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This accelerated on-demand course introduces participants to the comprehensive and flexible infrastructure and platform services provided by Google Cloud. Through a combination of video lectures, demos, and hands-on labs, participants explore and deploy solution elements, including securely interconnecting networks, load balancing, autoscaling, infrastructure automation and managed services....

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22 mai 2018

This was a great course. It moved a little fast but the labs were very detailed. The course helped me learn to navigate a number concepts and also made me aware of other areas where I will dig deeper.


10 oct. 2019

The labs in this course were a lot of fun. Deployment Manager and Terraform are two systems that I have been interested in for awhile and it was great actually building (small) things out with them.

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par Ahmed K Y

16 déc. 2018

Only reason I'm rating this 3 starts is because of the unfortunate choice of instructor's voice.

par Louis L

19 juin 2019

I still event don't understand how to use data processing and how it works after this course

par Pratap B

2 sept. 2019

The presenter was too fast, there were some slides which 'blink, you will miss it' category

par Thomas O

25 juil. 2018

A bit too short and not really explaining things, just reading of what the slide says

par Jorge H P M

30 mai 2019

Issues with the labs and the voice of the presenter is not exactly pleasant to hear

par PEÑA P J

7 juil. 2020

algunos laboratorios no te calificaban bien, cuando seguías los pasos tal cual.

par Abhishek M

21 déc. 2020

Course should have been better with the course content being more structured

par Rajat S

13 juin 2021

one of the lab is getting denied CBL102-HTTLBwAutoscalingILT

par Chinmay M

29 nov. 2020

The support team dint guide me properly ,so not satisfied.

par A K

20 avr. 2020

lots of marketing - more real knowledges required...

par Rajeshwar D D

29 août 2020

Some labs are broken, need to revisit and fix them

par Aishwarya V

4 janv. 2020

Awesome i have learned so much

par Piyush B

25 déc. 2018

Course needs more explanation

par Ehsan

24 juin 2020



13 mai 2021

simply awesome

par Chakradhar K

18 févr. 2021


par Tony, W D

5 déc. 2020


par Alexander H S

26 mars 2022

Course started off great focused on the topic of scaling and automation and went on to introduce Terraform, which is used in Kubernetes and other cloud native envirorments to provision infrastracture using configuration files. This is a refreshing new skill set not metntioned or discussed in other Google Cloud courses. Besides this the course did not discuss or teach scaling or automation in any sense outside of the other nearly 10 CCP course taken on Coursera so far. In fact the last 40% of the course, as shown by Coursera's progress tracker, were again nothing more than same "marketing" videos about Google's fully managed services shown in all of the other course I have take. I have seen so many of these videos repeatedly ad naseum in nearly every other GCP course which is disturbing since they are doing very little to prepare me for the Google certifcations I am taking the courses for. For those taking the courses who are not already network administators, I suppose the courses are great for them. I however have an extensive IT background and feel this couse failed to teach me how to implement "Elastic Google Cloud Infrastructure" through scaling and automation.

par Daniel S

22 janv. 2020

A few solid lessons and labs, but unfortunately the bulk of this course is basically "GCP has load balancing options and automated deployment options." For example, unless you already know the difference between http, TCP, and UDP load balancing, it's kind of meaningless to spend an entire module showing how to set them up; but if you do know the difference then it's trivial to figure out how to set it up in GCP... I guess I'm just not sure why the class exists as it is too advanced for those unfamiliar with basic networking, and too basic for those who do.

par Rohit D

29 juil. 2019

I'd like to rate 5 stars for the hands-on that the Lab provides. It's pretty good when you using the labs. I'd give a 1/5 to the course content. I felt the topics needed more time to explain, using longer videos (most are only 1, 2 mins long). Some of the concepts are complex and would've been useful with simple analogy. For a newbie like me (I come from UI/UX), this course was a disaster. I spent more time on YouTube reading up on topics, and then coming back only for the labs.

par srikant s

15 juil. 2019

The instructor was really hard to follow. You could have as well given us the slides to read from ourselves. Considering that a lot of new terminologies were used , it gets even harder when the instructor is literally rushing through. The downloadable resource must include the slides , these can serve as notes that one can revisit and revise.

par Abhimanyu C

27 mai 2019

For some reason, I am not able to understand much in this course. The instructor may have great knowledge but doesn't explain well at all. Unncessarily she talks at a very very high speed. Even on trying to run videos at 0.75x, I found it difficult to follow what she is trying to say. Elucidation on concepts could have been much better.

par Artur A

18 août 2019

The first part of the course about load balancing was hard to understand and follow, the slides contained a lot of information that wasn't explained and I felt like I'm not catching up. Overall it feels more like a course for people already familiar with the topic than for people learning it.

par Andres S A

1 août 2019

Honest review, It gave a hard time focusing and staying alert unlike most of the other courses, not sure if its the way the teacher expresses, the technical content but this course was not as good as the others

par Vitaliy F

17 juin 2018

please redo this course with a different instructor and harder and longer queezes