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What can we do to prevent outbreaks of infectious diseases from becoming epidemics or pandemic? In this course, you’ll learn the facts about infectious diseases and medical responses. We'll focus on the public health laws and policies that provide the framework for effective prevention, like quarantine laws, drug development policies, and bioterrorism and biodefense....

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15 avr. 2020

It was an extremely informational and interesting course, especially in the times of COVID-19. It helped me better understand what is happening in the world today regarding to pandemics and epidemics.

22 avr. 2020

This course is very enlightening, and educative. The teachers break down each concept for easy assimilation. It's an important course all health related professionals need and I recommend it strongly.

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par neil p

8 avr. 2020

it was good, though more talk on the science and virology side would make it even better.

Thank you.

par APST 1

4 avr. 2020

Excellent course. It gives us an insights in understanding the situations which are varied in factors which impacts the situation directly or indirectly. It informed us regarding who has what authority in what situations, what is the difference between infectious and contagious disease etc. With that, it also provide us discussion forum in which we are given a situation or sometimes a question on which we need to put our views which in turn, helps us to deal with the real life situations and how to deal with them.

par Kris C

28 sept. 2020

The course was excellent at explaining the differences, implications and laws. However, it should be updated to reflect COVID-19 since this pandemic has given us real life examples of how isolation, quarantine, and reporting has been implemented. The fact that there is such a controversy on something like mask mandates would be a great topic to cover. Many think it is a "personal right" not to wear a mask. However, it has a direct impact on the spread of COVID-19 which should make it mandatory.

par yogesh p g

27 avr. 2020

Amid the pandemic of covid 19 I decided to learn more about the threats by diseases which can turn into the matter of international concern.I am aspiring for civil services in my country and i hope that the measures which i have learned in the course would help in the unimaginable situation.I thank to university who has considered the epidemic as a resultant humanitarian crises cause and designed a course which would help the students to make people aware of the arising dangerous.

par Eboh, K C

2 avr. 2020

This course is apt, engaging , and highly educative. it's equipped me with profound knowledge and understanding of complex forces that influences and shapens health polices and decision making, implementation of health related laws and how these laws vary among different locations, and roles played by different groups ranging from community level to the federal jurisdiction. Also, having a grasp to infection, transmission, and control of disease.

par Ayesha A

3 déc. 2020


This was a very educational and Interesting course which cleared a lot of misconceptions and increased my curiosity level in this field, learnt a lot of new facts. The faculty was too good, they explained the concepts topicwise in an easy way. The best part was they even kept explaining each thing so if you're not a science student, you can understand that clearly. Thankyou for uploading this course.

Regards from India.

par Juan P R H

1 mai 2020

Este curso ha sido una aventura extraordinaria académica en el complejo mundo de las enfermedades infecciosas y de las políticas de salud pública para enfrentarlas. La calidad del contenido ha sido de primera. Los profesores son de un alto nivel profesional y con una excelente capacidad de transmitir ideas complejas de manera muy amena. Muy agradecido por todos los conocimientos que he adquirido.

par Arturo M

29 janv. 2018

Very good course, well presented by experts and the explanations are very well documented and clear. After taking this course one can see many efforts that have been done in the past and in these days in order to create the proper framework to authorities, sanitary people, academic institutions, and the whole population in order to be as much as possible prepared for epidemic or pandemic threats.

par Emmanuel O

12 janv. 2018

Wow, i am a lover of Public health with current focus on non-communcable diseases. My wife introduced me to coursera and i reluctantly sign up with them only for me to on this program which after enrolling i completed it within 3 days. I gained alot from it and i am very sure i will be recommending this course to my friends. Special thanks to all the instructors.

par Alma K

18 mai 2020

This course is amazing and designed to provide the knowledge that I wanted in field of Epidemics, Pandemics and Outbreaks. It is great that I can study on my free time and I would recommend it to everyone who wants to gain new knowledge and skills needed for future reference. Surely I shall take other courses in my interest of study. Thank you Coursera.

