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How can we shape our urban development towards sustainable and prosperous futures? This course explores sustainable cities as engines for greening the economy. We place cities in the context of sustainable urban transformation and climate change. Sustainable urban transformation refers to structural transformation processes – multi-dimensional and radical change – that can effectively direct urban development towards ambitious sustainability and climate goals. We connect the key trends of urbanization, decarbonisation and sustainability. We examine visions, experiments and innovations in urban areas. And we look at practices (what is happening in cities at present) and opportunities (what are the possibilities for cities going forwards into the future). This course provides key examples of activities to promote sustainable cities in Scandinavia, Europe and around the world. We bring together a collection of diverse short films and key short readings on sustainable cities as well as interactive forums and a practical assignment to create an online learning community. This course is produced by Lund University in cooperation with WWF Cities and ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability. It is available for free to everyone, everywhere!...

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28 sept. 2019

This course has been approached not just for academic purpose but also it is a moral oligation to carry forward what has been taught. I thank the authorities and faculties who have made presentations.

14 mars 2019

Really interesting course. I recommend it for all people who want to now how are cities need to act for sustainable development of our cities, how to prevent earth from fast increasing c02 footprint.

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par Nicole

29 nov. 2016

This class was a GREAT introduction to the world of sustainable cities and taught me a lot about how to work to create climate sustainable cities. I took this course to prep for grad school applications and I feel much more confident now. Especially after the results of the US Election, which will put action on climate change in jeopardy, I think it's important to be as educated as possible about sustainability challenges and how we can meet them without the help of our President.

par Deleted A

29 juil. 2019

I really enjoyed the course. It hepled me to develop the environmental-friendly way of thinking. I think this course is just a completely necessary thing for every architector. By the way, I guess I will connect my life with these theme when I'll get older.

I also liked the way the course is managed. Quizzes made me think a lot but that's why OI remember almost every video and almost every word of the extra reading. Thank you, Lund University, for such an opportunity!

par Satyam J

14 févr. 2017

This course was very helpful as it provided us an exposure to the current environment issues and their relation with our economy.It also recommended us to use the alternatives available and briefly described their advantages.Learning the new things from the economies around the world,their development processes and the present scenario their had been shown and explained gorgeously.Overall it was a nice experience with course era and the LUND UNIVERSITY.....;}

par Dr. P T

26 mai 2020

I thouroughly enjoyed the course. It is well articulated and inspiring too. I truly enjoyed working on the assignment. This inspired me to delve deeper into the urban green initiatives in my city and document everything in detail and see what improvements can be taken up in future in short and long term time span. I would like to work more in this domain and contribute towards making my city as sustainable as possible. Thank you for offering this course.

par Maria M

5 sept. 2020

I really enjoyed this course ,and learn a lot of new things that earlier i don't know . thanks to coursera for providing this opportunity , greening the economy is essential for every country and whatever i have learned from this course i will definitely tried to do in my life and whenever i get the chance to serve my country ill used the method which i have learned from this course greening the economy: sustainable development.

par Francisca G V

17 oct. 2020

It was an amazing course, really opened my way of thinking and way of seeing new innovative solutions to help my city start its way to become a sustainable city. The videos and lectures help a lot to see thongs from a different perspective, while the real life examples just make it possible. I appreciate the course, I believe it changed me a lot, so now I can start helping in the challenges que have in the next years.

par Samyuktha S

17 mai 2021

This was one of the best courses I have ever done on Coursera. It definitely challenged me on a personal and intellectual level. As an urban enthusiast, the course taught me the possibilities that are out there regarding the change we are capable of making.

I sincerely thank all the instructors and everyone who have put their hard work to curate this lovely course. THANK YOU LUND UNIVERSITY AND COURSERA!!!!!!

par 'Lanre F

25 juin 2019

I learnt so much in this course that is not yet in place in my country Nigeria. I took the course just to have an idea of what is happening around the world on this topic. I completed the course in less than a week. Within that one week, I saw in the news that the African Development Bank is leading discussions on sustainability and that Nigeria is involved!

