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Inferential statistics are concerned with making inferences based on relations found in the sample, to relations in the population. Inferential statistics help us decide, for example, whether the differences between groups that we see in our data are strong enough to provide support for our hypothesis that group differences exist in general, in the entire population. We will start by considering the basic principles of significance testing: the sampling and test statistic distribution, p-value, significance level, power and type I and type II errors. Then we will consider a large number of statistical tests and techniques that help us make inferences for different types of data and different types of research designs. For each individual statistical test we will consider how it works, for what data and design it is appropriate and how results should be interpreted. You will also learn how to perform these tests using freely available software. For those who are already familiar with statistical testing: We will look at z-tests for 1 and 2 proportions, McNemar's test for dependent proportions, t-tests for 1 mean (paired differences) and 2 means, the Chi-square test for independence, Fisher’s exact test, simple regression (linear and exponential) and multiple regression (linear and logistic), one way and factorial analysis of variance, and non-parametric tests (Wilcoxon, Kruskal-Wallis, sign test, signed-rank test, runs test)....

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Feb 13, 2018

Incredibly dense (which they warn you about) so the lecutres fly over so much important info it's hard to keep track of even with a strong focus. A very good overview though.


Apr 15, 2016

I understood inferential statistics better with this course. Both teachers made the concepts clear for me. The R homework helps me review inferential statistics methods.

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par Ute T

Mar 13, 2019

Week 1 to Week 5 were well explained, however the quality of the videos declined steadily to the end of the module. Many inconsistencies between video - audio - written text.

Most upsetting was quality of Week 6. In comparison to the parametric statistic parts which were super well organised, structured in assumption - hypothesis - test statistic and anything else important, the Week 6 was terribly confusing. It did not contain the most important formulas and explanations (I was researching online on other fora to reply to the quizz). I suggest a full review of non-parametric statistics, as it is an important chapter for many social scientists working with smaller sample research. I really think this has been neglected over the previous parts.

Also in comparison to Module of Basic Statistics, this one has not had a great quizz section. There are no hints of what might have gone wrong when answers are wrong, so the learning effect is 0 if we get answers wrong.

par Do H L

Sep 03, 2016

This course is awesome on so many levels. This is the best inferential statistics course I've come across. Here's why:

*** The slides are beautiful and visually appealing, making following the rigorous content easier to digest.

*** Instructors are captivating and articulate, the explanations are clear and concise.

*** The assignments are very very tough, making the course incredibly challenging, but worth it. Honestly, I don't get why people give 1 star because the course is tough. This should be a huge plus.

It was a real challenge getting 100% for everything. For every quiz, I attempted 2 - 3 times to get 100%. The challenge is worth it. I couldn't thank you enough for this course. You explain tough statistical concepts like the difference between prediction intervals and confidence intervals really well. Also, I think this course has the best teaching for Analysis of Variance (I have taken a few other statistics moocs). Also, your course helped me appreciate the meaning of R-squared, standard errors, confidence intervals in a very intuitive fashion. There are many other new things I've learnt from your course, some of them I thought I knew, but you helped me to either "Aha" or understand them more deeply.

Before this course, most of the time statistics to me is like plug-and-play using procedures and and softwares. But now, I can understand the concepts and what the calculations really mean.

Thank you for creating quizzes that make us really do step-by-step calculations and not just plug data into equations to get results like so many other statistics moocs do.

The pedagogy is really great. Sometimes quizzes can be frustrating because I need to read very carefully into the meaning of the questions and all the options. However, the learning experience is really worth it.

Again, thank you for an amazing course! This is rare stuff!

