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This course for serious makers, and for students new to imagemaking. Imagemaking is a fluid and exciting area of graphic design that comes out of practice and process: experimenting fearlessly, showing and sharing ideas, and giving and receiving knowledgeable and constructive input. For the sake of this online platform, we have applied some structure to our investigations, but for the most part imagemaking is loose and unstructured. If we must adopt a rule in this course it is only this: you will not become a graphic designer by watching videos alone. Or, don't just make stuff just in your head. So here, the focus here is on making, and you are expected to devote serious time and intellectual energy to that activity in this course. Specifically, you will: - experiment with a range of materials and techniques to make images for graphic design - expand your visual vocabulary both in terms of making and talking about work, in order to discuss your work and work of others - learn how to make, manipulate and arrange images to create compositions, eventually culminating in the design and production of an-image-based book. The first half of the course is an opportunity to experiment and explore imagemaking in order to expand your visual vocabulary. You will create pieces that are expressive, meditative, or 'design-y' to instigate, evoke, experiment, record, explain, or try out a media. In the second two weeks, we’ll invite the images to deliberately and intentionally carry meaning and communication through relational moves like juxtaposition, composition, and context. We’ll look at developing and expanding the range of approaches for putting things together by composing page spreads with your images. Since nothing exists without context, we look at how to intentionally drive the image’s connotations, meanings, and associations generated through elements of composition and “visual contrasts.” Ultimately, we will take the images that you create and make a book from them. The results of your assignments (and experiments) may generate something completely unknowable now or in the future—and that's the goal....

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8 oct. 2017

I'm so happy i did this course. Gail, you're amazing and you made my imagination go wild with just your words. I can see you love your craft and that's very inspiring. Enjoyed this course all the way!


18 août 2018

This is more challenging that it seems. It forces you to think creatively and critically with a seemingly simple subject. I recommend this course for anyone who wants to work with their hands a bit

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par Grasshopper

4 août 2020

The course materials were very nicely designed and inspiring. It feels like a resource that I would like to return to in months and years to come - for reminders of the concepts and relevant work in the field. I appreciated that the videos showed us objects and processes (rather than simply the professor's talking head).

par adafafsdfcA a e

7 oct. 2020

I agree that this course doesn't fit to online platforms. But I think that this course is needed to complete a specialization because this course offers various chances to practice imagemaking. I've done pretty lots of things and experiments to finish this course which I wouldn't have done if I hadn't taken this course

par oksana k

1 mai 2022

T​he course is very usefull and practical. I learned a lot about composition, various imagemaking techniques and I feel confident now to experiment and try more in my illustrations. I am planning to do all the courses from Graphic Design Specialization. Thank you very much for the course and giving me access to it.

par designeraj

14 déc. 2021

Absolutely loved this course. It was a great experience. The speakers were good designers who shared their vision from beginning to end. I do it just for a few weeks, and I am happy to receive my certificate. I will recommend who wants to learn Graphic Designer to once get into this course. Thank you, Calarts!


29 sept. 2020

Amazing course!! The lessons are informative and once again they encourage you to learn by by doing it in form of assignments and of many things that I learnt I also learnt how to tell a story without words and create art that stands out from everything else!! 100% recommend this and the entire specialization!

par Zubair M

15 févr. 2021

In the start, the course seemed too open ended and wide to provide a sense of direction and understanding of how to approach it. However, this course put me out of my comfort zone and forced experimentation and creation of meaningful compositions using simple ideas.

par Julius M

1 nov. 2020

One of the most tedious course I encountered in this specialization, but the experience and knowledge that you will get from this course will really change the way that you look at images and their relationships with one another through visual hierarchy.

par Marco P

20 avr. 2022

“It was a great experience, clear and objective courses, an instructor with a great knowledge of the subject and great didactics. Very good!" I will take, the course was great, very important content and activities.”. Thank You All!

par Aishwarya.R

7 avr. 2021

I was so excited to do this course and especially the assignments were so interesting and loved it and each process I went through was so nice and I liked it very much. so after this course, I'm going to make more narrative books

par Ahmed M A

13 avr. 2018

Very interesting course, it helped me to learn thinking visually, there is many concepts we should know it in designs.

Assignments very interesting you can do it with your hands or by computer it help you to get more experience.

par Logan M

6 juil. 2020

The professors were very professional and the course was very well detailed and executed perfectly.

I am a huge advocate for Coursera and recommend this course and programs to anyone looking to add to their resume and knowledge.

par Trang P

17 mai 2016

I really enjoyed the assignments! Her videos were different from the other two courses in the Specialization, and I enjoyed that! I loved that I could see her process so that I could attempt on my own. Highly recommended class!

par Suzanne A V

8 nov. 2020

This course has given me an appreciation and depth of understanding for the varied ways of image making. I found this course to be the most challenging for me, but the lecturers made the topic easy to understand and digest.

par Giovanni F

7 mars 2017

Exellent lectures and assignments. You will learn about how to compose page spreads for illustrated books by composing two or more images, experimenting with shapes, colors, sizes, negative space, foreground vs background.

par Bonnie K

30 sept. 2021

I learned a lot in this course. The teacher is fantastic and I just really enjoyed doing all of the assignments. I looked forward to it after work and am very happy both professionally and personally with the experience.

par Pratima P

19 avr. 2021

Course contents are good for learning image making ,real efforts required to complete the course ,well structured course ,thank you for all the Mentors and guides for the course and peers too for grading . Thank you all

par Abhilash

24 déc. 2016

Image making is the focus of this course.If you love making images you will love this.Not much theory but all the more making.Assignments needs a bit more time and thought than the other courses in the specialization.

par Lujaïn D

27 mai 2016

I loved LOVED this course and really enjoyed it. though I didn't see the last feedback from other students on my final project (Bookishness) and it is locked now... However, It is an amazing course and very useful!

par resta a

22 févr. 2021

I got a lot of skills from this course, assessing works of art observing every little thing from a work of art, learning the composition of space, scale, figure / ground to practicing it into a digital book

par Abdullah A R S

30 août 2021

Very useful course. Puts you to practice just like as an artist. I learned a lot and feel encouraged to continue. I can see you love your craft and that's very inspiring. Enjoyed this course all the way!

par Georgina P

28 nov. 2016

Graphic degsing is about relation between images and the spece where they are. I think this course is a grate conector which explains the main conexions and relationships of the components of an image.

par David E B P

17 févr. 2017

Useful and playful. I like the idea of having from the computer the inspiration to take paper and draw, and create things :)I would add some extra links or inspirational videos to enrich the experience

par Nina B

8 juil. 2016

I am running out of words to describe how much I loved taking this class and those in conjunction with it. I'll be a little sad when it's over and I'm taking the last course. There is a true connection

par Estrella C S

24 juin 2017

Me ha encantado hacer este curso. Ayuda mucho a comprender mejor la utilización y la composición de imágenes. Me ha sido muy practico y de un gran valor para mis propias creaciones . Muchas gracias.

par F A

26 sept. 2018

I recommend this course to all future designers, art lovers and also for more experienced people to step a bit outside the box and have the freedom to take mistakes and take new perspectives.