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Recommandé : 6 weeks of study, 1-2 hours per week...

Chinois (simplifié)

Sous-titres : Chinois (simplifié), Anglais, Espagnol

100 % en ligne

Commencez dès maintenant et apprenez aux horaires qui vous conviennent.

Dates limites flexibles

Réinitialisez les dates limites selon votre disponibilité.

Niveau intermédiaire

Approx. 22 heures pour terminer

Recommandé : 6 weeks of study, 1-2 hours per week...

Chinois (simplifié)

Sous-titres : Chinois (simplifié), Anglais, Espagnol

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人事与聘雇的决策 Staffing and Hiring Decisions

在本单元中,你将观察伊丽莎白如何建立她的团队的始末。你将观察她在各种情况下沟通的方法,分析她和团队的互动,从她选择的语言,无论是直接或间接的请求,你将学到更好沟通方式。经由讨论板和同侪之间评论的作业,你将综合优化你新学得的沟通技巧,并且运用在实际生活中的交谈以及活动。 In this module, you’ll follow Elizabeth through the process of building her team. You’ll look at the way she communicates depending on the situation. From this observation, you’ll be better equipped to make requests using direct and indirect approaches. by analyzing her interactions with her team, her language choices, and the communication patterns she follows. Through the discussion boards and peer reviewed assignment you will synthesize your new skills in real life conversations and activities.

7 vidéos (Total 43 min), 4 lectures, 8 quiz
7 vidéos
1.1我马上召集我的团队 I'll have to build my team right away2 min
1.3 Direct and Indirect Approaches8 min
1.5 More on the Indirect Approach7 min
1.8 Summarizing Basics5 min
1.12 Making Direct and Indirect Requests7 min
1.14 Week 1 Review9 min
4 lectures
1.2 Vocabulary Preview: Staffing and Hiring10 min
1.6 Example: An Indirect Message10 min
1.10 "Hire Smarter, Work Better"10 min
1.15 Quizlet Vocabulary Practice: Staffing and Hiring10 min
6 exercices pour s'entraîner
1.4 Direct and Indirect Approaches10 min
1.7 The Indirect Approach16 min
1.9 Summarizing Basics6 min
1.11 Hire Smarter, Work Better Summary4 min
1.13 Making Direct and Indirect Requests10 min
1.16 Week 1 Test30 min
5 heures pour terminer

商务会议管理 Meeting Management

高效率的商务会议需要有规划、领导力与语言能力。如果缺乏这些技能,会议可能会流于无聊或缺乏生产力。虽然本单元涵盖商务会议管理的主题,但是一定不会无聊,因为我们有伊丽莎白和她的团队引导我们学习的过程。在本单元,你将观察伊丽莎白和她的团队并向他们学习。在学会商务会议管理后,你将能够规划及主持有效率的会议,重点总结会议议程的项目,然而开始发展出更好的沟通与表达的对策。 Effective business meetings require planning, leadership, and language skills and without these skills, meetings can be unproductive or even boring. Although this module covers topics related to meeting management, it’s definitely not boring because we we have Elizabeth and her team to guide us through the learning process. In this module, you’ll watch and learn from Elizabeth and her team. After completing Meeting Management, you’ll be able to plan and facilitate an effective meeting; summarize key points of an agenda item; and begin to develop strategies to help you to be better understood.

6 vidéos (Total 41 min), 6 lectures, 7 quiz
6 vidéos
2.3 Effective Meeting Practices8 min
2.6 Conference Calling4 min
2.8 Future Tense Contractions5 min
2.12 Writing Effective Summaries7 min
2.14 Week 2 Review9 min
6 lectures
2.2 Vocabulary Preview: Meeting Management10 min
2.4 Example: Agenda10 min
2.10 The Future of Meetings10 min
2.15 Quizlet Vocabulary Practice: Meeting Management10 min
"A Conference Call in Real Life" - satire10 min
Global Meeting Planner10 min
6 exercices pour s'entraîner
2.5 Effective Meeting Practices18 min
2.7 Conference Calling Strategies6 min
2.9 Future Tense Contractions8 min
2.11 Future of Meetings2 min
2.13 Writing Effective Summaries8 min
2.16 Week 2 Test30 min
5 heures pour terminer

领导与团队合作 Leading and Teaming

有自信地打断部署,请求澄清并且得到你要的答案,拥有发言权并保持住发言权。这些都是你在领导与团队合作中所能学得与应用的技能。 Interrupt with confidence, ask for clarification and get the answer you want; hold the floor and keep it: these are some of the skills you’ll learn and apply in Leading and Teaming.

6 vidéos (Total 38 min), 7 lectures, 6 quiz
6 vidéos
3.3 Handling Interruptions8 min
3.5 Conference Calling Tips for the Non-Native Speaker3 min
3.7 Phrases to interrupt/Hold the floor5 min
3.11 Infinitives and Gerunds8 min
3.13 Week 3 Review6 min
7 lectures
3.2 Vocabulary Preview: Leading and Teaming10 min
3.4 Amy Cuddy's TED Talk on "Power Posing"10 min
3.9 Even More Phrases for Interruption and Clarification10 min
3.14 Quizlet Vocabulary Practice: Leading and Teaming10 min
The Lewis Model of Cultural Norms10 min
Hofstede's Cultural Comparison Tool10 min
Directions for Submitting Video/Audio10 min
5 exercices pour s'entraîner
3.6 Communication Lesson Review14 min
3.8 Phrases to interrupt/Ask for clarification6 min
3.10 More Phrases for Interruption and Clarification4 min
3.12 Infinitives and Gerunds8 min
3.15 Week 3 Test26 min
5 heures pour terminer

规划、组织与委派 Planning, Organizing, and Delegating

如期维持业务或管理项目需要规划。这规划需要将信息组织成轻便的小套装信息,比如现况报告和电子邮件。因此,在执行规划、组织和委派时会高度专注于现况报告和电子邮件这两种文件所使用的语言。学完本单元之后,你将会运用简明的语言把大篇的重要信息总结成较小的套装文件。 Keeping the business or project running as projected requires planning. This requires information to be organized in convenient packages, like status reports and emails. Planning, Organizing, and Delegating focuses on the language of both. After completing this module, you’ll be able to use concise language to summarize key pieces of information into smaller packages.

