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This course is the eighth course in the Google Data Analytics Certificate. You’ll have the opportunity to complete an optional case study, which will help prepare you for the data analytics job hunt. Case studies are commonly used by employers to assess analytical skills. For your case study, you’ll choose an analytics-based scenario. You’ll then ask questions, prepare, process, analyze, visualize and act on the data from the scenario. You’ll also learn other useful job hunt skills through videos with common interview questions and responses, helpful materials to build a portfolio online, and more. Current Google data analysts will continue to instruct and provide you with hands-on ways to accomplish common data analyst tasks with the best tools and resources. Learners who complete this certificate program will be equipped to apply for introductory-level jobs as data analysts. No previous experience is necessary. By the end of this course, you will: - Learn the benefits and uses of case studies and portfolios in the job search. - Explore real world job interview scenarios and common interview questions. - Discover how case studies can be a part of the job interview process. - Examine and consider different case study scenarios. - Have the chance to complete your own case study for your portfolio....

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1 sept. 2021

Its the best course i have taken so far on Coursera, It come with some of the best resource and practical knowledge. I will recommend this Professional certificate program to any one.

21 janv. 2022

This has been the most important course amongst all the courses I have ever done. Detailed well explained fantastically structured course. Thank you coursera, Thank you google.

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par Oluwadamilare O

16 mai 2021

Very proud to have joined the program really helpful


17 juil. 2021

Great first step to jump in your career.

par Brittany S

18 oct. 2021

Overall, I thought this course was really good, especially for the value relative to the cost.

Coming in, I already had intermediate skills in data analysis, so the first few weeks of the course were a little basic and introductory. I appreciated that there was the option to test out of some of that framework.

I was really here for the SQL and R sections, which were new skills for me, as well as to improve my skills in Tableau which were very basic. While I found both these sections were great to form an understanding of the core concepts in SQL, R and Tableau, I don't feel as though I retained enough of the more advanced skills in these areas and would need to supplement in order to be proficient at these skills. I'm also more on the business analyst side and am not super interested in the more technical components, so it's fair to say that there may be others who will pick this up during this time.

I would have rather had the course focus only on SQL, vs including R, so that way users could actually learn more advanced functions in SQL.

For those just starting out, or for truly building a framework for an entry-level position, I think this course is solid and would highly recommend. But, if you're looking to go a little deeper

par John Y

24 oct. 2021

T​he course itsself is very well made and thourough, however I wish there was some way to interlap or refresh ones knowledge and skills from what you learned in the previous courses into whatever current stage one is in, so that the previous information and skills are retained better. Also, the capstone project was quite interesting.I feel that there was a big gap between what ive actually learned from the course and being able to complete the capstone on my own, however, that does force you to find the solution on your own, through the use og googling and forums, which is good and what they teach you, but i didnt walk away with the feeling that "now i can build on this foundation", but more like "i have now little foundation which i will need to add to in order to know just the basics".

par Soroya C

2 janv. 2022

Thank you and your team!

I found the Data Analytics course informative and useful. I have already applied some of the tips in my current position when applicable. I look forward to learning more about and using the data analytic tools. I would like to make a suggestion to have a more dedicated video to creating a notebook on Kaggle. Similar to the video using RStudio/R.

Thank you again!

par Erica W

19 août 2021

T​his is good for an overview of the different phases of analytics projects. However, when it came time to dive deeper into the substance, it felt like there was not any rhyme or reason to what concepts were taught or what order they were taught in. I do not feel prepared to engage in analysis, although I do feel that I better understand the process and what gaps I need to study more to fill in.

par Hans

8 juil. 2021

there must be review of case study to give feedback

par Ashley C

13 oct. 2021

With this being a self-paced course it is easy to burnout with the basics being so easy familiar that once the true challenge of the new skills kick-in the course work can either pull you in or exhaust you. Working in RStudio was an excellent experience but I was completely unfamiliar with the topic so I struggled through that course for a while. The material wasn't presented any differently but I should have set myself reminders to complete the work. Overall, how the course is presented in evenly sized modules with not one course being overly difficult or wordy that the pace of completion makes me feel more confident in my ability to build the skills beyond the course. I began my career search and the job postings all make mention of skills or attributes that I have an understanding of. I think that in time this course will provide an ability to change careers.

par Damian H

8 nov. 2021

This course is a great gateway into the world of Data Analytics (DA). It is well presented and organized with great instructors and presenters who give their professional and personal experiences as part of the lessons. This "personal" touch helped me, and I'm sure other learners, to feel like they could be successful in this field and made it less intimidating. One area I would improve is to give more opportunities to dive deeper into Tableau, SQL, and R and to give learners more instruction as to how to prepare, clean, organize, analyze, and visualize data using each of these software's. Thank you Google for creating a launching pad for people like me to dive confidently into this space!

par Tracey

16 janv. 2022

I absolutely love the diversity in the presenters for each of these courses in the program. The presenters were very knowledgeable but were excellent in breaking down the information in a beginner-friendly manner. There was so much content, but possible to learn and understand. I really loved the interactive lessons that gave the learner the plenty opportunity to practice the new content within each lesson. I really enjoyed this program that helped me to learn what I needed to learn without feeling overwhelmed. It was also extremely helpful that the design of the new information was always presented in a manner that real-world applications.


