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Finance is for “Non-financial Managers” who want to understand key financial principles and apply them in a real-world context. Over the course of the program window, you will work your way through a series of nine modules that move from understanding basic financial principles to applying financial analysis and ratios to drive decisions. In addition, each module is capped with an ending self-evaluation to ensure that you have absorbed the following key learning objectives: + Understand the language associated with finance + Know how and when to use financial terms and analysis techniques + Read and assess company performance using financial statements + Recognize the link between organizational strategy and financial objectives + Use "the numbers" to your best advantage to make more informed decisions...

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5 févr. 2020

The videos were informative and concise. The only issue I found was potential rounding errors with some of the numbers but this was usually non-consequential.

10 mai 2020

Very practical and useful course; I have gained good knowledge about the investment; return, ratios, and CAPM. Thank you for the great course Dr. Smith

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par Paolo N

15 oct. 2018

The course started very well, the professor and the teaching was quite clear ( even if the video was really out of focus ). Later on in the course there were several points where the teacher is working on a spreadsheet but we cannot see the spreadsheet at all. I could not see what he was doing or writing since the teacher was writing on a piece of paper that we could not see, so it's hard to follow, and often his screen it is too small / not focused. The course started extremely well, then it seemed the teacher just rushed to finish the course. Luckily I took another course with coursera that was excellent or just based on this course, I would abandon the system.

I also found some errors in the excercizes but I had no idea on how to report them.

par Sameh E M

8 mars 2018

Course material started good, then went into numbers and accounting data

Week end content went very fast. Could not benefit from instructor examples since he was all the time looking at his screen and mentioning numbers and calculations without showing them on our screen to follow. So I could not track what he was doing

In lots of Quizes, I could not figure which values to use. Mostly went through logic and trial and error to figure out the answer. Some given equations didn't apply to quizes (like CAPM)

par Bob L

17 avr. 2018

This course has potential but needs improvement. I'm a Project Manager with a Mechanical Engineering background and took this course to expand a bit. There are a lot of good topics covered but you are essentially on your own. I was working on questions for Week 4 and couldn't figure a few out so I took them to someone in my Finance dept who also couldn't figure out how certain values were being arrived at. We worked backwards from other answers and still couldn't determine how values were being calculated. I submitted my issues to the Forum and received zero response; I had no choice but to proceed. Same thing occurred during Week 5. I eventually got in touch with Coursera support who advised that the teachers are not required to respond to any questions (and I saw that the teacher had been in the Forum), but rather the "community" would respond. I pointed out that there are a few flaws in that thought process, and now that I'm well past those weeks there are zero responses in the Forum. They created a help ticket but I never got a response.

There are several points where the teacher is working on a spreadsheet but you can't see what he's seeing so it's hard to follow, and many times when you can see his screen it is too small / not focused.

I'm not saying I didn't learn because I did; I took copious notes and ended up creating my own spreadsheet for many items which will be useful. The teacher is pleasant to listen to and the pace is good. But for an intro-level class it needs to be reviewed for accuracy and details.

Again, you'll get zero support but you get what you pay for.

par manoj y

10 févr. 2017

Amazing course in Finance for managers ,loved it.Specially the professor Tom's teaching style and amazing communication skills and detailing of the concepts.Will recommend every manager to take this course and save hell lot of money in going other colleges and spending huge money.

An experience to cherish!!

Thanks professor Thomas smith !!

par Prakash A S

13 août 2018

Very good course that helps you analyse balance sheets and income statements, and to evaluate company performance using various ratios. The course covers topics on investment decision techniques and cost of capital calculations that provides you methods/models to help you take the right decisions while perfoming your duties.

par Sanjeev K S

9 févr. 2020

It has really very informative and is definitely going to help in taking financial decision efficiently, Thanks once again for creating this course.

par Sarah S A

2 nov. 2019

Quite complicated for people with no finance backgroup. teacher approach is not taking this into consideration

par Oliver C

4 nov. 2019

some videos were poor quality meaning i couldn't read some figures

par Muath

2 mars 2019

good course but there is a needing to improve course material

par Janelle A B

29 sept. 2019

The "Finance for Non-Financial Managers" course provided a good range of learning material and Prof Smith's delivery made the sessions interesting and lively. Some sections were much easier to follow than others, especially when calculations were shared on screen. However it was just as easy to replay and review the transcripts to fill in blanks for the more challenging sections.

par Josué M

2 mars 2019

As for the content it was really good and the professor made it very easy to understand but there were a couple of videos where he was working on his excel tables but it wasn't shown on the video so it was kind of difficult to know exactly what he was doing.

par Ricardo B M

31 août 2018

Very practical and useful, to know more about the projects and the costs that this involves in each stage, the return and the planning for each action that should be taken

par Amanullaeva S R

28 juil. 2020

This course was really helpful for me. I now have general knowledge of finance and accounting. Big thanks to Tom Smith for his approach, everything was clear!

par Max S

5 févr. 2020

The videos were informative and concise. The only issue I found was potential rounding errors with some of the numbers but this was usually non-consequential.

par Kannan

10 mai 2020

Very practical and useful course; I have gained good knowledge about the investment; return, ratios, and CAPM. Thank you for the great course Dr. Smith

par Anand N

16 nov. 2019

Great course! I would recommend this to many of my team members and colleagues. Absolute value for money. Thanks Professor Smith and Coursera!

par Vinay D P

5 déc. 2020

It was a useful session for beginners like me in finance. It could have been improved at the end but in overall, it was a good session.

par Fiona H

17 mai 2020

Professional course. even though I am the non-financial manager, easy to understanding the knowledge from this co

par Ian C M

10 août 2018

very helpful course. allowed me to have a clear vision, and better understand finance from a company´s standpoint

par ram k

20 juin 2020

Really great and good content. Its easy to learn and the instructor made it very simple, easier and practical

par Bekzod I

24 juil. 2020

All the basic knowledge about the assessing the value of a company is provided in the user-friendly manner.

par Suresh P K

1 juin 2020

Really enjoyed the study and the subjects covered under this course are what exactly I want to learn.

par Rich G

29 juin 2017

Tom Smith is a great professor; he makes the material interesting and understandable. Great course!

par Jose C

1 janv. 2021

Excellent, very practical and applicable.

Thanks a lot for the Knowledge.

Best regards,

Jose Corrales


11 juil. 2020

Well thought course and much easy and convenient to do it.

Of the best courses on Coursera.