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This course is designed to help you create dynamic, interactive online courses through the use of multimedia tools, student collaboration opportunities, and formative assessment and feedback. Each week we will focus on a particular topic: 1. Using multimedia for teaching and learning 2. Encouraging student collaboration 3. Formative assessment and feedback You will have a range of materials to read, videos to watch, topics to research, activities to perform, discussions to participate in, and an assessment to complete. In addition, you will have a random assignment of fellow participants' assessments to mark in order to receive your own mark. While most of the videos and activities are mandatory, we have included a number of "Take it Further" activities and longer versions of videos that are voluntary. At first glance, It may seem like a lot, but you will quickly find that many activities will take just minutes to perform. The emphasis in this MOOC is on gaining a wide range of experience in order to decide for yourself which tools and techniques to explore in more depth. Although we introduce a few concepts along the way, this is a very practical course. You will be assessed according to what you create and share. We hope you will enjoy the active, hands-on nature of this course and find many ideas to incorporate in your teaching....

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13 août 2020

This was a very immersive and interesting course -- a lot of self-learning to be done on your own to really understand and put together into practice the technology into your own course and workflow.


28 mai 2020

Thank you for this course. I get know experience and knowledge in using different kinds of online tools which are useful and effective. I'll use some of them during my lessons. And lots of thanks.

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par Gareth D

26 mai 2020

A good course that will take you from beginner to intermediate.

par Dr. S K

30 juin 2020

Nice course

par Nisha W J

22 mai 2020

Very good

par Banmeet S

12 févr. 2019


par Heidi S

10 nov. 2020

I tried to unenroll after I realized you have to set up a page on one of their recommended learning websites as an activity. All of them have 'trial runs' or you have to pay but either way I didnt feel comfortable putting in my credit information. I clicked unenroll multiple times and it didn't work but the cancel button worked fine each time.

This might be good for others though, just wasn't what I thought it would be.

par Mana Y

6 nov. 2018

Very practical examples for teachers to prepare online courses

par Kilintari M

14 janv. 2021

This was an extremely helpful course. Through its assignments, you are 'forced' to put into practice what you have learned; this is very useful and quite challenging . Not all material is new to someone who has some experience in HE but even if one has previous knowledge, this course helps you consolidate it. Surprisingly, while it looks like a very technical course, it motivates you to reflect on your teaching. I am very happy I have attended it.

[One minor suggestion: in one assignment, you are asked to use Twitter and create a poll. This shouldn't be necessary. Not all people are comfortable with having a presence in social media and they shouldn't be obliged to do it to get the full credit for an assignment].

par Isabel S

4 nov. 2020

A varied range of tools is explained, so teachers can organise their course content online for students.

New and old tools that are shown are all dispersed on the web, get ready to create plenty of logins, but test, try and select the one that best works for you. All these tools can be a fit for the different activities a teacher will create. This course does not teach you how to sell a course online, for example as institutions would do by uploading their MOOCs onto Coursera, but you will learn a lot.

The Get Interactive lecturers and organisers curated this course very well, do not get discouraged if it's your first MOOC, things start to make sense after the 2nd week.

par Anshu B

24 avr. 2022

I am extremely grateful for this course. Thank you for creating this course.

It helped me to revive my lost skills and platform use.

The activities were informative and instructive.

Panel discussions were meaningful

Overall great learning

Pace was a little fast.

Peer review helped me to learn and revise my work, learnt by this.

I am presently not involved in the classroom and still have to resume my freelance work with mentoring teachers, so it really helped me to catch up, however, I my pace in using some tools was slow and I was confused. was able to do. Overall, I suppose, I needed a little more practice on each tool and item and will do so now.

par Anuj S

20 août 2020

I am a college professor in India and this year we were sort of compelled to adapt to online teaching because of COVID-19. I wanted to learn how to take my teaching online as I had never taught virtually before. This course helped me a lot to learn about the available online tools and it has made my job as a teacher not only easy but also very interesting. My students are also enjoying technology-enabled learning a lot. Thank you so much for this MOOC.

par Maximiliano N K

2 sept. 2020

Este curso me otorgo muchas herramientas para aplicar en mis clases, muchas de ellas las desconocía y estaban al alcance de todos, de manera gratuita, podemos utilizarlas para crear material audiovisual más llamativo e interesante para nuestros estudiantes, así como también crear distintas instancias en de empoderamiento por parte de ellos a crear material de estudio y generar discusiones de grupo para enriquecer su propio aprendizaje.

par Claudia C S R

28 juil. 2020

I think this course is very useful if you need to implement using online resources in your classroom. There were some tools that I have been using for a while, but there were some others I haven’t tried before and they were very handy and I started to use right away. In general the course meet my requirements and I totally recommend it.


12 nov. 2020

I really liked this MOOC. The teachers provided us with a lot of useful material, like videos, papers and technologies. In addition, thanks to the weekly assessments we, the students had the opportunity to use the proposed technologies by ourselves and to put into practice our ideas. Thank you!

par Alifia_ N

17 mars 2022

Thank you for this course, I learned a lot related to interesting and interactive learning collaboration involving students and teachers working together to create a creative and innovative learning environment. This will be my provision in teaching practice later after graduating from college.

par hannah k

21 févr. 2022

This is perfect shortest course I have ever done and the insight is also perfect. I really love it, I recommend this course for everyone. expecially Teachers.

Thank you University of London, Coursera and Instructor of this course for you impacting your knowledge and experience on us.

par Dovilė S

16 févr. 2021

One of the best courses I have taken! The theory is presented in short videos and a lot of reading. The practice assignments are interesting, it was quite difficult for me because English is not my native language, but i have learned so much! Thank you!

par Ivo E

24 mars 2021

Many tools introduces and really insightful contributions in group discussions. Peer feedback also gives you a sense of what people are trying to do out there. Strong compilation of both academic knowledge and productivity suggestions.

par Edgar E

13 sept. 2020

Es un excelente curso, te brinda muchas herramientas multimedia para poder ocupar a lo largo de tu labor docente. Además, las explicaciones que se dan para poder aprender a usar estás herramientas son bastante claras y concisas.

par Anderson D G S

17 oct. 2020

It is the best course I have done so far, I learned a lot with lots of practical activities. The only thing I didn´t enjoy was the discussion forum at the end of every week because the opinions weren´t very helpful

par SeyedehFatemeh H

7 sept. 2021

It has been very valuable for me to achieve such scientific and up-to-date content. The fact that we humans on Earth can share in learning and education from anywhere in the world warms my heart. thank you to all

par Aurelie T

3 févr. 2021

Great course! Really good, really instructive. A perfect combo between videos, reading and practical exercises. I learned many things that I put in practice today with my students. I truly recommend it.

par Virna P M P

24 août 2020

It is a wonderful course. It allows you to build a step by step, orderly and participatory way (it involves you in doing) the creation of a test course, understanding and consolidating the learning.

par Ricardo N M P

9 sept. 2020

Excellent course, i will recommended to my colleagues and some students to improve their teaching techniques

Excelente curso lo recomendaría a mis colegas para que mejoren sus técnicas de enseñanza

par Shamly P

25 sept. 2022

Amazing course. All were new information. Could understand how ti include technology in teaching, especially on how to make students collaborative and tools for assesment and feedback.

par Brandon H

25 févr. 2021

An excellent course which is both interactive and engaging. There is plenty of usefeul material and it is set up in a manner that allows students to utilize the material immediately.