10 oct. 2021

I cannot thank Google and Coursera enough for making this amazing Professional Certificate. Not only did the course guide me through the skills needed for becoming a Data Analyst but also gave a broader view of all the other roles linked to this Job profile. From guidance for building portfolio to getting ready for job interviews. I will treasure all the knowledge and experience gained through this course. And also huge thanks to the googlers who took their time in making and presenting the videos.

par Oliver S

27 janv. 2022

The Google Data Analytics professional certificate has opened my eyes to the field of data analytics, something I was completely ignorant to.

I really enjoyed the enthusiasm of the lecturers, and the wide range of learning opportunities they provided us with, from quizzes to videos to practical activities and other resources.

For those thinking of taking this course, give it a go, there is nothing more rewarding than persevering and completing something you've put a lot of time and effort into!

par Daniel Z

27 janv. 2022

It is an absolute eye opener. I wasn't really confident with my knowledge, and didn't know how it would merge together, but this course made it so that I could work on a real life problem while testing everything I have learned until now. It has helped me a lot, and I am really grateful for all the work that has been put on it, I would recommend to at least have a look at the various Cases Studies that are proposed because they're really interesting, and will build up some confidence in you.

par Adityam D

21 oct. 2021

This course has been instrumental in helping me step foot into the data driven world. Although a part of data for a long time since I started working, I never realised there were so many ways and tools that could help me expedite my analytical skills. Also, I have gathered the fundamental approaches in moving ahead with career opportunities in data analytics roles as well. Thank you Team Google for the efforts that you have put in together to curate a course of such stature.

par Colette C

5 janv. 2022

This is the best certificate program/course I have taken on Coursera to date (I have completed over 20 courses). What makes this course different is the breadth of material covered. Not only did it cover the technical skills of a data analyst, but it covered practical skills, behavioral skills, job-hunting skills (putting together a portfolio, interview questions, etc.). I am definitely going to go back over the lessons again, as I feel the time spent is well worth it!

par Ariel C A F

21 janv. 2022

Google is so generous in their courses. They won't just give you completion certificate, they've also put up a third party that will affirm your qualification after completing their course. They also provided free access to platforms that are supposed to be with fee. And best of all, they also connected you to their partners so that the possibility of getting hired is so high! It's as if they've already prepared everything for you. Thank you Google! Thank you Coursera!

par Igor G

8 nov. 2021

I have chosen DIVVY bikes as the capstone project and I have no regrets. Working with real data allows you to check on yourself what a job in a company like DIVVY bike sharing can be.

I have the most favorable impression of this online course. We studied the most necessary topics for future analysts of the data, the course materials were logically organized, and I could only dream of teachers at this level.

Thanks a lot to all staff of this best course!

par Robert M

19 déc. 2021

I have enjoyed the course. Although, I already have a lot of these skills through work and self education, it is nice to have those skills validated by this course.

This is an awesome introductory course that is a great course for ground work. Up to this point, I have not been introduced to Google's Six Phases of Data Analysis which has been helpful for thinking about how to work as a data analyst.


22 déc. 2021

The Case Study seemed straightforward, but I lacked computer space and power to exploit fully the power of SQL. besides i lacked money to rent the space for database querying. I relied heavily on spreadsheet functions and tools to clean, organize, calculate, summarize for analysis and visualize the data. In the end, I offered credible insights that could lead to solutions of the business task.

par Maggie K

3 janv. 2022

I have been able to apply a lot of what I have learnt, and I'm truly grateful for the whole experience. I feel very confident to take up a new position as a data analyst to apply what I have learnt, and to keep on learning. I will explore Google Big Interview to build on my interview skills.

You have made the technical aspects of data analysis easy to understand. Thank you Google!

par Raphael P

8 déc. 2021

Very thorough and indepth course content that puts into consideration those without related background. Courses are delivered by professional instructors who know how well to disseminate information or say pass down knowledge. I have learnt so much and its obvious in my tasks at work after completion of the whole courses.

par Diana U

21 déc. 2021

The last Course definitely prepares you for what you may be doing after you complete the certificate, if you plan to launch yourself into a new industry. I am most certainly more confident that I will be better able to negotiate and translate my skills from previous careers into this new industry.

par satya s

24 nov. 2021

A course, I believe, is a must for digital literacy. Although all aspects of the course are not for everyone, it did provide an opportunity to broaden my horizons. Reignited my will to learn more. Thank you, google team for making time for all that you have done to bring this course to me.

par Raymond S

8 nov. 2021

Great introduction into the many skills a data analyst uses daily. The courses cover excel, SQL, and R along with soft skills and career guidance. I would definitely recommend this course to give beginners an advantage in the job market and for experienced workers as a refresher.

par Nwangwu U K

3 nov. 2021

Simply the best online course I have accessed. Learning is so easy but demands task completions at different stages. You do not require any prior knowledge of coding to partake in it. I will easily recommend that you get this demanding skills. Thank you Coursera, Thank you Google.