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Course 1 of a three course specialization called Fundamentals of Immunology. Each course in the specialization presents material that builds on the previous course's material. This is the first leg of a three-part journey through the defenses your body uses to keep you healthy. In this part we hope to give you the vocabulary and concepts you need to interact with the medical community and to provide them in a context that makes them memorable. Fundamentals of Immunology introduces students to the basic functions of the adaptive and innate immune systems. The early lectures survey cells, tissues and organs using metaphors, cartoons and models to improve understanding and retention. After describing the form, function, origin and varieties of antibodies, subsequent lectures provide details on the mechanism of the generation of variation. The course provides animations of gene rearrangement and class switching and descriptions of affinity maturation correlated with detailed physical models of antibody structure. The final lecture reviews these concepts in anatomical context. Testing employs multiple choice questions testing facts, concepts, and application of principles. Questions may refer to diagrams, drawing and photographs used in lecture and reproduced in the outline. What You’ll Learn: The difference between adaptive and innate immune systems, the characteristics of various pathogens that they protect you from and the overall strategies employed in this protection. The detailed structure of antibodies and related immunoglobulin receptors, the characteristics and function of the different antibody classes and the mechanism for producing both the recognition regions and stem regions.  Finally, how these structures are coded for in the DNA and expressed in the B cells....

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5 août 2019

So far the lecturer has been very entertaining and interesting in her explanation of various concepts of immunology. I am excited to finish this course, which will be relevant to my future studies.


21 nov. 2020

Thank you very much Professor! I really enjoyed your lessons and passion for teaching. I am glad you are able to share your talent with the world via this medium. Looking forward to the next class!

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par Shruti T

5 mai 2022


par Fathima J J

11 sept. 2021


par Maryam H A

20 juin 2021



5 oct. 2020



19 sept. 2020


par مسلمين ل

7 mai 2020


par Emayamsavitha

29 avr. 2020


par Abdur R M

28 oct. 2021


par Manoj K S

23 nov. 2020


par Mylady A d J B D T

4 oct. 2020

Personally, i think the course is pretty well done. First it teaches you the overall view of the inmune sistem which helps you understand how it works. What i didn't like that much is the content in the last 2 weeks, because it takes a kind of difficult approach from the genetic perspective, and it's actually kind of hard tu understand. Maybe it could be explain with a little more of detail o maybe pause in between, So we can be more orientated. From my point of view, i'd get very confused at some points. Anyway, in general thoughts it's a really good course.

par Hans M

21 août 2021

a course that will give you deep knowledge into immune and cell functions, antibodies and mutation etc, very good knowhow in this time where all are talking about things they know nothing about, knowledge is power. I strongly recomend this course, but be prepared, it takes a huge amount of attention not to get lost in the journey, the teacher is great and down to earth explaining it.

par Colleen ' O

26 avr. 2019

I'm only auditing, but considering a certificate at some point in the future. It won't be good for other schools as credit, but it might add to my academic portfolio. So far this class is informative, the information is entertaining to learn, a little bit more elementary than I would expect, but good for beginners.


26 juin 2020

Nice and systematic arrangements of the contents along with the pictorial and model view makes me to understand the contents in the simple and easy way.

It's very important and informative course to understand in the basics and easy way.

par Mr. R B

26 avr. 2020

It is a nicely crafted course for beginners and for persons who are interested to know more about immunology. Although I had to make some extra efforts to pass the exam, the overall experience was great. It was both learning and fun.

par SaiTejasri.M

23 nov. 2020

It's really very nice course with detailed information and explanation by showing pictures which made more easy to understand but at some points felt like difficult to digest but totally it's very informative n useful n helpful

par María C O J

27 janv. 2022

Muy interesante el contenido, amé en su totalidad este curso, el aprendizaje fue muy fácil gracias a la instructora y las imagenes con las cuales enseñaban. Enamorada de la inmunología gracias a ello

par Krisna P

25 août 2020

thoroughly enjoyed it. the instructor is amazing and saved my life as my teachers weren't able to teach this subject in a manner i could understand will now go on to complete the other two

par Ariel A

28 oct. 2019

The first three lectures were really great and questions are well constructed. The discussion and presentation got a little confusing on the last two lectures.

par William L F

23 avr. 2022

Good teaching mechanism, good lecturer. I was a little befuddled by some of the intricacies of the CDR. Not sure exactly what the learning goals were there.


22 juil. 2021

This course was helpful to learn basics in immunology. I liked the way that the instructor used cartoon drawings and models to explain the concept. Thank you!


17 août 2020

This was an excellent course. I learnt a lot new terms and the whole session was much more enjoyable due to the great personality of the professor.

par KAREN J S 1

27 août 2020

The professor takes you through immunology using a collection of memorable metaphors that enable you to visualize the concepts clearly.

par bianca k b

18 août 2020

I like it very very much. but I can´t get my certificate, it says to verify my account, I alredy did it but it is not working

par Hanh P

20 août 2021

G​reat course. However, I wish I was taught week 6 before week 3 4 5. It was confusing not knowing the whole picture first.

par Mohammod K I

10 mars 2019

The quiz are really hard specially at 5th and 6th week syllabus. However, this course dives deep into immunology.