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Everyday Parenting gives you access to a toolkit of behavior-change techniques that will make your typical day in the home easier as you develop the behaviors you would like to see in your child. The lessons provide step-by-step instructions and demonstrations to improve your course of action with both children and adolescents. Among many techniques, you will learn how even simple modifications to tone of voice and phrasing can lead to more compliance. The course will also shed light on many parenting misconceptions and ineffective strategies that are routinely used. The key to the course is practice. It is not enough to know the strategies; you have to do them to reap the rewards. Using the techniques on a temporary basis will lead to permanent change. Chances are your parenting is perfectly fine and working the way you would like. But if you have any frustrations with your child or would like improve your effectiveness in changing your child’s behavior, these videos will be a very useful guide. Subtitles available in Chinese and Spanish....

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6 nov. 2019

Such amazing course, it’s useful and joyful to learn all the way through. I love it ! Thank you Coursera make learning easy to learn and share , I see the power of knowledge by E- sharing ! Wonderful!


11 mai 2020

Very straightforward content and easy to follow for beginners. The course gives very simple tools that are applicable for child rearing when addressing problematic behaviour for children or teenagers.

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par Phuoc H A N

1 févr. 2021

Thank you Professor Kazdin for such a great parenting course! Your extensive knowledge gives us so many useful tools to make our family life better. Knowing is far different from doing, but we're trying everyday to apply what we've learnt from you to become more loving & effective parents. I highly recommend this course to all parents!

par Daranee J

19 mai 2020

This is a very helpful course. I've learned many things, especially how to raise the child with positive and systematic behavior improvement. The teacher is very positive and passionate, he is a very good role model. I recommend this course for all. I am going to practice things I learn with my nephew and my clients. Thank you so much.

par Rola B G

26 févr. 2021

This course was very helpful. From the first modules I was able to start shifting my old parenting techniques by applying the suggested ones in the course, and I was happy to discover how effective they actually are. I think every parent should take a course like this, because it will definitely help in improving the home environment.

par Martha G

28 juil. 2020

Dr, Kazdin inspired me to reopen the Parent Center at my school, I learned very good techniques and strategies that will be beneficial to the parents and students, I am also want to thank him because I am a parent liaison for the Hispanic community and I will use the Spanish translations.

He is an amazing professor, Thanks Dr. Kazdin.

par Isabel C M d B

22 mai 2021

As I child clinical psychology, this curse reinforces all the knowledge of child-rearing and is up to date with the strategies used with children and parents and the importance of well-being in parents and children. Dr. Kazdin has been in this curse an excellent transmitter of many and the best behavior technics used in psychology.

par Lauren L

31 janv. 2018

A great course that was easy to complete. I work full-time and mother to a toddler and I was easily able to complete this course in the timeframe required. It was engaging and had a lot of great techniques and tools that I know will come in handy as I navigate through parenthood. Thanks very much for making this course available!

par Suman K

23 mai 2020

It’s a practical and very effective too. Gives new ideas and guides how to apply it too. Thanks for such a valuable and well designed one. I feel it could be more precise and crisp too as sometimes I had problem reading the transcript. Transcript could be shown on screen during the lecture as it could be easy to relate it then

par Monique W

18 janv. 2019

In the first day, I learned about 60 percent of the first week of material. That night I began to apply it, and it was like a miracle! I don't even know what comes next, if but the first day was that beneficial, I am looking forward to the remainder of the class. I can see that it is going to be a blessing for my family and me.

par Isabelle F

3 mai 2020

I really enjoyed this course which give a very good parenting toolbox and allows to strenghten the basic knowledges of how the children behave and how to positively influence the behaviors. The concepts are explained very clearly and are "ready to use" tools to impact your child's behavior. Thank you for this very good course.

par faisal b

19 nov. 2018

Prof kazdan. i am feeling very luck that i took your course , and truly speaking i was in a desperate need for it. i learned a lot and successfully applied your Technics. i am sure that thousand of parents will get lot help from this course ,for good parenting . ill watch your videos again and again. thanks alot.

