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In this project-centered course*, you will create a content-rich infographic on a topic of your choice using Adobe Illustrator (which you can download for a free, 30-day trial). You might choose to create a visual representation of data from the world of sports, entertainment, politics, or science, to explain a business trend or environmental issue, or even to present a theme or development from your personal life. Your finished infographic will engage your target audience and convey information clearly through effective use of design elements such as typography, color, and structure. Whether you’re a graphic designer, a writer or the intern in the department, you’ll learn: • what an infographic is and what makes a good one • how to work within your limits • how to work with a team (if you have one) • why infographics are effective • techniques for spotting data in stories • six valuable steps for planning an effective infographic • how to use and make some of the building blocks of infographics: maps, charts and flow charts • ways data can be visualized to clarify it and give it meaning • how to effectively design a good infographic by effectively using elements like type, color and an underlying grid structure • some free or cheap, online tools for making various kinds of infographics As you work on your project, you’ll learn more about why infographics are effective, what makes a good infographic, and how to plan and design an infographic for maximum impact. You’ll explore various approaches to data visualization, and you’ll practice creating visualizations like maps, charts, flow charts, and simple drawings in your free version of Adobe Illustrator. Please note that if you are new to learning graphics software, making these graphics could take much longer than estimated as you learn and grow. What you’ll need to get started: This project-based course is aimed at anyone interested in understanding, designing, and using infographics - from students and hobbyists to professional graphic designers. We’ll use Adobe Illustrator for some components of the project. If you don’t have access to the full version of Illustrator,you can download a free version at If the free 30-day trial runs out, you can "purchase" it for a month for about $20. *About Project-Centered Courses: Project centered courses are designed specifically to help you complete a personally meaningful real-world project, with your instructor and a community of like-minded learners providing guidance and suggestions along the way. By actively applying new concepts as you learn, you’ll master the course content more efficiently; you’ll also get a head start on using the skills you gain to make positive changes in your life and career. When you complete the course, you’ll have a finished project that you’ll be proud to use and share. When you enroll in certain courses, you’ll be asked to pay a small fee to share your work with others for peer review....

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24 oct. 2017

Really good! Karl Gude is great and knows how to explain in a clear way. Very useful course if you want to practice your Adobe Illustrator skills, and end up with projects to add on your portfolio.


7 déc. 2021

This is the most interesting course i have indulged myself in. Thanks to Karl Gude for creating such an amazing course. It changed my perspective about a picture, poster and infographic. Kudos.

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par Ashish R S

8 déc. 2021

This is the most interesting course i have indulged myself in. Thanks to Karl Gude for creating such an amazing course. It changed my perspective about a picture, poster and infographic. Kudos.

par Abhishek R

27 juin 2020

Amazing course and Karl Gude is an amazing person with great teaching skills. Looking forward to learn more from him.

Thank you coursera for providing me this amazing learning platform.

par Ekaterina S

12 août 2020

The most useless course I've ever taken. Most videos are just some declarative statements on why design is important, why color is important, etc. No real new knowledge. 'Instructive' videos for the practical tasks - no ideas who is the target audience. For newcomers in design, like me, - everything is super fast, unclear, difficult to follow. I had to watch additional videos and google some instructions on my own (why then to take the course? I could do this without the course). For experience designers - nothing new, I'm sure. In general, the only more or less valuable information - youtube video of the teacher on Illustrator. No moderators on the course forum - if you in trouble with the software or puzzled by some question, noone will help.

Additionally, the teachers speaks veeeery fast and sometimes absolutely unclear, even subtitles do not work sometimes. I belive my listening skills in English are close to perfect, but even for me sometimes it was a challenge to understand what's going on.