7 vidéos (Total 54 min), 5 lectures, 7 quiz
7 vidéos
4.3 Writing Effective Emails9 min
4.5 Communicating Status Reports7 min
4.8 Business Communication/Concise Language8 min
4.12 Reading Numbers13 min
4.14 Week 4 Review: Part 16 min
4.15 Week 4 Review: Part 25 min
5 lectures
4.2 Vocabulary Preview: Planning, Organizing & Delegating10 min
4.6 Example: Status Report10 min
4.10 Business Writing Tips-Changing Nouns to Verbs10 min
4.16 Incomplete Status Report10 min
4.17 Quizlet Vocabulary Practice: Planning, Organizing & Delegating10 min
6 exercices pour s'entraîner
4.4 Writing Effective Emails16 min
4.7 Communicating Status Reports10 min
4.9 Business Communication/Concise Language8 min
4.11 Changing Nouns to Verbs2 min
4.13 Reading Numbers8 min
4.18 Week 4 Test30 min
2 heures pour terminer

管理与指导 Managing and Coaching

当你使用第二语言沟通时,促进员工的成就的管理技能将会更具挑战性。在完成管理与指导单元,你将会注意到积极聆听的重要性,以及使用关键语句以促进指导或辅导的过程。 Facilitating employee success is a management skill that can be even more challenging when communicating in a second language. After completing Managing and Coaching, you’ll be able to recognize the importance of active listening, use key phrases and language to facilitate the coaching and mentoring process.

6 vidéos (Total 39 min), 4 lectures, 6 quiz
6 vidéos
5.3 Coaching and Mentoring6 min
5.5 Effective Teaming8 min
5.8 First Conditionals4 min
5.12 Phrases for Active Listening and Feedback11 min
5.14 Week 5 Review4 min
4 lectures
5.2 Vocabulary Preview: Managing & Coaching10 min
5.6 Tuckman's Phases of Group Development10 min
5.10 Active Listening Skills10 min
5.15 Quizlet Vocabulary Practice: Managing and Coaching10 min
6 exercices pour s'entraîner
5.4 Coaching and Mentoring8 min
5.7 Phases of Group Development10 min
5.9 First Conditionals6 min
5.11 Active Listening Skills2 min
5.13 Phrases for Active Listening and Feedback8 min
5.16 Week 5 Test30 min
3 heures pour terminer

回顾 Review

本单元将会帮助你成功地完成小组讨论 This module will help you to complete the discussion panel successfully.

2 vidéos (Total 9 min), 1 lecture, 2 quiz
2 vidéos
6.2 Review Video 2 Optional Email Peer Review4 min
1 lecture
6.5 Credits10 min
1 exercice pour s'entraîner
6.3 Final Examination26 min
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Principaux examens pour 商务英语课程:管理与领导力英语 Management & Leadership

par MLMar 20th 2018

I've learned the skills which are tell us how to get along with coworks, I was very impressed with teacher Jenny's smile, I strongly recommend this specialization to my friends.

par CCJan 13th 2018

Useful and easy to understand. Clear purpose of each topics.



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À propos de Université d'État de l'Arizona

Arizona State University has developed a new model for the American Research University, creating an institution that is committed to excellence, access and impact. ASU measures itself by those it includes, not by those it excludes. ASU pursues research that contributes to the public good, and ASU assumes major responsibility for the economic, social and cultural vitality of the communities that surround it....

À propos de la Spécialisation 商务英语课程 Business English

本专业化课程可作为商务英语导论,你将学到各项主题沟通,例如管理、财务和营销。你也将会写提案、执行摘要和营销数据。你也会学到所需的语言结构来召开会议、达到销售目标、以及和其他企业交易谈判。在总体计划案,你将用英文来应用这些技能来沟通和发表新产品,并确认商务执行部门使用多样化的语言能力工具,可实际运用在商务情境和各种的实用状况。 This Specialization serves as an introduction to Business English, where you will learn to communicate about topics such as management, finance and marketing. You will also write proposals, executive summaries, and marketing materials. You will also learn the necessary language structures to run a meeting, achieve sales, and negotiate other business transactions. In the Capstone Project, you will apply these skills to communicate and launch a new product in English, making sure that business executives have a variety of linguistic tools with practical applications in business scenarios in a variety of functional areas....
商务英语课程 Business English

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  • This specialization was designed for business professionals and executives with an intermediate level of English. This means you can hold basic conversations in English, you can read, understand, and write simple emails, and you can understand some of what you hear in the English language news.

    More specifically, your linguistic competence can be measured by your scores on the TOEFL iBT or IELTS exams. A minimum score of 4 on the IELTS exam or 31 or higher on the TOEFL iBT exam indicate an intermediate level. (Obtaining official test scores is not necessary to participate in the specialization. These scores serve only as a point of reference for learners.)

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