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Google Sheets is a robust, cloud-based application that empowers you to create sophisticated spreadsheets. Whether you are working at your desk—or from your smartphone or tablet on-the-go—Google Sheets helps you organize, analyze, and share your most important data. In this course for Sheets users, you’ll learn how to make your own supercharged spreadsheets, incorporating powerful functions and visualizations to accelerate your data analysis and share meaningful insights with your team. Follow along with exercises and a companion spreadsheet to practice new skills as you encounter them. About the Instructor Malia is a tech professional based in Los Angeles who uses Google Workspace and Google Sheets everyday to manage projects, collaborate with remote teams, and make data-driven decisions....

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12 juil. 2020

I have always worked with Google Sheet, but this course and the instruction explanations made my knowledge about it much better. I'm another person with another knowledge. Thank you so much.


21 janv. 2020

A nice survey of Google Sheets, what is possible and how to. Should be a relatively easy effort to go through. Learning probably come after the course and repeated use of Google Sheets.

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par Beth a

7 janv. 2023

The course was very practical and informative. The instructor was engaging and weeks 2-4 had a lot of depth and step-by-step instructions. This is a class for self starters as the projects are not tested or timed.

If I could change one thing, it would be to increase the visibility of the formulas that are used. The video quality isn't optimal which could be improved if the formulas themselves were included in the script.

Overall, a fantastic get-things-done course which is a solid supplement to those doing a Data Analytics track.

par Michael G

30 oct. 2022

Great course it is worth mentioning you will need the enterprise workspace to do some of the big data integration. Really enjoyed it. It has helped me whilst learning the Google Data Analytics Certificate. I now feel more confident with next chapter looking forward to doing the next advanced sheets course.

par Abdelkarim J

1 sept. 2020

This Course helped me dive down into the Google Sheet features that I've thought know them before, and learned the tips and tricks about the SpreadSheet manipulations. thanks a lot :)

par Life w S

15 juin 2022

I enjoyed this course. I had only limited use of excel prior to this and feel that this knowledge of Google Sheets will help at work and at home.

par rando u

23 nov. 2022

Really nice course. Wonderfully structured.

More talk on syntax and functions could've been nice but I guess they are for us to try on our own.

par Kennedy M

24 oct. 2020

The course was very informative. I now able to do more with my spreadsheets with the massive knowledge I have gained in this course. Thank you.

par Rachit A

17 août 2020

Demonstrated the real advantages of using online Google Spreadsheets to work with a team spread across the globe, easily, quickly and securely.

par Tales M

13 sept. 2020

Eventhought I've been using sheets for a long time now this couse maneges to teach me a bunch of features i did not know. Thanks!!!

par muteeuddin a

20 déc. 2021

I love Google Sheets. It has a clean interface, it’s easy to collaborate with people and it integrates with other Google products.

par Navneeth S

25 déc. 2022

Graduated into the world of Sheets! Exited and looking forward to work with Google sheets for daily activities and tasks planned.

par Carol A

12 févr. 2021

Very basic, but pretty thorough. Will give you everything you need to start using Sheets to capture, interpret, and present data.

par Dark K

30 juil. 2022

This Course is amazing for a short period of time. For newcomers to the World of spreadsheets, I recommended it Start from here.

par Rowaina F

15 mars 2021

An amazing course that will help you in learning Microsoft Excel, how to use google drive spreadsheets, and how to make a survey

par DR. V P P

8 août 2020

Informative and effective. But the movement of curser during explaining an activity, may in a slow movement, is more catchable.


12 sept. 2020

Excelent and very practical, the whole process helped me understand and feel more confident when working with google sheets!

par shriyaulhasbhovi

19 août 2020

the course was excellent.The only drawback was that the sheets on which the tutor was demonstrating was not at all visible

par MANTE, R L

24 juil. 2020

This is a very interesting Course.. I learned a lot from this. I love how amazing google sheet is. I can use it in my Job

par Kourtney G

13 oct. 2020

The course was detailed. It showed many useful things for classifying data using google sheets. Past a beginner level.

par Cruzmanoel F

27 juil. 2021

Great course, with in-depth explanation by the instructor. The Training material goes in sync with the video scripts.

par Deleted A

22 mai 2020

Absolutely fantastic! I learned everything I needed to know so I could hit the ground running at my job. Well done!

par Aryya C

16 nov. 2020

Course is good indeed. But I thought that this course would also cover the VLOOKUP and QUERY section in details.

par Sandra A

17 mars 2021

This course was really helpful and I will be able to use what I've learned immediately. Thank you so much!

par Mirthis M

29 avr. 2021

The videos, pace and visual aids helped with my understanding of the skills taught. I enjoyed this course.

par Võ D T

16 juil. 2021

Really helpful for the beginner, but sometimes she goes a little too quick so gotta firgure out by myself

par Rafael L R

29 oct. 2020

I learned a lot of new things in Google Sheets. I'm excited to share this information to my colleagues!