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This course for serious makers, and for students new to imagemaking. Imagemaking is a fluid and exciting area of graphic design that comes out of practice and process: experimenting fearlessly, showing and sharing ideas, and giving and receiving knowledgeable and constructive input. For the sake of this online platform, we have applied some structure to our investigations, but for the most part imagemaking is loose and unstructured. If we must adopt a rule in this course it is only this: you will not become a graphic designer by watching videos alone. Or, don't just make stuff just in your head. So here, the focus here is on making, and you are expected to devote serious time and intellectual energy to that activity in this course. Specifically, you will: - experiment with a range of materials and techniques to make images for graphic design - expand your visual vocabulary both in terms of making and talking about work, in order to discuss your work and work of others - learn how to make, manipulate and arrange images to create compositions, eventually culminating in the design and production of an-image-based book. The first half of the course is an opportunity to experiment and explore imagemaking in order to expand your visual vocabulary. You will create pieces that are expressive, meditative, or 'design-y' to instigate, evoke, experiment, record, explain, or try out a media. In the second two weeks, we’ll invite the images to deliberately and intentionally carry meaning and communication through relational moves like juxtaposition, composition, and context. We’ll look at developing and expanding the range of approaches for putting things together by composing page spreads with your images. Since nothing exists without context, we look at how to intentionally drive the image’s connotations, meanings, and associations generated through elements of composition and “visual contrasts.” Ultimately, we will take the images that you create and make a book from them. The results of your assignments (and experiments) may generate something completely unknowable now or in the future—and that's the goal....

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8 oct. 2017

I'm so happy i did this course. Gail, you're amazing and you made my imagination go wild with just your words. I can see you love your craft and that's very inspiring. Enjoyed this course all the way!


18 août 2018

This is more challenging that it seems. It forces you to think creatively and critically with a seemingly simple subject. I recommend this course for anyone who wants to work with their hands a bit

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par F A

26 sept. 2018

I recommend this course to all future designers, art lovers and also for more experienced people to step a bit outside the box and have the freedom to take mistakes and take new perspectives.

par Tristan

28 févr. 2018

This course is more self-driven than others I have done on Coursera, but if you are open to exploring different techniques for yourself it is a great course providing a creative stimulus.

par Ana F

9 oct. 2016

I really loved this course. Useful information presented in an attractive format. Hands on approach. It opened my mind regarding a lot of possible applications in different areas of life.

par Huzaifa E A A

15 janv. 2020

harder than other courses of the specialization which makes it more important and valuable, I didn't know about designing images but now i'm confident I can make cool designs with images

par Alexandra M

25 janv. 2021

Unexpectedly difficult, full of discoveries, and surprisingly useful course. Many thanks @Gail Swanlund - I wish I could take a 'live' book- and image-making course with her. Thanks!

par Marina T

5 déc. 2021

This course helped me explore and try different ways to create a composition. It was a great experience, and I'll bring what I learned for my personal/professional further projects.

par Stephen M H

8 sept. 2020

The pacing of the course was just right, the instructor was knowledgeable, and the presentation of the subject matter was very pleasant, due to Gail Swanlund's easy-going demeanor.

par Lauren F

13 mars 2022

This class really helped me get familiar with the process of design, I loved especially getting to see other students work as well as researching my subject for the final project.

par Regina J

13 juin 2020

I did not take the courses in order so this was the last course I too. I like that it had fewer lectures and more hands-on activities. I even learned about a different website.


6 sept. 2020

Great course indeed, it tackles the true spirit of image-making. Personally, I have reached new heights in design thanks to this course and the clear explanation of the teacher.

par Bhavna S

22 mai 2017

My most toughest course so far. But it was such fun creating design by my hands. My design perspective truly has expanded and I am more appreciative of what I have accomplished.

par Sanda L

15 juil. 2016

One of the most enjoyable courses for me. It was really fun to do all the assignments and to practice different ways to express myself. A very very nice way to lear. Thank you!

par Darlene H

10 sept. 2020

Great course. It really made me focus in on composition and how the slightest movement of elements can give your layouts a whole new dialogue. Thank you so much! --Darlene

par Pratik R K

27 juil. 2020

It is a great course for beginners who are seeking to learn more about the image making strategies and also for people interested to pursue a career in graphic designing.

par Assel N

13 août 2016

This course gave me so much confidence not only in creating images and experimenting, but in writing too. I started to think out of the box and became more productive!

par Josh K

2 mars 2022

I learned A LOT from this course. Additionally to creating images, i learned how to use different softwears and be more creative ^0^. Thanks for the wonderful course!


15 avr. 2020

This course is amazing because you learn how to compose and adjusted your art with many techniques. The teacher explain very well the course and what we can do.

par Ronald K

9 oct. 2017

Very interesting assignments and a more hands-on approach than the first 2 courses in this Graphic Design specialization. Really enjoy it and I recommend it! =D

par Alexandra S

25 mai 2020

I loved this course. So far is my favourite of the Graphic Design Specialization. Even if it is an online course it really is a hands on course, since day 1!!!

par Micki J M

8 sept. 2021

I really enjoyed the course. It pushed me to think "outside the box" as to how and what can be used to create images. Thanks you for teaching this course!!

par Orpaz H

19 juin 2021

Really enjoyed this course! this is the part you can create and experiment techniques and materials, I got a lot of insipration and motivation on this course

par Clayton T

1 juin 2021

This course really dives into the styles, techniques, and necessary fundamentals to create images and really think about their relationship with each other.

par Amanda V

4 mai 2020

I learned a lot and the instructions were clear. It is getting harder, but that is to be expected of any course. Thanks for making this fun and educational.

par Sakshi J

2 juil. 2018

I really enjoyed working in this course. It is action oriented and demanding. The instructions were precise and clear, and the results led to new learnings.

par Justin W S

11 juil. 2021

This course was excellent to learn all about different images, together with a book that has to be learned through a lot of lessons that may come up with.