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In this course you will learn how evolution works. You will develop an understanding of evolutionary processes and their formative power. You will see how evolution has shaped biodiversity, and continuously influences our daily life. Evolution impacts human endeavors as varied as medicine, agriculture, psychology, economy, and culture. It is the major unifying principle for biology and a fundamental natural law. In five weeks we will make evolution accessible for you and help you to recognize evolutionary processes around you, in nature as well as in society. We make use of the unique collection of Naturalis, the natural history museum in Leiden, but also take you to the field. Using classical and up-to-date examples, we will show you how scientists address evolutionary questions. In the last module, we will have a look at the future. How will humans evolve? And how do we influence our own evolution and that of other organisms? This course is aimed at anybody with a drive to obtain a deeper, broader, and pragmatic understanding of evolution, including high-school students, BSc (undergraduate) biology students, MSc (graduate) students from other disciplines, medical professionals, conservation officers and educators in museums, libraries, national parks, and schools....

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5 mai 2021

Very interesting content, we learn a lot on various subjects. It's appreciable that we can deepen the subject through essays, not only quizzes

23 mai 2020

I am from France and with a little more time than predicted by the teachers, this course was successful with 92.4%!

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par Emiel d J

6 juil. 2018

This course is very interesting. It explains most aspects of evolution in a great way. There even is some practical work in it. The also go in the field to show some observations in nature. They are engaging and very clear in their speech.

par Cliff S

3 avr. 2017

This course starts off interesting and then just gets absurd. A huge chunk of the genetic part has activities where you have to translate large genetic sequences by hand. If you don't have access to a printer, trying to break up genetic codes into 3-letter codons and translating them is an exercise in frustration. Plus the sequences are not even easily formatted for printing as they are all images so you can't even just copy them into an editor and break up the sequences.

This was only the second course I dropped on Cousera.

par Cassidy C

12 oct. 2016

This course was incredible! The videos were interesting and included field trips and dialogue that made it spectacular and enjoyable to learn. You were able to take every graded assignment and participate even if you did not have money to buy the certificate. I learned so much and feel like my mind has been widened. I wish it had talked a bit more about how humans are evolving because that was super interesting, and a few test items would not grade correctly, but other than that it was perfect! Thank you so much for providing this excellent course for free for us! It must of took so much time and collaborative effort I applaud you for your generosity. It makes me wish I could go to this school.

par María Á G V

9 déc. 2016

I loved it! I was looking for a course that taught about evolution without going too deep into Genetics (since it has proven to be too tough for me). I loved this course's approach for people who have no previous knowledge on either field! Thank you!

par Paul T

3 juil. 2020

Excellent videos and resources. Not too difficult but challenging at times. I learnt a lot more about evolution and particularly enjoyed the section on decoding DNA and the way that evolution is still changing the world we live in.

Thank you.

par Neilbarker

30 avr. 2020

An excellent course with varied forms of learning and assessment. Fascinating examples and ideas were used to develop understanding. I feel I have a much deeper insight into evolution since taking this course.

par Philip H

25 janv. 2018

A good course with interesting information. The only issue was on genetic codes.Cordons should have been marked off for ease of answering questions, a few of which were poorly worded. But overall, very good.

par Maxime P

6 mai 2021

Very interesting content, we learn a lot on various subjects. It's appreciable that we can deepen the subject through essays, not only quizzes

par Alexandre H

24 mai 2020

I am from France and with a little more time than predicted by the teachers, this course was successful with 92.4%!

par Yue Y

7 sept. 2017

Excellent course! REALLY informative and the exercise questions are helpful in understanding the concepts!

par Marcus V B C

13 sept. 2017

Sensacional, muito bom. Mas poderia estar na língua portuguesa, traduzido para o português do Brasil.

par Prashant K M

10 mai 2020

Quite well explained and laid out. A impressive program for understanding the basics of evolution.

par Isabella S

10 avr. 2020

Brilliant course, very interesting and i'd recommend it for fellow college/sixth form students

par Sharell B

19 déc. 2017

This course really made me think about evolution. :) Would recommend this course!


29 mai 2017

Interesting, good examples and case study, whole content of the course is good.

par Luis J H

6 févr. 2017

Extremely interesting, well conducted and achievable of the difficult toolls

par Marta K

3 nov. 2017

not overly demanding so far but really interactive and interesting. 5/5

par George G S

17 juin 2019

Excellent course: interesting content and engaging instructors.

par Clotilde d C F N

16 oct. 2016

It's a very good course, i will do more!

par JOHN Q

19 déc. 2016

great and interesting.

par B G A B

10 sept. 2021

excellent course and lecturers

par Richard K

11 mai 2018

Very interesting class

par Abe N

22 févr. 2017

I love this course

par Audra G

18 févr. 2020

Enjoyable content

par Alma D

21 avr. 2017

Wonderful course!