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Thanks to a growing number of software programs, it seems as if anyone can make a webpage. But what if you actually want to understand how the page was created? There are great textbooks and online resources for learning web design, but most of those resources require some background knowledge. This course is designed to help the novice who wants to gain confidence and knowledge. We will explore the theory (what actually happens when you click on a link on a webpage?), the practical (what do I need to know to make my own page?), and the overlooked (I have a page, what do I do now?). Throughout the course there will be a strong emphasis on adhering to syntactic standards for validation and semantic standards to promote wide accessibility for users with disabilities. The textbook we use is available online, “The Missing Link: An Introduction to Web Development and Programming” by Michael Mendez from This course will appeal to a wide variety of people, but specifically those who would like a step-by-step description of the basics. There are no prerequisites for this course and it is assumed that students have no prior programming skills or IT experience. The course will culminate in a small final project that will require the completion of a very simple page with links and images. The focus of this course is on the basics, not appearance. You can see a sample final page at This is the first course in the Web Design For Everybody specialization. Subsequent courses focus on the marketable skills of styling the page with CSS3, adding interactivity with JavaScript and enhancing the styling with responsive design. You can see a sample site for the capstone course at

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25 sept. 2020

good session, the tutor has a good dynamic of speech, clear and easy to understand without falling asleep during my course, and appropriate knowledge of HTML, step to apply to the useful tools. thanks


28 août 2020

This course has really alot of things to learn along with code and the most important that we miss usually is accecabilty well done mam Thank you for porviding apportunity for us to learn what is best

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par Rejohn R A C

20 déc. 2018

I thought HTML was about just writing working code. I was wrong. HTML is all about writing semantically working code.

par Abdullah K

26 nov. 2018

it's really was from scratch.. very useful course

par C J A

12 mai 2020

Not as expected. Not so disappointed, but at the same time, not satisfied.

I joined this course mainly because of two things :

1. Course description said it focused on beginners

2. Prof. Charles (Chuck) was one of the instructors

As I progressed, I realised that both above things were not as specified.

Yaa, it has beginner concepts, but all topics are just rushed in a hurry always telling us to try ourselves.

Really disappointed as Chuck wasn't taking this course, I came here mainly to experience his lectures.

Also as the course was offered by Michigan University, I blindly dived in. Prior to this, I have taken 3 courses offered by Michigan University, out of which 2 were taken by Chuck. I was satisfied in those 3 courses and extremely satisfied on 2 of them taken by Chuck.

Here, the main drawback I noticed is that the focus shifts away from Html5 basics to accessibility sort of topics, which was a bit weird. Also the graded quiz was poor, like they wanted us to have knowledge from nowhere. Completion of course depended on the final project, which is absolutely fine. But it's grading is completely depends on peer review, which is also kind of weird. Anyways, I wont be continuing on with this specialisation. Sorry, no offense.

par Hudeyfa M Y

14 déc. 2018

Well organized, good/clean/detail course.

par Rob G

20 oct. 2016

I signed up to learn how to write good code, but I don't feel like I learned much. I passed the exam by writing an HTML document that was syntactically and semantically correct, but I don't know why it was more correct than what I've been doing on my own and cannot be sure I'll will write better code in the future as a result. I did learn a lot about the internet in general though. I feel like I would have learned more and paid less money taking a course somewhere else or buying a book.

par Ritik S P

6 sept. 2021

I really enjoyed everything about this course. I thought the exercises/quizzes were fair and the instructor showed me many things that will serve me well going forward. Great course, great instructor!

par Noor R T

16 déc. 2018

Thank you to the outstanding trainer for this wonderful course. Thank you to the staff of the Coursera platform and the scholarship staff. It was a very useful course

par Susan R

3 mai 2016

The caliber of questions in the quizzes is quite advanced. I would be fine with that, as the challenge of writing correct html5 is a good challenge. However much of these questions were not covered in the lectures or the required and optional reading. Learning the correct html tag syntax is not intuitive--one has to be shown examples. If no examples have been covered, how can a quiz-taker be expected to create the proper tags? This strikes me as bad pedagogy.

In order to answer the questions and prepare the requested page of html tags, it became necessary for a beginner such as me to research elsewhere in order to answer the questions. In that case, I began wondering why I was taking this course, rather than just reviewing the many free html5 explanations on the Internet.