Faisal Bilal

par Rachel J

22 juin 2020

Loved it gave me so many great tips and understandings on how to assist my child and it really has made a big difference in their responses to me! Thank you! I will learn and practice it again and again and improve my skills over time with the kids... I have seen an increase in happy affection and compliance without issues!

par Gladys M K A

6 juin 2020

Felicitaciones al Dr. Azrin que nos ha ofrecido un excelente curso para la crianza de los niños, de una manera organizada, clara y amena. Continuaremos poniendo en práctica el ABC de la crianza. Gracias a la Universidad de Yale y a Coursera por la oportunidad que nos brindan para llevar cursos de calidad y gran utilidad.

par Cynthia L

2 juil. 2020

It's very important to get some education about being a parent. There are many frustrating moments with the child and I am glad that I found this course and learned some techniques of how to change undesired behaviors. My daughter is only 3 years old but it's helpful to learn these before she really develops some problems.

par Anisa N

11 avr. 2021

engaging, easy to absorb, and educative.

I hold a bachelor's degree in psychology and I learned a bit of the subject in this course. In my point of view, I agree on how to rear a child with the technique from this course. I hope that I will be a good parent in the future and would like to apply the method to my children.

par reirei

21 mai 2018

Very practical and even humble from a leading expert to the struggling rookie parents. Principles mentioned in this course are seemingly simple, but spending the time to go through the journey with Professor Kazdin makes the principles more than a knowledge but something you can really use and make a difference in life.

par Sebastian A V C

11 août 2020

Thank you very much Dr Alan Kazdin. This was such a great course. I´m not a native speaker of english but I get a huge comprehention abaout the topic. I am a psychologyst and I have realized this course synthesizes the basics of human behavior and reinforcement programs in a very interesting way. Thank you very much!!!

par Ayomide B

13 mai 2020

I enjoyed taking this course. The instructor was knowledgeable in his field and the materials were resourceful. And I liked that it was self-paced. I enjoyed the peer review tasks as well as applying the lessons learned in my immediate environment. It was all together, a beautiful experience. Thank you Alan E. Kazdin!!

par Andrea A D

29 avr. 2020

It was an amazing course. Definitely very helpful in these Covid-19 times. We are all confined at home so, having a toolkit of parenting techniques organized by Dr. Alan Kazdin is just what we need. I will be coming back to some lessons as needed for sure. Thank you for putting this kind of courses at our disposition.

par Dicle Ç

25 sept. 2018

Excellent! This course is both practically and academically helpful for child rearing. Classes are fun and the quizzes are fair. It's very easygoing and it teaches you a great deal. I feel so lucky to join this class when I'm raising my toddler. I'm looking forward to other courses related with this one in the future.

par Fuyuka S

1 févr. 2021

It was extremely useful as a Early childhood educator also as a mom of two to navigate child's behavior using positive reinforcement. Also this course is very beneficial for who struggles and being frustrated with daily childrearing by learning misconceptions about traditional childrearing techniques like punishment.

par Muku N

4 mars 2018

Definitely useful for the new parent as well as parents of older children as they face the challenges of growing up. As parents, there is no way that we know what are the tried and tested methods of child rearing without learning about it, this is the resource for you to learn about those tried and tested techniques!

par Miriam H

21 déc. 2017

Yo soy psicóloga infantil desde 2011 atiendo casos de TDAH, TND, y otros trastornos de conducta, frecuentemente relacionados a estilos de crianza autoritarios, permisivos o negligentes. Importante la educación de los padres de familia para tener herramientas de prevención e intervención en los contextos más próximos.

par Akhila K

26 mai 2021

This is a wonderfully designed course with lots of practical examples for parents with children of all age groups. I wish I had done this course when my kids were even younger. It could have helped some stressful years. But the techniques outlined are easy to follow and like Dr. Kazdin stresses, practice is crucial.


29 janv. 2022

I enrolled in this course because I wanted to be a good parent. I am very glad I did because the tools and techniques work. I have been practicing them to help my son develop better study habits. Not only has he gained better study habits, but we have also grown closer in the process. Thank you, Dr. Kazdin!