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Ce que vous allez apprendre

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    Choose among and use Google Cloud Platform storage options: Google Cloud Storage, Google Cloud SQL, Google Cloud Bigtable, and Google Cloud Datastore

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    Choose among and use application deployment environments on Google Cloud Platform: Google App Engine, Google Kubernetes Engine, and Google Compute Engine

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    Describe ways in which customers have used Google Cloud Platform

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    Identify the purpose and value of Google Cloud Platform products and services

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    Interact with Google Cloud Platform services

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    Make basic use of BigQuery, Google’s managed data warehouse for analytics

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    Make basic use of Cloud Deployment Manager, Google’s tool for creating and managing cloud resources through templates

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    Make basic use of Google Stackdriver, Google’s monitoring, logging, and diagnostics system

Compétences que vous acquerrez

Google Compute EngineGoogle App Engine (GAE)Google Cloud PlatformCloud Computing

100 % en ligne

Commencez dès maintenant et apprenez aux horaires qui vous conviennent.

Dates limites flexibles

Réinitialisez les dates limites selon votre disponibilité.

Niveau intermédiaire

Approx. 12 heures pour terminer

Recommandé : 1 week of study, 6-10 hours/week...


Sous-titres : Français, Portugais (brésilien), Allemand, Anglais, Espagnol, Japonais...

Programme du cours : ce que vous apprendrez dans ce cours

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Introducing Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform offers four main kinds of services: Compute, Storage, Big Data, and Machine Learning. This course focuses mostly on the first two, together with Google Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) networking. This module orients learners to the basics of Google Cloud Platform. It traces the evolution of cloud computing and explains what is unique about Google's approach to it. The module introduces the key structural concepts of regions and zones.

12 vidéos (Total 17 min), 3 lectures, 3 quiz
12 vidéos
What is cloud computing?1 min
How did we get here?1 min
Every company is a data company26s
GCP computing architectures1 min
The Google network44s
GCP regions and zones1 min
Environmental responsibility1 min
Pricing innovations1 min
Open APIs1 min
Why choose Google Cloud Platform1 min
Multi-layered security approach3 min
3 lectures
Welcome to Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals: Core Infrastructure10 min
Changes since the last version10 min
How to download course resources2 min
3 exercices pour s'entraîner
Cloud Computing Services4 min
GCP Regions and Zones4 min
Introducing Google Cloud Platform12 min
1 heure pour terminer

Getting Started with Google Cloud Platform

GCP customers use projects to organize the resources they use. They use Google Cloud Identity and Access Management, also called “IAM,” to control who can do what with those resources. They use any of several technologies to connect with GCP. This module covers each of these topics, and it introduces a service called Cloud Launcher that is an easy way to get started with GCP.

8 vidéos (Total 28 min), 4 quiz
8 vidéos
The Google Cloud Platform resource hierarchy5 min
Identity and Access Management (IAM)2 min
IAM roles3 min
Interacting with Google Cloud Platform4 min
Cloud Marketplace (formerly Cloud Launcher)2 min
Demonstration: Getting Started with Cloud Launcher2 min
Getting Started with Google Cloud Platform and Qwiklabs3 min
3 exercices pour s'entraîner
The Google Cloud Platform resource hierarchy
Resources and IAM
Getting Started with Google Cloud Platform16 min
1 heure pour terminer

Virtual Machines in the Cloud

Compute Engine lets you run virtual machines on Google’s global infrastructure. This module covers how Compute Engine works, with a focus on Google virtual networking.

5 vidéos (Total 20 min), 4 quiz
5 vidéos
Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Network1 min
Compute Engine3 min
Important VPC capabilities7 min
Demonstration: Getting Started with Compute Engine5 min
3 exercices pour s'entraîner
Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Network
Compute Engine
Google Compute Engine and Networking16 min
2 heures pour terminer

Storage in the Cloud

Every application needs to store data. Different applications and workloads require different storage and database solutions. This module describes and differentiates among GCP's core storage options: Cloud Storage, Cloud SQL, Cloud Spanner, Cloud Datastore, and Google Bigtable.