Courses that put you ahead are highly recommended!

par Reenu M S

8 juin 2020

This course is literally my favourite.Im so inspired by the ideas and the initiative Sweden has put forward to and the Lecturers in this course have really motivated and inspired me .Being a Civil Engineer Graduate, Im More interested now in working in this field of science and engineering and want to learn more deeply into the topic so, i too can make a change into making society and cities sustainable.

par Jordyn

25 mai 2020

This course was so interesting - truly in-depth, applicable, and contemporary theory on sustainable development. Great examples of how sustainable urban transformation is being used in cities around the world, and how integrating sustainable development into urban development practice can take place. Highly, highly recommend to anyone interested in the sustainability field or urban development.

par Jeanne P

4 déc. 2020

I loved this course! The films were short and informative with real-world examples of sustainable cities. The supplemental readings to the course material were very helpful. I really liked the positivity of the course, it highlighted attainable solutions for greening. Writing the assignment and reviewing my peers was inspiring. Thank you Profs. McCormick, Bulkeley, Evans & Neij!!

par Boyko D

12 mars 2020

That was my first encounter with sustainability in cities and as well as learning new things, I could understand a framework of studies about sustainability. A lot of great examples helped to visualise the problem along with solutions. I personally liked the Week 2 assignment that made me think a lot and create a kind of case study of my own interest.

Thank you for the course!

par Carlota F

11 oct. 2020

This course gives a good understanding of the importance and the impact that cities have on sustainability.

It is interesting and easy to follow, but I wish it had delved a little deeper into certain topics, because often the information was repeated.

In general, it is good to give some notions and bases for those interested in the topic, so I highly recommend this course :)

par Vanessa J

6 juin 2017

This course is great ! I am very interested in Sustainability and it connects to my professional industry in Architecture, however, I was a bit depressed that maybe not much was happening to change the world. This course has opened my eyes to many worldwide councils, universities and organisations that are trying to make a difference! (no matter what Mr Trump thinks!)

par claudio u

12 nov. 2017

I would like to comment that I found this course very illustrative and that it provides a practical perspective of the initiatives that are being developed to make our urban ecological systems more sustainable and that generate more favorable environments for human development.

Thanks to Coursera for generating these learning spaces and for sharing experiences.

par manar e

14 mars 2020

I have learned a lot in this course because its content not only speaks with specialists or academics but also cares about all human beings and their role to solve many environmental problems associated with the energy caused by our uses and our daily bad habit towards the environment in which we live, so Thank you very much about this important information.

par Kithmini W

12 mars 2020

This course is very good motivation for me to improve my knowledge with the area of sustainable cities as a beginner level student.also the presentations are very clear,easy to understand which is really helpful to complete this successfully. Thank you all who joined this and i suggest this for every student who are interested in sustainable development.

par Valentina H

7 oct. 2020

This is a great course to understand the basics of sustainable cities.

It provides good insights as well on topics that can be for later deep dive.

The teachers are very knowledgeable and the videos and readings were quite easy to digest and friendly to understand.

I was pleased to learn about Urban Green, Naturvation, Urban living labs, and Viable cities.

par Kaushal K P

7 juin 2020

A very insightful course highlighting social, economic, environmental aspects and challenges in our society as whole while studying cases from around the world and the measures taken for the same, and broadening the perspective of the learner to understand the sustainable development goals and its challenges in the context of future sustainable cities.

par Alisha P K

3 mai 2020

It is a fantastic course and I encourage every living citizen of any age group to do it no matter it is related to your career or not. Its an eye opener to me and I will definitely want to contribute my part in some way to make the world a better place to live in. Thank you for the immense information and knowledge from this beautifully crafted course.

par Priti D

18 mai 2020

The course is really insightful. Learned a lot about the new green initiatives and developments happening around the world for making our cities a better place to live in a sustainable way. The course content and constructive assignments make you actually think hard. Indeed a great learning experience and a great online learning platform. Thank you.

par Meheroze A H

23 oct. 2020

It has really been a fantastic ACADEMIC experience about saving the cities & world as well we live in, along with amazing Instructors like Kes Mckormick,Harriet,Neij,James Evans...

Stay Blessed & Safe ever ...all my Teachers,Friends & fellows..

& i finally expect to do such valuable courses like this..

Thanks & the kindest regards.

Meheroze Al Hassan

par Bassel T

28 mai 2020

This course is fantastic, it is very well organized and provide lots of information. Every question is explained thoroughly, with detailed explanations.

I would have wished to see more technicalities, but the course set me on the right track to do my own research and progress. To more sustainable environment, wishing this awareness to everyone.

par Alex N K

10 août 2017

The course has help me understanding the close relationship between economy development and sustainability and further to plan for the future while considering the environment as par integral of cities. The experience from the scandinavian countries were the best part for my conviction to work toward greener cities and economic development.

par brian a

14 août 2019

I enjoyed the ideas shared and the optimism of all involved. Cities are a wonderful opportunity to experiment and disrupt business as usual to promote massive possible ecological change. The course was a bit easy but made for a good flow of ideas and demonstrated several examples of how cities are tackling issues related to global warming.