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There are endless possibilities for you in the field of information technology, and we want to make sure you get started in the right place. IBM is collaborating with MyInnerGenius, one of the world’s leading assessment companies, to help you determine the job roles you will love -- careers that are a great match for you – even if you’ve never considered a role in IT. This program includes assessments in areas such as proofing, reading, basic math and problem-solving -- as well as personality traits -- to help you find job roles that fit your natural skills, abilities and personality. There is no studying involved here: Regardless of your education or background, these assessments will help you find a role where you have the best chance to be successful and advance in your career. After you take the assessments, we will provide you with a list of roles and training paths that are a great fit for you. Imagine having a personal career coach that would be able to do that? And this service is entirely free to you. In addition, you have the chance to earn IBM Digital Badges that will connect you with job opportunities. IBM Digital Badges display real-time job listings which match your skills. You can search by location, salary and company and even apply directly for a job right from within your search. And you can opt in to IBM’s Talent Match service. Talent Match is an IBM program which allows employers to find you and make a connection. All of this is completely free and entirely confidential. You control your data and you can share it if you would like. * NOTE: Before you begin, we recommend you find a location where you will not be distracted or interrupted. The entire assessment takes about an hour, so give yourself plenty of time so you do not feel rushed. This is your time to discover the many possibilities that await you....

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5 nov. 2019

This was so easy to use! The information provided when completed was very useful and provided insight of my skills and potential career opportunities.

2 août 2019

thank you so much, I was looking for such good assessment.

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par Viktor A

1 août 2019

I spent an hour or more on this test and the system didn't find any career paths for me.

par Angela M

11 oct. 2019

The IBM IT Assessment did provide a list of my skills, abilities, and personality traits. But, I did not receive any career matches in the IT field. I scored above the minimum score in all of the categories except one. I wanted to gain clarity on which role in IT fits me (ex. web developer, web designer, tech support, etc.). Unfortunately, I am still unsure about what career path in tech I should explore.

par Matthew F

8 janv. 2020

Some useful keywords in the report but Im concerned there are "no career paths" available at the end, plus the link to the IBM learning results in a 404 error. Not a great use of my time to take this course, overall.

par Antonet A

28 mars 2020

Doesn't even show my results on the skills tests (there is a skills/IQ-type and attitudes-to-work part to this test). Just a green bar but not even a % or a numerical correct/incorrect score.

On the results page, I don't see which careers in IT would according to the test be less right for me. At least I would like to see an overview of all career areas or roles within IT, and how my score matches with each of these areas. So overall it's quite simplistic, and for the amount of time this test takes, results should be WAY more insightful.

Conclusion: hasn't been worth my time.

par Mihail B

22 mars 2020

This is definitely not an assessment to identify a right career, but hidden way to abuse learners of Coursera to help fine tune the AI algorithms. If the goal is to find support to improve AI capabilities just come forward as is and then use the power of crowdsourcing in a transparent way.

par Daniel C B

29 janv. 2020

The course is broken... it never ends and it is not possible to complete it.

par Deborah W

6 nov. 2019

This was so easy to use! The information provided when completed was very useful and provided insight of my skills and potential career opportunities.

par Helen

28 juil. 2019

It's just an introduction of a career assessment tool.

par Sarah G

18 juin 2020

At least I am not the only one to sink time into this only to find out that there are NO ROLES for me in the VAST AND RAPIDLY EXPANDING field of IT.

(I also scored above the minimum on all assessments and often scored well above)

par Beth V

13 mai 2020

There is no course material and no one responds to questions in the discussion forum. The validity and reliability of the IBM assessment are highly questionable.

par Cruz A V B

21 avr. 2020

Is there any problem (bug) within this course? I don´t know why I can´t continue the course, I can see the next steps

par Rodrigo F G

28 août 2019

Great course for those looking to start an IT carrer

par Pedro M

10 août 2020

No career path provided at the end of the exam. Waste of my time. It feels like they are just trying to collect your data.

par Keisha D

21 nov. 2020

I found this course very helpful and informative. Very easy to understand and navigate. After this course, I felt empowered to continue furthering my skills through the resources that were provided after my assessment.

par Ammar S

3 août 2019

thank you so much, I was looking for such good assessment.

par JC N

19 nov. 2019

Excellent description and assessments.

par Bracil C

23 mars 2021

It is really great

par Isaac H

3 sept. 2019

Excellent course!

par kimberly m

4 déc. 2020

Always good to test yourself and take a pulse on your situation. This gives some interesting food for thought in terms of thinking about your career/job choices.

Of course, this assessment isn't a crystal ball giving you magical direction in life, but I enjoyed getting some feedback.

par evren y

4 févr. 2021

It was an interesting short course, but the questionnaire link was very slow. I lost at least three-four seconds between each question.


27 août 2019

I took the course, even though it has no career recommendation for me after taking the assessment.

Overall, it was ok


18 sept. 2020

It is useful to develop the skills and I have completed the course ,pls mark it as completed..

par Deleted A

21 avr. 2020

It was ok. I expected more out of it. I don't have regrets in doing it though.

par Edwin D

31 juil. 2020

I liked the results, the course was easy enough to complete.

par Mary H R T

14 déc. 2020

It wasn't helpful and didn't reveal anything new. It was just a lengthy assessment which can be available online. I was expecting something more detailed, practical and useful. It wasn't the best use of my time.