8 vidéos (Total 35 min), 6 quiz
8 vidéos
Cloud Storage4 min
Cloud Storage interactions5 min
Google Cloud Bigtable4 min
Google Cloud SQL and Google Cloud Spanner3 min
Google Cloud Datastore1 min
Comparing Storage Options3 min
Demonstration: Getting Started with Cloud Storage and Cloud SQL10 min
5 exercices pour s'entraîner
Cloud Storage
Cloud Bigtable
Cloud SQL and Cloud Spanner
Cloud Datastore
Google Cloud Platform Storage Options16 min
1 heure pour terminer

Containers in the Cloud

Containers are simple and interoperable, and they enable seamless, fine-grained scaling. Kubernetes is an orchestration layer for containers. Kubernetes Engine is Kubernetes as a service, a scalable managed offering that runs on Google’s infrastructure. You direct the creation of a cluster, and Kubernetes Engine schedules your containers into the cluster and manages them automatically, based on requirements you define. This module explains how Kubernetes Engine works and how it helps deploy applications in containers.

3 vidéos (Total 19 min), 5 quiz
3 vidéos
Demo and Lab Introduction28s
Demo: Getting Started with Kubernetes Engine6 min
4 exercices pour s'entraîner
Kubernetes Engine
Containers, Kubernetes, and Kubernetes Engine12 min
1 heure pour terminer

Applications in the Cloud

App Engine is a Platform-as-a-Service ("PaaS") offering. The App Engine platform manages the hardware and networking infrastructure required to run your code. App Engine provides built-in services that many web applications need. This module describes how App Engine works.

5 vidéos (Total 14 min), 4 quiz
5 vidéos
Google App Engine Standard Environment3 min
Google App Engine Flexible Environment2 min
Google Cloud Endpoints and Apigee Edge3 min
Demonstration: Getting Started with App Engine3 min
3 exercices pour s'entraîner
App Engine4 min
App Engine Flexible and Standard Environments
Applications in the Cloud12 min
1 heure pour terminer

Developing, Deploying and Monitoring in the Cloud

Popular tools for development, deployment, and monitoring just work in GCP. Customers also have options for tools in each of these three areas that are tightly integrated with GCP. This module covers those tools.

4 vidéos (Total 17 min), 4 quiz
4 vidéos
Deployment: Infrastructure as code1 min
Monitoring: Proactive instrumentation2 min
Demonstration: Getting Started with Deployment Manager and Stackdriver9 min
3 exercices pour s'entraîner
Cloud Source Repositories
Quiz shell
Developing, Deploying, and Monitoring in the Cloud10 min
1 heure pour terminer

Big Data and Machine Learning in the Cloud

GCP's big-data and machine learning offerings are intended to help customers get the most out of data. These tools are intended to be simple and practical to embed in your applications. This module describes the available big-data and machine learning services and explains the usefulness of each.

8 vidéos (Total 22 min), 2 quiz
8 vidéos
Google Cloud Big Data Platform3 min
Cloud Dataflow2 min
BigQuery2 min
Cloud Pub/Sub and Cloud Datalab3 min
Google Cloud Machine Learning Platform3 min
Machine learning APIs2 min
Demonstration: Getting Started with BigQuery2 min
1 exercice pour s'entraîner
Big Data and Machine Learning14 min
25 minutes pour terminer

Summary and Review

This module reviews the GCP services covered in this course and reminds learners of the differences among them. The module compares GCP compute services, GCP storage services, and important Google VPC networking capabilities.

2 vidéos (Total 5 min), 1 quiz
2 vidéos
Review4 min
Next steps28s
1 exercice pour s'entraîner
Summary and Review20 min
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Principaux examens pour Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals: Core Infrastructure

par GFJan 29th 2017

Great course to introduce the specialization. It could be more robust, but it does the job and you are also provided with links for documents that will help you build on what you learn in the course.

par YYJun 2nd 2017

This course is useful for those who wants to explorer google cloud platform\n\ne.g: what database engine should I use?\n\nwhat is more cost efficient for our application, Compute engine or App engine

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