It is without a doubt, a lot of passion and effort has been put into this course and this series.

par Markus W

May 15, 2016

For someone who is not familiar with inferential statistics, this course is too compact. I lost the overall picture: it seems that a dozend methods were introduced, but I failed to understand under which preconditions each method is deployable. I am confused.

par Zainab H

Oct 25, 2018

This course was relatively difficult for my slow brain. I learned A LOT. but I still feel the need for doing this course one more time

par Grace L

Jul 08, 2018

I don't feel the videos were sufficient enough to teach the methods for working through the formulas or to efficiently identify which scenario a certain formula was to be applied. The quiz instructions were vague and it was extremely difficult to know exactly what was being asked or which formula to apply. Often I had to result in giving my best guess. Forums were not helpful. Most questions were two years old or a few months old at the earliest and answers were not helpful. This course is especially confusing for beginners. I don't see how people have actually been able to learn from this course. With Basic Statistics course I at least felt I got a good basic understanding of the material. This course went miles over my head.

par Sara J

May 16, 2019

Terrible confusing questions in final... never take this if you are a beginner!

Incredible to see I am passing all quizzes and R labs given the lack of supervision and guidance from professors (this is after I have consistently sent emails and asked for extra help).

PLEASE revise this whole course for the sake of education.

par Scott A H

Jan 03, 2017

I found the course was very confusing and the language used in the quizzes and exams didn't always match the language used in the lessons making it very difficult to understand what was wanted.

For a non-specialist, statistics is almost always a struggle, intently making it more difficult by trying to use trick questions and application in the quizzes and exam beyond what was covered in the course makes it really really difficult for those of us who are naturals at math.

I worked really hard in the course and finally made it thought all 6 weeks of the course but after one try at the final exam I said to myself enough is enough. I hate being a quitter, but I was not learning statistics and causing myself many headaches and feelings of inferiority and self-doubt because I just couldn't match the quiz and exam questions to the material covered in the course.

Maybe other people are much smarter than I am, but this source was a soul and time killer for me.

par ahmed s a

Jul 26, 2016


par Muhammad A R

Dec 28, 2018

loved the way, you carried a statistics virgin like through the course

par Arman B K

Nov 13, 2018

Completing this course requires perseverence but it is 100% worth it. There's a lot of material covered and the videos simply provide signposts for the topics but one doesn't learn statistics by watching videos. The real learning takes place during quizzes and assignments. The final exam is time consuming and tough and students need to truly master the material to earn a high grade.

par Nicholas D

Feb 13, 2018

Incredibly dense (which they warn you about) so the lecutres fly over so much important info it's hard to keep track of even with a strong focus. A very good overview though.

par Jo S

Mar 08, 2016

Hopelessly fast, compared to the excellent Basic Statistics by the same team. I gave up in week 1.

par gerardo r g

Dec 04, 2018

This course is very helpful for people intereted in quantitative research

par Oluwatobi M

Apr 14, 2019

Enjoyed it. The tutors are amazing in how they help you understand each topic and the workings around it.

par sanjeev k

Feb 11, 2017

Excellent Course for Inferential Statistics. Really Enjoyed the course. R quiz give hands-on on the data sets.

par Yaara G

Jan 15, 2017

Great content

par András B

Apr 16, 2016

The course is great, I feel like I learned a lot. One thing that I would have found very useful, however, is feedback on the quizzes — sometimes it is very difficult to figure out what went wrong. This could be implemented by giving people a choice to see some feedback and then no longer being able to re-take a quiz, so people can't cheat but still get positive feedback.

All in all, it's been a pleasure! Thank you very much!

par Ivan R P

May 27, 2016

Very carefully presented and organized introductory course. Well put R support.

par Roberta d R B

Dec 28, 2016

Wonderfully useful. It has helped me to run my research analysis.

par Ayedh N

Mar 31, 2016

Easy to understand.

par Stanislav M

Mar 25, 2016

Hidden jem on inferential statistics on Coursera.

par yongbin z

Apr 15, 2016

I understood inferential statistics better with this course. Both teachers made the concepts clear for me. The R homework helps me review inferential statistics methods.

par Gang L

Jan 30, 2018

the teacher is very resposibile for the student, gives me much ideas about inferential statistics!

par Jennifer H

Jul 13, 2016

Great course. Really helpful examples which were easy to follow.

par Wen S

Nov 23, 2017

some minor flaws may exist in the test design. apart from this, all good.