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In this course you will explore information security through some introductory material and gain an appreciation of the scope and context around the subject. This includes a brief introduction to cryptography, security management and network and computer security that allows you to begin the journey into the study of information security and develop your appreciation of some key information security concepts. The course concludes with a discussion around a simple model of the information security industry and explores skills, knowledge and roles so that you can determine and analyse potential career opportunities in this developing profession and consider how you may need to develop personally to attain your career goals. After completing the course you will have gained an awareness of key information security principles regarding information, confidentiality, integrity and availability. You will be able to explain some of the key aspects of information risk and security management, in addition, summarise some of the key aspects in computer and network security, including some appreciation of threats, attacks, exploits and vulnerabilities. You will also gain an awareness of some of the skills, knowledge and roles/careers opportunities within the information security industry....

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8 juil. 2020

Through Coursera, I can now become a cyber physical security expert. With their online course, I have had basic knowledge in information security. I encourage others to join their online program.

20 déc. 2020

First of all ,I thank you for this course that opens my eyes and enlighten my concept about information security in general. I learnt more than what I expected that will help me in my carrier.

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par Hasala R

13 sept. 2017

The course is well explained. Can follow without any prior knowledge. Can be considered as a strong foundation for Information Security field. Highly recommended.

par Mohsen G

29 nov. 2018

This course is very useful as a first step in Cyber security career

par hannah j

28 sept. 2017

Really good introduction into the topic of Information Security. Step by step lectures and clear information to help get a good understanding of the topic

par Erik M

28 mai 2018

I expected something more practical and less theoretical

par M. C O

19 févr. 2019

The content of this course is very good and I would definitely recommend it.

I would rate as excellent the performance of Professor Keith M. Martin, it has made it very easy for me to understand the approach to cryptography.

Although, I would describe Professor Jorge Blasco's pronunciation as deficient and the performance as boring so that it has been difficult to maintain attention.

Best regards

par Jeremiah N N

28 mai 2018

This has been very informative. I am in the IT industry and this has served as a good reminder and has helped me understand some rationales behind some of the things I do on a daily basis.

par María F

29 janv. 2019

I really like this course

par Shamistan A

4 mars 2019

very good

par Destiny Y

7 oct. 2019

I must say that this course has really widened my hitherto fair knowledge of Cybersecurity. This for me was the first step in my journey to becoming a leading player in the Information Security space in my country (Nigeria). I have learnt a lot about cybersecurity and other risk management techniques necessary for ensuring Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of organisational information and IT assets.

par Dariusz P G

10 mars 2019

A great introductory course. Very engaging and I learned quite a bit despite being in IT for the past 18 years.

Thank you.

Kind regards,


p.s. It was a pity that the fora were not very active. I wrote loads and uploaded it but sometimes it felt as if I was doing all the running...

I had no feedback from anyone. A tad disheartening.


par Assuah P F

9 juil. 2020

Through Coursera, I can now become a cyber physical security expert. With their online course, I have had basic knowledge in information security. I encourage others to join their online program.

par nuru s

21 déc. 2020

First of all ,I thank you for this course that opens my eyes and enlighten my concept about information security in general. I learnt more than what I expected that will help me in my carrier.

par Darshan D

5 mars 2020

The course touches upon all the necessary topics that relates to the security aspects of the Information world. A good start to get into the world of cyber security.

par Daniel F O D

12 févr. 2019

Excelente curso, muchas gracias a todos quienes hicieron posible la realización del mismo, fue interesante

par Ajay K A

5 janv. 2019

An excellent course which gives you a comprehensive introduction to what you need to know.

par Dian K

11 janv. 2019

This is a good course for you to explore your knowledge related to information security

par Warren P

5 mars 2019

Great overview and just the right amount of details for an introduction to the topic.

par Omkar P

12 févr. 2019


par Mousa S

26 févr. 2019


par Eduardo D G

13 nov. 2019

He hecho este curso de Introducción a la Seguridad Informática en diversos contenidos ya que descubrió que, en cada uno de ellos, se encuentra algún tema que no avarcan los otros. Por ejemplo, los temas de la última semana no fueron vistos en las otras capacitaciones. Lo he hecho en Cisco Networking Academy, LACNIC, Universidad Tecnológica Nacional (Argentina), y otros. Realmente me gustó cómo se encararon los temas así como los nuevos conocimientos adquiridos. No obtendré el certificado ya que, como es de público conocimiento, la situación económica de mi país no me lo permite (el costo del certificado equivale a la cuarta parte de lo que pago por el alquiler de mi departamento). Aún así, valió la pena.

par David S

3 juin 2017

Well designed course presenting broad picture of information security elements, instruments and institutions. Good entry for those who does not directly involved in information security management/auditing, but assigned tasks related to information security (compliance officers, in-house legal professionals, HR, procurement, etc). Meantime, the course may help those who plans to start new professional career in information security.

par Edmund P

30 juin 2017

A great introduction to Information Security. Straight forward, hugely accessible, it contains the right level of information, without the attendee being over-faced with technical detail. The course provides a great basis from which to conduct further research. For someone who is making a career move into Cyber/Information Security, it also contains invaluable information on accrediting bodies and other career resources.

par Bojtor B E

19 août 2020

An interesting course from which I learned notions of information security. I have learned what CIA is, nonrepudiation is, etc.

From this course I have learned some things which are not present only in information security field. For example, before I was not knowing what an internal audit is.

Also, I appreciate that the course have not been bushy. This have allowed myself to follow another courses.

par Priyankar P

6 juil. 2020

Learnt a lot of new concepts being a network security professional that we don't use in day to day work. Through it says its an context and introductory course, the lessons were deep with examples and supplements of links and articles. The quiz were enabling us to think the scenarios and answer, than just click and pass exams. It was worth it! Thanks.

par Espen L

10 janv. 2021

Great course for getting an overview over this specific topic - I think of two "use cases": a) Leader who want to be able to communicate well with Inf Sec sepcialists b) Leaders who want to evaluate the situation of your company c) information for those who pursue a career in this field, making it easer to choose your career path and opportunties!