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Environmental law may be the one institution standing between us and planetary exhaustion. It is also an institution that needs to be reconciled with human liberty and economic aspirations. This course considers these issues and provides a tour though existing legal regimes governing pollution, water law, endangered species, toxic substances, environmental impact analyses, and environmental risk. Note: The Environmental Law & Policy Course will close for new learner enrollment on February 22, 2019. Learners who have already enrolled will continue to see it on their Coursera Dashboard as long as they remain enrolled in the course. If you are currently enrolled in this course, please see the announcement sent on February 19, 2019, for additional details....

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19 avr. 2018

Incredible course with an engaging professor who makes you want to learn more with every lesson.

The best course I saw on Coursera and exactly what I would appreciate in any course, online or not.


2 juin 2020

Really great class. Covers all the main topics of environmental law. The Professor is very interesting, informative, and clear. A great introductory class for environmental topics in the legal realm.

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par Rihan S

18 juin 2021

Professor Donald Hornstein is a wonderful teacher! He explains from the history of environmental law to the contemporary state with a view to the world legal regime. His insights at policy from Economics and Law from Statutes and Case law are delight to learn in fusion.

Although the course is set around in 2013-14, it has been great fun learning and has prepared me for future learning !

par Hannah F

15 nov. 2016

I loved this course! The professor is so enthusiastic and easy to follow, and I feel like I have the basic background knowledge that I need for my job now. It also helped me to interpret cases - I read the case (which he has condensed) each unit, tried to puzzle out what had happened, and then listened to his lecture to see if I got it right. Thank you Coursera and Professor Hornstein!!

par Julen A

5 juin 2020

Brilliant course, the content is interesting, challenging and well organised. Lessons are very easy to follow and a great effort was put in order to summarise all the cases. Every week you can learn something new and you really get the feeling that you have acquired a better understanding of basic Nord American Environmental case law (even if you are not familiar with law at all!).

par Asim K

5 sept. 2015

Prof. Don Hornstein is great at introducing each and every concept related to environmental law and policy. I am a graduate student of Sustainable Infrastructure having no background in Law but I finished the course with 100% grade and learnt many aspects and terms of Law, specifically Environmental Law. I would like to thank Prof. Hornstein for the wonderful lectures.

par Elin E

12 nov. 2016

The course gave me a valuable overview of existing legal tools in the US to protect the environment, as well as efforts at international level. Above all, it gave me an increased interest in environmental issues and solutions. Professor Hornstein is a wonderful and brilliant teacher, which not only makes the course interesting and easy to follow, but fun and engaging!

par Kumud D

29 mai 2020

It is an excellent course for professionals who wants to pursue interdisciplinary research in environmental law. I must appreciate the efforts of Dr. Donald Hornstein for making the course really interactive and interesting too for the professionals who are from nonlaw backgrounds. Thanks to Coursera as well for providing such a platform to the global researchers.

par putrevu r

18 juin 2020

This is an excellent course on Introduction to Environmental law and policy. The professor was exceptional in presenting the common law , Environmental law , statutes and constitutional provisions of United States and the Environmental laws through various case laws. It is really an opportunity to learn and I am thankful to Prof Donald Hornstein and the Coursera.

par Kwisatz H

18 août 2020

Hats Off to Prof. Don Hornstein and the team for putting together the best course for learners. One should not be surprised in gaining the ability of logical reasoning, as the Professor makes it so easy thought the course. Kindly look into the promise of "distinction" at the earliest. Will always be happy to take it up again just to see Prof Don Hornstein dance.

par Kathryn M

3 mars 2018

As someone studying Environmental Management in Europe, I was looking for a course that would give me an overview of Environmental Law and Policy in the United States to supplement my European studies. This course was exactly what was looking for. I learned a lot, and already feel better equipped when following environmental issues of our day and age. Thank you!