Further the very general response to the submitted page of html gives me no help when I am simply told something isn't right and I should review the lessons--again. I expected better feedback.

I found this course to be fascinating from the lecture point of view, but "abusive" in terms of quiz expectations. I was going to take the CSS3 course from the series, but now I plan on looking for this education elsewhere.

par Barbara B

18 nov. 2018

I've taken numerous HTML courses through the Internet. They were all free, so I can't complain, but I have to say that I learned so much more from this course. For example, I finally mastered the difference between coding the image (img) and link (href) tags - something I've been struggling with for a long time. I couldn't write either tag on my own; I had to copy and paste from someplace else and then tweak it to fit. I now can write it on my own because I understand the parts - something that wasn't clear before. Colleen makes the basics very clear in a way that you can really understand. I am so grateful for this class and so excited to code! I feel much more confident about my HTML skills, and that's a great feeling!! Thank you!!

par Praphat C

26 sept. 2020

good session, the tutor has a good dynamic of speech, clear and easy to understand without falling asleep during my course, and appropriate knowledge of HTML, step to apply to the useful tools. thanks

par Waqar A

19 déc. 2018

good explanation

par Daniel

29 nov. 2021

Great beginner course into HTML and lessons are clearly structured. Maybe a bit slow if you have been exposed to some form of coding before but if you are totally new to coding then this is a good course to start with.

par S K K

16 déc. 2018

Would be better if included more live examples

par Ritu R R

20 déc. 2018

it is very helpful course for beginners

par Deleted A

27 févr. 2016

Poorly executed. Lost my interest very quickly. I thought that this course was going to be as enjoyable as Dr. Chuck's Python for Everyone given that both instructors are from the same institution, and both courses belong to similarly named specializations, that is "...For Everyone", but I ended up disappointed. My suggestion for the instructor: redo your lecture slides or point out to all of the errors in the slides. It is not acceptable for you to just say that they contain errors and not point out where all of the errors in the slides are. You only pointed out to one error in the slides by the way. Also, I personally believe that it would have been much more interesting if you had not read off a screen for your lectures; try speaking off the top of your head.

par Ann B

4 oct. 2015

The instructor might be a good web developer, but neither she nor anyone else on her team know how to write a parser. Unfortunately, that is exactly what they attempted to do for grading Final Projects.

Unless you are ready to suffer through several hours of tearing your hair out because their parser does not accept perfectly written code, don't take this course. The only thing you'll learn through the experience is that some people should stay as far away from writing autograders as the planet would allow them.

Additionally, the information presented in this course is available in several better structured and presented versions both on Coursera and other MOOC platforms. So you don't need this course in particular in order to learn the material.

par Superfluous A

29 août 2020

This course claims that beginners can enroll. However, this "teacher" already lost me. She seems to assume that folks know what she is talking about ,when it comes to changing/editing code. I certainly do not.

But...considering how the courses is taking off, I m grateful that I decided to drop it. It is a waste of time, for me. I have no ideas what this woman is doing and nothing she does matches what I am trying to do on my own.

So...I don't recommend this course for those who really are beginners and will wonder how this "teacher" jumps from point, to point, with no bridge.

WASTE...of fucking time, if you ask me.

par Monika M

5 oct. 2015

I would have rated this course with 5 stars if it wasn't for the Autograder that marked the final assignment, which made that I didn't even get to pass the course, although, according to me and everyone I had contact with regarding this course, my code was correct! Everything else was very well done, and I congratulate Ms. van Lent on her course. I will be going on to the next course in this specialization, because all the autograders for the rest of it has been removed. Thank goodness!

par Shawn C

29 mars 2021

This course has dumb exams. Ex. a question asked what a LAN was? I typed local area network and it says I'm wrong. Take away "fill in" questions if you can't make a program smart enough to read the answer.

par MD. Z I

20 juin 2020


par Pranay N P

16 mai 2020

well i had to learn more about html 5 from Griaffe Academy

par Avsrmol V

4 juil. 2020

sab nhi batete baki sab bha se sikna padta h

par Jatin R

5 déc. 2018

No practice with coding, just videos

par Souha N

26 déc. 2015

I expected more coding examples.

par Yusuf T

20 mars 2020

Too basic, very little content.