The only reason I've completed the course is that I had paid the certificate before I started. Do not recommend the course at all.

par Andrei P S

26 sept. 2020

The course is prepared for people with medium/high level skills in Adobe Illustrator. There is no way a person without experience enjoying the lessons. It would be better if the habilities needed were informed before the application. I spent time and money for nothing.

par Betania A

4 déc. 2021

You should inform that we MUST have installed Illustrator (and some proficience) in order to achieve more than 50% of the course. BTW, there's no trial version for 30 days anymore. You should update this course using free softwares.

par Sanjeewa P

3 févr. 2022

Prof. Karl Gude is an excellent lecturer. He presents his knowledge and experience in a very simple and attractive way. Thank you sir, for the knowledge you have given to me. This is an amazing course regarding designing infographics. This course gave me a lot of valuable and critical information regarding infographics. In future I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in creating infographics. Thank you.

par shona b

2 août 2022

Excellent content and delivery. I have been looking around to upskill in this area and this was perfect. It covered both the principles and how to use Adobe Illustrator in a very efficient way. The instructor also has many instructional videos on his YouTube channel and I will go back to those as I put what I have learned into practice. Highly recommend this course - I hope to find others like it to learn other skills.

par Jacklyn S

4 déc. 2021

I have never imagined that Karl Gude, the former Director of Information Graphics (Infographics) at Newsweek magazine, would be my teacher 10 years ago when I first entered this news and publication career. I like the practical process of the course and his humor. Thank you, Mr. Gude, I've got my new skill.

par Deleted A

10 juin 2022

This course is PERFECT for anyone wanting to learn more about infographic design. It gave me lots of great tips on Adobe products that I can use and offered a structured format to creating infographics that I have used exclusively since completion. Great course and worth the time and effort to take.

par Noorhayati S

23 févr. 2022

I love the way the instructor conducts his lessons. Very engaging and lively. I cannot stop listening and watching the lessons though it is time for me to head to bed. Trying hard to keep my eyes open (in a good way) because I want to learn more. Keep it up! Every seconds spent is worth it!

par Simmy S

21 avr. 2020

The course was exactly what I was looking for and I am content with the instructor and all the assignments that we were given. I would really recommend taking this course to others who are new in the field of designing and wants to get into infographics.

par Luis A C R

13 mai 2016

I really learned a lot through the material of the course, everything is well explained and make an objective analysis of the structure without taking out the subjective significance that an infographic contains, so thank you to all people involved in

par Mateja V B

29 mars 2018

Exciting and concise course. I have learned a lot in just four weeks, and I know I will never look at the infographics in the same way as before. I know now how to distinguish between a good one (providing information) and merely decorative one.

par Bamgbose T

4 août 2022

Superb content! I enjoyed every bit of it and highly recommend!! The videos short to hold your attention, plus the overall course was evenly spaced. The best part of it was relating to other learners across the globe and assessing one another.

par Mariam B

20 janv. 2017

One of the best teachers out there! I really enjoyed watching his videos and tutorials. Thank you Karl! This is my first course I ever complete because Karl made it so interesting and gave us so much examples to learn from.

par AKM M I B

2 mai 2022

From the start to end I feel interested. The project submission and peer review was so exciting to me. Overall I love this course. Thank you Courseera and thank you Michigan State University authority for this Course.

par Venkatesh

7 avr. 2017

It was my first Coursera course and I really enjoyed the structure provided and the whole learning experience. Hope I take the learning from the course and work on improving myself on creating world-class infographics

par Raspopova O

23 juin 2020

The best course I've seen so far! Very easy and funny explanations. The course engaging for new ideas. For me it was a first time when I made some design with the joy from the start till the end of the project

par Mara S

27 nov. 2020

I learned a lot from Karl Gude. The course is really informational of how to do infographics the right way. Got inspired and will keep watching his tutorials on YouTube. Thanks Michigan State University!

par Csanád S

8 juin 2017

Wonderful and intuitive course, great performer. I recommend this course to everybody who wishes to immerse in the world infographics and to receive feedback on his or her progress in design.

par Curbita

17 sept. 2016

Very nice course, I really enjoy listening to it. I discovered new tools, I listen to the concept and advices that was given and everything motivates me a lot. Thank for this course!

par Ingrid S

13 oct. 2022

This course guides you through the whole process of making an infographic. From defining the goal and message to technical help with Adobe Illustrator. It has been very helpful!

par Calin R

1 avr. 2020

Great course, a fun educational experience! I liked Karl's way of explainimg thinks and giving real examples from his long career. The peer-review system is a bit slow though ...

par KYRA M D A

27 août 2020

I am happy to finish this course despite already missing deadlines, which I am not proud of. Thank you for giving us the things we should not missed in making our infographics.

par Alice F

13 avr. 2020

I learnt a lot even though I already used illustrator before. I learnt how to draw a map, to make an illustration, to make charts, graphs, ... I highly recommend this course!