par Nurul A b M A

13 mai 2020

This course really helpful and relatable to current situation and my course at university which is medical anthropology. My first chapter is talking about pandemic, epidemic and this courses really help me to get better understanding on that topic. This courses so beneficial to everyone. Thank you for giving me a chance to take this course for free.

par Anne M C

29 août 2020

A very interesting course. The material was presented very well and I was impressed by the range of presenters who are at the top of their field in this area of policy, security and law. The additional learniing resources provide were excellent, and the use of Hollywood pandemic movies in the discussion topics was very creative.

par John S W

4 avr. 2020

very well developed and presented. the material was directed towards public health issues with a modicum of sciencific spice here and there. a good overview of regulatory responsibilities and regulations. helps one to see how over government failed to act appropirately with SARS2 even though procedures were in place

par Tom K

30 mars 2020

This was an excellent overview course on a highly relevant topic impacting our entire world at the moment. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to hear from expert on why planning and enforcement of laws such as the International Health Regulations (2005) are so important to stem a potential pandemic.

par Lisa S

22 mai 2020

Excellent introductory course! In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, it was comforting to get a basic understanding of how infectious disease handling has evolved over time to the present day. The lectures were short and informative with many interesting examples. Kudos to all the instructors on a great job!

par Marvin R C

26 févr. 2020

Learn much more about virus bacteria, the way it spread and attack the human body , also the way of some virus that mutate in the course of the sickness

I feel more prepare to confront any situation that my new roll.

This course is a great help and the teacher are so pin point on each class thanks.

par Nichole V

24 mai 2020

I took this course to get a better understanding on the current pandemic. I felt that it helped me understand the measures local, state, and national government has taken. I know have a better understanding of the laws and legal implications. I feel this course was worth the time and effort.

par katrina h à c

7 sept. 2017

This is an excellent overview of the issues and solutions regarding epidemics and pandemics and their legal basis. The course is US-focussed but still gives a good grounding in the basic concepts and the way in which various organisations and regulatory authorities are empowered to respond.

par Jacob Z

6 févr. 2017

Very informative and engaging. Although I'm not US citizen, the practice and legal framework of the US that is being used to counter-act epidemic/pandemic diseases would help me understand how different parties can work collectively to control and contain the diseases. Thank you professors!

par ubaid

16 avr. 2020

It was brilliant! Things were laid down quite well to enable the students to grasp it at its roots. Although mostly exemplified by departments running in USA, i and most other non US citizens would more appreciate if other examples would have also been given. Besides, it was great course!

par Billy M

29 mars 2020

What makes this course unique is its focus on the interrelationships between Epidemics, Pandemics and Outbreaks and Law. Very helpful in understanding the limited authorities at the Federal level relative to localities within the U.S. - as well as the importance of state-level readiness.

par Kelsey D

21 mai 2020

This course is so relevant in today's COVID world. They should update the course to discuss COVID, maybe add another week to discuss this most recent pandemic in detail. Overall super educational and gave me some great talking points when discussing the measures being put in place today.


14 sept. 2020

The course is awesome.Great. The material and lectures are completely clear, concise and interesting.As a primary care physician, it helped me to understand many situations that are presenting because of Covid 19 Pandemics. Of course I give a very high recommendation to enroll in it.

par Cecil-Cristian L

23 mai 2020

Absolutamente claro, preciso. Muy buen aporte a mi interés por este tema contingente. Gracias a todos los Creadores, Instructores e involucrados. Ojalá exista alguna coherencia con otros cursos que complementen este, tal vez más avanzado, pero en el mismo contexto. ¡Cordiales saludos!

par Hazel K

6 mai 2020

A great and helpful course in processing all the information and research that has been done on Epidemics, Pandemics, and Outbreaks. Feels surreal taking this during the exact moments of COVID-19 pandemic going on around the world but helped me so much. Greatly informative.