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Foundations of User Experience (UX) Design is the first of a series of seven courses that will equip you with the skills needed to apply to entry-level jobs in user experience design. UX designers focus on the interactions that people have with products like websites, mobile apps, and physical objects. UX designers make those everyday interactions usable, enjoyable, and accessible. The role of an entry-level UX designer might include empathizing with users, defining their pain points, coming up with ideas for design solutions, creating wireframes, prototypes, and mockups, and testing designs to get feedback. Current UX designers and researchers at Google will serve as your instructors, and you will complete hands-on activities that simulate real-world UX design scenarios. Learners who complete the seven courses in this certificate program should be equipped to apply for entry-level jobs as UX designers. No previous experience is necessary. By the end of this course, you will be able to: - Define the field of UX and explain why it’s important for consumers and businesses. - Understand foundational concepts in UX design, such as user-centered design, the design process, accessibility, and equity-focused design. - Identify the factors that contribute to great user experience design. - Review common job responsibilities of entry-level UX designers and teams that they work with. - Explore job opportunities and career paths within the field of user experience. - Explain why design sprints are an important and useful part of a UX designer’s work. - Describe common UX research methods. - Identify and account for biases in UX research....

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27 mars 2022

First i have to tell the amount of effect and information than put in this course is great hell lot of information about UX Design. Now iam thinking that i have selected a best course offered about UX


17 juil. 2022

It is pretty good. You learn new things even as someone who has some idea of what UX is. Would recommend to those who want to start learning because it is affordable and provides valuable information.

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par Gregory G

11 avr. 2021

Excellent Grasp of the fundamental basics of UX Design. 4 stars as the final week is crammed with a lot of dense exercises to create your personal brand over a multitude of online platforms. This work takes longer than a few days and could be stretched a little further.

par Jose U J P

20 janv. 2022

​me gusto la primera parte por que se centra en la experiencia de usuario, pero despues no tanto mas bien para enfocarte en mostrar tu trabajo en las distintas plataformas. Aun asi vale la pena parea comenzar a conocer sobre este hermoso trabajo de user experience

par David S

14 août 2021

G​reat course for laying down the fundamentals of the subject. The beginning is a little rough to get used to but it gets more fun as you go. With a little more fine tuning I bet they can make the course even better. Thank you for the course and your time.

par RENU B

5 août 2022

Good content and all the basics related to basic ux design are well explained.In my opinion interaction with learners needs some improvement otherwise Overall faculty members are best and I really enjoyed learning all the concepts .Thankyou all the teachers.

par Andra M

25 mai 2021

I'm giving it 4 starts because most times in quizzes they use complex words and wording that is hard to understand as someone who has english as their second language. I think they should rephrase some sentences to make them simpler and easier to understand!

par Alex M

18 avr. 2021

There were some parts such as the self review sheets that were kind of confusing at the start of the course that slightly through me off. Overall pretty clear on following along and having the text under the videos made it easier to understand each sections.

par Taylor F

4 mai 2022

Amazingly laid out structure for the learning experience. Great instructors were able to such a wealth of knowlege on the entry levels of UX Design. My one piece of feedback is to make the review process for the exams more in-depth and question specific.

par Inessa M

20 juil. 2021

I wish i could give the course something more like 4.5 stars as I really enjoyed it! My only issue was that the networking step didn't come a little bit later in the entire course as I felt uncomfortable reaching out critique with nothing in my portfolio

par Amy C

27 juil. 2022

This was a pretty slow and simple course. I felt it was not challenging enough and at times felt i was wasting my time. However, I was looking at the rest of the course and it seems like it is going to be more challenging. Thanks and thats my input.

par Nur A S M Y

14 mars 2022

I love the technical parts where we learn about frameworks used for UX design and the design sprint sessions. I'm less interested about learning how to create online presence and connecting with other people. However overall this course is informative

par Anastasiia M

4 mars 2022

I think it was to early for me to create my own portfolio, because I don't have any projects yet, so I dont have anything to share... But over all this course was super informative. I learned a lot and was impressed by the lectures. It was worth it!

par Silvia M A

19 juil. 2021

E​xcellent course, the extra material (documents) has some redundancy and sometimes even some small contradictions.

A​lso noticed that althougth accessibility and equity are important to UX Design, the content related to itdeepen on this is optional.

par Kelli G

7 août 2022

The information in the presentations has been interesting and the speakers are detailed. My only issue was not being able to print notes I would save without doing a copy paste. There really should be a way to collect our digital notes to print.

par Katharine B

15 mai 2021

It is a lot of useful theory, but not very practical. I struggle to retain a lot of theory in my mind without putting it into practice. The quizzes at the end of each week are quite easy too, and definitely don't take an hour, more like 5 minutes.

par Brianne J

26 avr. 2022

I feel like learning the different roles would be more suited for a separate course or at the end? IT was very ovrwhelming and not something I will retain at the end of the course. A brief overview and then in depth later would be more beneficial

par Verónica V

3 oct. 2021

Muy claro y amigable sobretodo para estar iniciando en este campo. Es bastante completo lo único que no me gustó es que se vuelve un poco reiterativo con los conceptos. Repite mucho lo mismo y se hace muy largo creo que podría acortarse mucho más

par Amy C

15 juin 2022

Some of the quiz questions were a bit long but overall the course was very nice.

I enjoyed the fact that there was both visual and auditory learning method with videos and a more in depth reading following after the video to cement any concepts.

par Davide M

27 juil. 2022

Very intersting. it gives an overview of how the UX/UI world works, the types of jobs someone can aspire to, and also the different types of UX/UI designers that someone might encounter if that specific person will start working in this sector

par Mad M

6 oct. 2021

This course is great for newbies to the industry, even for us oldies it was good to recap and understand a little more about the next generations approach to promoting yourself if you wish to seek a career change within the UX design industry

par Roman Z

22 août 2021

g​ood overview, however it seems like the personal branding section should be an optional module in the end. Personally i am here for knowledge, not to look for a job in the field. Also what would they put in a portfolio if they just started.

par htoohtooaungkhine

6 mai 2021

This foundation course is so great. And it is also for the absolute beginner and a person who want to learn UX but where to start .You can check out this foundations course by Google. You will see that this course is best fit for you.

par Alex H

16 août 2021

All t​he content of the course is great! The only critisim I have is that I think creating a portfolio and joining portfolio-based communities before having any projects completed (at least through this program) was a little premature.

par Dallin M

5 juin 2021

The course has been good so far, besides what I figure to be a balance issue. The fourth week was disproportionately drawn out compared to the previous weeks, and some of that content could be spread out across course 1 or simplified.

par Mechaela Y

20 janv. 2022

​I wish some of the portfolio and networking content took place after learning designs and having a case study I can actually display on my site. It felt too soon to create a brand and website if I haven’t even learned designing yet.

par Sathya T

2 déc. 2021

Its an amazing course i haven't dont before.............I have interest in UX designing which make me to do this course.....all can try thus course with interest while doing week 1 you have insterested to do this course fluently....