu P

10 juin 2021

very insightful course and the length, material and pacing is just right. the tutor is very knowledgeable about the material. the quizzes were appropriate for testing the knowledge acquired in the videos. one small improvement suggestion would be the tutor should have talked more about protection of information assets and should have touched on the governance aspects of information systems and how is auditors can get involved. otherwise overall the course is okay for its purpose of providing the learner with general aspects of information systems auditing, controls and assurance.

par Arif T

16 déc. 2022

Nice course. I have learnt many new things which will help to boost up my career. The class material was sufficient and easy to understand. The quizzes were also good. But I think the number of quiz may be increased. Then, we can evaluate myself many more.

The teacher was good. He was very energetic and friendly. Practical example can be used. I am very much happy to enroll this course. I think people who are related to audit should enroll this course.

It will help to clear the basic understanding regarding IS audit. I am satisfied. keep it up. Thank you.

par Florence M K

3 avr. 2020

I experienced difficulty in answering questions in modules 1, 2, and 3 as some of the questions did not clearly reflect the substance of Professor Dias's teaching. I noticed that in module 3, when I returned to re-take the quiz that one of the questions had been removed and replaced with a question that made a lot more sense. Module 4 was perfect and clearly addressed what Professor Dias had taught. Overall though the course was well worth the cost, time and effort, and Professor Dias did a fine job of communicating the facts.

par Omar B M P

12 déc. 2021

In this course you can appreciate Prof. Garvin Percy DIAS it’s using the juice technic that make the course interesting and fun for the technological managers learns. It’s great course for understanding the model of the system auditing, Control process and verification process not that much for implementation.

I don’t recommend the courses for beginners because the exams are confusing and people who doesn’t have much experience with the platform could get unmotivated and confused.

par muragwa c

9 janv. 2023

the course was very interesting because I got good learning skills on the internet and knowledge on what and how IS auditor does

the whole course was very interesting

the Pro was good in elaborating his points I really enjoyed him

as per the completed course I wish to put in practice what I learnt and become good IS auditor in future

I give the 4 weeks a thumbs-up

thanks every one the completion of the course

par Naveen K Y

12 avr. 2020

Good high level content for an IS auditor to start with.Explained well with simple reference and current IT organization. This was like challenge to myself since it has been two years since I did any courses and was busy with my regular day today work. This as enhanced my skills in the IS auditing domain. Would recommend the course for any of person IT lead, Manager or senior management.

par Kennedy O

3 août 2020

really insightful and helpful. so simplified even for non techies. the interviews between Prof Dias and Ms Gloria Luk, the IS auditor really full of insights - indeed I agree with Ms Gloria, IS auditors should besides picking things that might have gone wrong also offer positive recommendations and advisory to better make the business operations efficient.

par Lanney Z

15 oct. 2022

This course has a good base of information related to Information Systems Audit principles. Some of the 2nsd and 3rd week quiz items contain unclear questions, but this could potentially happen in a course of any kind. The information about controls related to the internal audit are helpful when attempting to create an appropriate scope of review.

par Karen J N

12 juin 2020

The course is smoothly produced. Every week's lesson is correctly grouped and quizzes are relevant. But if I may add, it would be better not to out wikipedia links as a source material. Also, please check that links work. Also, please recommend other lessons to continue with the same track as this course. Other than that good job and thank you!

par Anne G

3 mars 2022

I am pursuing CISA Certification. This course was a good jump in point. I expected a little more information but it has steered me in the right direction to study and prepare. There were questions on the quizzes that were not actually covered in the lectures but, they were overall very adequate for what I am doing.

par Amit K

16 déc. 2021

Good course, recommended for a beginner. However, content is required to be updated so as to include latest in the field of IS and it's impact to IS Audit.

Further, course can be enhanced greatly by including certain case studies.

Overall good course and thanks to Prof Dias and Hong Kong University.

par Matselane M K

28 juil. 2020

I loved going through this course. Every part of it was interesting and I liked the fact that somebody already in the field was sharing her experiences and the ways to grow in the field. The course was delivered in simple English with technical terms being explained and that made me enjoy it.


1 avr. 2020

Overall the concept of IS Auditing is very good and the way Professor had explained the course is nice but the voice and the vocabulary used by the professor are not good. it took me to backtrack the video many times to understand the vocabulary used.

par Mary s D

30 oct. 2022

The Professor is very intellectual he explains all the topics with examples and makes things easy to understand , The Quiz in between each chapters helps us to assess our learning . Satisfied with the course .

S . Mary Salina Delphine

par Pyone P

3 mai 2020

The course explains clearly to understand the knowledge and responsibilities to become an IS Auditor.

I would like to know more about the details documentation, procedure or standard for IS Auditing.

Thank you very much for the course.

par Tshepiso T

10 oct. 2022

I have learnt so much from the course, better informed regarding the IS Auditing. at first i was not aware that aauditing could be done online, and too i am more aware of the challenges and strengths of the online systems.

par Simon O

12 avr. 2022

Great course content for beginners! Professor Diaz handles difficult technical subjects with ease for any novice in the subject area to grasp. I also thoroughly enjoyed the conversations with the Lady Consultant. Great job!

par Rosana M Q

3 mai 2020

El curso es muy bueno, la información se da de manera sencilla y de fácil comprensión.

A veces el profesor es un poco redundante y hace chistes un tanto fuera de lugar

Pero por lo demás estoy muy satisfecha con el curso

par Dennis B

31 août 2020

Good teacher, bad interviewer. The videos with interviews can be improved if the interviewer is not trying to interrupt so much. Better to wait until an explanation is given and then react or explain a bit more.

par Angela T

1 janv. 2022

I enjoyed this course. Prof Diaz made it simple to understand. The scenarios were great but I would like to see more of that, different types of controls and their uses if the course is going to be updated.

par Nathan W

24 févr. 2021

A good course on Infomation System auditing, controls and assurance. It's probably not related to the computer topics I was looking for like Networking and Security. Week 3 had quite a hard test personally.

par Vijay S

24 janv. 2021

The course was very informative and interesting. The professors are amazing and explain in a beautiful manner. The practice questions, tests, and the case studies are very practical and make us think a lot.

par Prosper N

22 août 2021

I think I like course, it advanced my information system audit skill and I particularly love the Approach the Prof uses and the Interview with Gloria, however, I'd leave one star for further improvement.

par Roy S

13 oct. 2020

Examples given were practical and being new to the IS Audit field the examples helped with my overall understanding of the importance of carrying out an IS Audit and also the role of an IS Auditor.