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Do you realize that the only functionality of a web application that the user directly interacts with is through the web page? Implement it poorly and, to the user, the server-side becomes irrelevant! Today’s user expects a lot out of the web page: it has to load fast, expose the desired service, and be comfortable to view on all devices: from a desktop computers to tablets and mobile phones. In this course, we will learn the basic tools that every web page coder needs to know. We will start from the ground up by learning how to implement modern web pages with HTML and CSS. We will then advance to learning how to code our pages such that its components rearrange and resize themselves automatically based on the size of the user’s screen. You’ll be able to code up a web page that will be just as useful on a mobile phone as on a desktop computer. No “pinch and zoom” required! Last but certainly not least, we will get a thorough introduction to the most ubiquitous, popular, and incredibly powerful language of the web: Javascript. Using Javascript, you will be able to build a fully functional web application that utilizes Ajax to expose server-side functionality and data to the end user....

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10 juin 2020

Actually the best online course i hv ever learnt,especially the professor yaakov is quiet outstanding.And a field trip in a online course sounds rare and good!!Thank You Coursera and yakkov for this!!


20 mars 2022

This course was short but very informative and very helpful for an aspiring leader like myself. It also helped me understand how to view or understand when I receive feedback. I highly recommend it!!

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par Narottam M

5 avr. 2022


par KristEvans

1 mars 2022



17 janv. 2022


par JUAN D R T

12 nov. 2021



16 sept. 2021


18 août 2021


par Khaleel S

27 mars 2022

This course was really great and I have learned so many things that will help me in my career and thanks for this fantastic course, but there are things that I would like to improve such that I dont like the way that some modules follow in which you need to copy and paste code then execute it I prefer the code to be written from the beginning so it doesn't get lost in a bunch of functions and code that you copied and you don't understand how it was written and why it was written and you just understand how it works and what happens when you implement it and that doesn't enhance the concept of programming and the right way to write code.

par Чередниченко Ю В

1 juin 2022

Очень хороший курс.

Освещает основные моменты на которые стоит обратить внимание. Хорошо раскрыты некоторые аспекты, которые упоминаются в литературе, но на их не обращаешь внимание пока не столкнёшся и понимаешь, что всё немного не так. Этот курс помогает понять такие ньюансы.

Так почему же я не поставил ему 5 звёзд? Всё просто - актуальность. Курс всё ещё остаётся актуальным, но многие вещи устарели и приходится иногда поломать голову как выполнить показанное в курсе на более новых версиях используемых инструметов.

Но это очень хороший курс, и я всё же могу его уверенно порекомендовать.

par Linus R

1 avr. 2021

Very good and detailed explanations in the html css part. I liked the quizzes, videos and practical execises a lot. Javascript in Week 4 and 5 was a harder topic and the amoung of knowledge per time increased suddely a lot too. The quizzes were still managable, but not satisfing learning in second half. I will go back to those videos in time but i couldn´t keep up there. Trail and errored the last 2 weeks with lots of pain.

But all in all good first online learning expierience!

Wondering if the technologies are becomeing outdated somewhat.

par Corgi T

25 juil. 2021

This is a crash course in 3 different languages that all work together. It was harder than I anticipated not having known any of these languages. There are plenty of supplemental resources given to you that go beyond the scope of the class, but if you are like me, it was a bit over my head. I wish that there were more practice coding assignments along the way--particularly in the JS portion of this course. If you have never coded prior to this course, I recommend taking a fundamentals course before this one because you will struggle.

par Chelsea P

10 août 2021

This is a great course overall! The first four modules were well-laid out and explained. My only reason for giving it four stars instead of five is because I thought the last module was way too hard to follow. I got to the final assignment and didn't have the slightest clue on how to even begin even though I watched all the lectures. I think Yaakov tried to cover too much in the final module. Besides that, I learned a lot and feel so much more confident in my web development skills.

par Andrew C

11 mai 2016

A good course for beginners, consisting mainly of following along as the instructor demonstrates code. The assignments are short and largely restricted to modifying supplied code. This is a necessary restriction of the peer-review grading process: the problem must be highly constrained in order for an untrained person to quickly grade it. You could certainly learn a lot by completing extra examples from a book or other resources, but this is not required to pass the course.

par Jean L N

5 oct. 2016

A good course! I really had fun with this course. Mr. Chaikin is an excellent speaker and his course is clear, well organized and the videos are of excellent quality. This course could be further extended because the field is very wide. The only downside of this course is that I asked a single question to Mr. Chaikin and this is one of those Mentor who sent me wandering perhaps because he did not know the answer...

