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This course will cover the topics of a full year, two semester General Chemistry course. We will use a free on-line textbook, Concept Development Studies in Chemistry, available via Rice’s Connexions project. The fundamental concepts in the course will be introduced via the Concept Development Approach developed at Rice University. In this approach, we will develop the concepts you need to know from experimental observations and scientific reasoning rather than simply telling you the concepts and then asking you to simply memorize or apply them. So why use this approach? One reason is that most of us are inductive learners, meaning that we like to make specific observations and then generalize from there. Many of the most significant concepts in Chemistry are counter-intuitive. When we see where those concepts come from, we can more readily accept them, explain them, and apply them. A second reason is that scientific reasoning in general and Chemistry reasoning in particular are inductive processes. This Concept Development approach illustrates those reasoning processes. A third reason is that this is simply more interesting! The structure and reactions of matter are fascinating puzzles to be solved by observation and reasoning. It is more fun intellectually when we can solve those puzzles together, rather than simply have the answers to the riddles revealed at the outset. Recommended Background: The class can be taken by someone with no prior experience in chemistry. However, some prior familiarity with the basics of chemistry is desirable as we will cover some elements only briefly. For example, a prior high school chemistry class would be helpful. Suggested Readings: Readings will be assigned from the on-line textbook “Concept Development Studies in Chemistry”, available via Rice’s Connexions project. In addition, we will suggest readings from any of the standard textbooks in General Chemistry. A particularly good free on-line resource is Dickerson, Gray, and Haight, "Chemical Principles, 3rd Edition". Links to these two texts will be available in the Introduction module....

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Aug 29, 2015

If I'd had access to this material when I first failed freshman chemistry 40 years ago, I probably wouldn't have failed. Kudos to Dean Hutchinson for bringing us his innovative approach.


Oct 02, 2018

DEMAND\n\nI would inform you that i wish to receive my certificate according to general chemistry :concept development and application, then your feed back will rejoice more thank you.

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par William L

Jul 14, 2016

This course should be a 5 Star course. It is challenging and requires effort. The lectures are well done but not up to the level of the quizzes. The book looks like an abandoned project. The errors and missed references to tables and equations from part one of the book to the other are too many.

Having said that, I have never learned so much about a topic. I attempted the problems in the book before I took the quiz. That makes a huge difference. A week covers 2-3 chapters in the book. I started to doing the each chapter's problems before moving on in the week. This made taking the quizzes a lot easier.

Overall I am very happy for having taken this course.

par Terrence M

Feb 17, 2018

Lectures are great and material is comprehensive. The only problem is there is a multiplicity of errors in the questions.

par Bandyatuyaga M

Oct 02, 2018


I would inform you that i wish to receive my certificate according to general chemistry :concept development and application, then your feed back will rejoice more thank you.

par Zillah K

Aug 29, 2015

If I'd had access to this material when I first failed freshman chemistry 40 years ago, I probably wouldn't have failed. Kudos to Dean Hutchinson for bringing us his innovative approach.

par Blair L

Dec 17, 2017

I learned a lot from the course, and truly appreciate Professor Hutchinson's (and Rice's) generosity in having delivered it. I would have benefited a from more time invested in the quizzes. They were not well edited. (Similarly, the e-book could use a good edit.) This was an annoyance more than a severe detraction, however it leads into a larger issue. I believe that the motivated e-student benefits from a more involved means of analyzing content-retention / gestation than simple multiple choice questions. In fact, one might argue that the whole idea of a MOOC is the quizzes / tests of comprehension. If you wanted to learn it on your own, you could just buy a book and go to the Kahn Academy for some videos. (This gets into a larger subject that edX, coursera and the whole MOOC experiment needs to ask with earnestness -- whether the traditional class-delivery model is sufficient in an online forum. I would argue strongly that a greater investment is needed -- that Kahn Academy is a different breed. This raises an obvious financial question -- for non-tenured editors, quiz makers, etc. But asking the money question too soon is putting the cart before the horse.) Anyway, thanks for the class, and all the best.

par augustin m k

Sep 06, 2018

it's was good for me

par jianghui

Sep 25, 2018

it is very important to me

par 胡启涛

Aug 23, 2016

Excellent course. There are many questions to think.

par Alfonso M P

Jan 07, 2016

I thank the organizers for this well-structured Chemistry course. I was sometimes overwhelmed by the amount of information given but I guess this is due to the condensation process that had to be carried out in order to impart the contents in 11 weeks. Otherwise I would have appreciated to have more exercises resolved during the lessons and to get a sheet with all the formula used during the course...Thank you again.

par Kelly H

Jan 25, 2017

Nice !! Thank you very much

par Abraham N

Aug 27, 2015

Very informative

par Jessica R

May 24, 2017

I really enjoyed the Concept Development approach to the material. I wish more science courses were taught with this approach! Inductive learning is so much more intuitive. Dr. Hutchinson is an incredibly knowledgable, personable, and engaging professor. The videos are clear, succinct, and he reviews material from the previous video at the beginning of each new video so the course felt very well organized.

par 刘诗凡

May 13, 2018


par John H

Feb 09, 2016

Fantastic approach to concepts. Excellent instructor.

par Fernando d S M

Oct 26, 2015

Very Very good, if you want to learn something just try these classes !!!

par Sidharth D

Oct 03, 2015

Excellently delivered..... High clarity and focus on concepts

par Andres C P V

Mar 11, 2018

excellent, thank you

par Jaya L

Jun 04, 2016

Great course.


Sep 05, 2015

Awesome Course.

par Steven M J M

Oct 24, 2015


par Rhiannon A

Oct 06, 2015

I took this class as a chemistry review for my MCAT and really liked the concept development approach. As an undergraduate, I learned a lot of these concepts by memorization but never made the connections or the thorough understanding as I did after taking this course. Thanks!

par Deleted A

Apr 06, 2016

Although I have studied chemistry in Hungary, but from this point of view of chemistry teaching was interesting. The demostration of perfomarnces was colorful, itemized and the two art of chemistry teaching could learn from each other.

par David K C

Jun 28, 2016

Excellent choice of general chem topics. I used this course to review certain topics on the MCAT. The Acid-Base & equilibrium sections were very helpful. Prof. Hutchinson is a very engaging instructor. Aside from his detailed lectures, his notes were very clear and easy to follow.

par José L D D

Feb 11, 2017


par Mohamed A

Oct 03, 2017

Thank you all