I look forward to another course of Mr. Chaikin !

par Mona G

3 juin 2020

The course content was truly amazing! I enjoyed it a lot. There were many new concepts that I learned, which I think are very necessary to strengthen the basics. Altogether, I would like to thank the professor and his team for such a wonderful course. I would just like to point out that if there could be a conversation possible between the peers who grade the assignment and the peers who are graded, it will be more beneficial. Thanks a lot once again!

par Santiago M G

10 juin 2020

The fundamentals seen on this course are fantastic, and Mr. Chaikin is a great instructor. However, I feel like some of the modules are a little outdated (not so bad for Week 3, but Week 5 can be improved) and the last week feels a little rushed. Despite all that, I absolutely recommend this course if you wanna learn the core elements the right way, and if you are open to look things up and learn on your own, as things have changed a little.

par Vivek P

25 mars 2020

Course was very good and content was to the point. Only thing that lacked in this whole coursera was its upload time. Course was outdated, hence problems were faced during course, still, whats the point to reach destination without any hurdles and challenges. After all, a great learning experience and I am looking forward to enroll in more specialization courses offered by coursera.

-Sincerely Thank you to Yaakov Sir, and Coursera platform

par Shrinath B

30 juil. 2016

The HTML/CSS part of this lecture are really amazing (5 star I would say). I felt that the JS parts were a bit rushed through and probably needed a separate course. I am also working on the side (as a backend engineer) and got the chance to apply whatever I learnt and not rely on our front-end engineer so it was great. Thanks for the course leader and the course providers for my first step towards becoming a full-stack engineer!

par Ivanna A C

28 juin 2020

I recommend this course for people who want to start their studies as web developers. HTML and CSS are very comprehensive courses and JavaScript is a little bit harder if you're a beginner in this.

The teacher has a really good explanations and he stimulates all the time to keep going.

The meeting between the teacher and the client to implement a web page for a restaurant is very interesting and makes more real the job.

par Nick F

28 juin 2016

Great course, covers a lot of areas. Things do get quite advances, particlarly later on in the Javascript modules so you might have to watch it a few times. Yakoov does a great deal of explanation in order for you to understanding, but somethings might not sink in straight away. The assignments are a great way to troubleshoot issues and their is great support on the discussions fourm. Would recommend. Thank you!

par Jawahar .

18 mai 2021

Actually the mentor of this course is perfect and made the concepts of html, CSS so clear I have created website :o , but in JS I can't understand quite a things , may be because of I'm not a computer student , I really can't understand , but I'm going to take the next course which is Single page Web Application with AngularJs. I might understand the JS . THANKYOU FOR THIS WONDERFULL COURSE : )

par María F F

23 févr. 2021

The course is pretty good. The teacher is an excellent explainer and make it pleasent. I cannot give five starts because the last week is completely NOT for begginers, I don't think I have learn much about javascript. I have been working on a website parallel to the course and I don't think I can apply anything learned here because it was too much, too many things and too overlooked

par Esteban J B

9 mai 2019

It's a very nice course.

Didn't put the five stars because its time to put up to date some content, it would like to see the last version of bootstrap instead of the the 3.x, and the last notation and changes on ES6, specially for the http request parts, as promises are already supported.

But for a person that is new to this kind of knowledge, this course is a big deal¡¡ congrats

par Steve S

15 avr. 2022

The course is good, but a little but outdated (material from 2016). The instructor is very clear and makes it easy to understand, although a bit too self promoting imho (in the form of his personal website, facebook page, linkedin, etc).

I would say that if you are a beginner, take this course. If you know HTML, CSS and JavaScript, you'll gain only a bit of new info.

par Pride F

1 avr. 2017

As an Iraqi student I have to give huge thanks Yaakov Chainkin. He is enthusiastic and explains the materials very good. I hoped to know more about navigation bars, anything else was amazing. Also, I think the organization needed some sort of simplification. I really hope if this professor can teach in our American university.

Thank you professor Yaakov Chainkin.

par Marc D

22 nov. 2020

By all means, this course is extremely magnificent.

I just rated it a 4 star over five, because it needs an update since it is published in 2015 (the content is still really educational). I think Professor Yaakov should do an update for this awesome 6 weeks course.

But by all means, it is truly beneficial!

Great job #coursera

Magnificent job Professor Yaakov