14 févr. 2018

I enjoyed this course and Prof Hornstein's enthusiastic presentation. Having spent many years implementing the Safe Drinking Water Act and attempting to stay current with its never ending rule updates, I immediately think policy implementation when the term environmental law is used. However, I greatly enjoyed the theory and court cases that were presented.

par JUAN A C A

16 août 2020

I am a law student in Peru, and this course helped me reinforce my vocation in this beautiful area of law. I hope to keep learning from a comparative perspective in order to improve our legislation. On the other hand, thanks to the teacher for being so entertaining and taking the time to wear a suit in his economic theory sessions. We value it too much.

par Victor V

26 déc. 2020

I thoroughly enjoyed the course and the instructor was fantastic. My only gripe is that I wish the tests would be a lot more challenging. But I realize that part of the issue is I want university level challenge from a format (or price point) that isn't really conducive to more challenging testing. But I'll definitely take more courses from Coursera.

par Talha B

4 juin 2022

This was a great MOOC that gave an insight to environmental law by reviewing and discussing historical disputes. Prof. Hornstein is one of the best instructors who with his knowledge and experience not only explained perfectly but also discussed concepts of social sciences especially economics that has had affect on environmental laws and statutes.

par joel b

2 sept. 2020

I recommend this course very highly. I previously learned about many of these topics in my Advanced Placement Environmental Science course in High School. This course not only refreshed my knowledge on that, but provided a new, compelling legal perspective. The teaching is very informative, and the theory lectures I found especially interesting.

par William A I

28 déc. 2016

Professor is a great guy and keeps the entire course entertaining as I'm sure Intro to Environmental Law isn't the most exciting topic of conversation. He covers a lot of ground in a concise fashion. You learn quite a bit and many of the need-to-know details in this field. Any sustainability professional would greatly benefit from this course.

par Sanchi D

3 juin 2020

Wow! what an amazing course it was. I just loved the course content and the teaching style of professor Don Hornstein. This course has actually developed my interest in environmental law and i will never forget the things which i have learned from this incredible course. Thank you so much sir and yes coursera for such an amazing experience.

par Tarun P

24 mai 2020

BEST PROFESSOR EVER!!!!! The classes were very engaging with frequent interactions. The readings were summarized very well and apart from that the 1-minute brief of the cases were very useful. I love the fact that apart from environmental law, even common law, statute reading, nuisance, liability and so many other features are also covered.

par Jennifer S M

29 mars 2017

This subject has been presented in a very interesting and motivating way by Prof. Hornstein. I have learned much about relevant legislation, Supreme Court jurisdiction and international agreements in the context of environmental issues. Since environmental problems concerns all of us I can warmly recommend to take this course to everyone.

par Allie O

3 août 2016

I thoroughly enjoyed the Introduction to Environmental Law and Policy course and appreciate

Professor Donald Hornstein's creative approach to teaching. I was both inspired and empowered by this course and look forward to further courses in Environmental law from The University of North Carolina at Chapel HIll.

Thank you so very much.

par Anna G

3 avr. 2021

Inspiring, informational, and interesting course, with an easy-to-follow structure. I really enjoyed listening to the professor, he was truly enthusiastic. I think this course is a great introduction to the American legal system and the American approach to environmental law. I would really enjoy listening to an updated version too.

par Amanda M

26 mars 2021

A fascinating course! Great introduction to environmental law and policy. I took this course because I am an environmentalist at heart and wanted a more in depth knowledge of how the law factors in to policies and standards that have been set up to help the environment. I found this course very helpful and would highly recommend.

par Aditia B S

28 févr. 2021

This is awesome course although I have to reset two times to accomplish this course, but it's worth it for me. I'm waiting the second session of this module or there is update in environmental law internationally even after COP 15 in Paris and related about Covid-19 as well. Thanks Professor Hornstein, hope to see you soon.


31 mars 2017

This course is amazing .Gives insight of environmental issues ,law violations,environmental protection and economics policies and there impacts.Professor teaches in an exceptional way ,makes you finish course before time . I would Recommend it to anyone who is concerned about environmental issues and law and protection .

par Pooja D

8 mai 2020

Environment is a place where different things are such as a swampy or hotenvironment. It can be living (biotic) or non-living (abiotic) things. It includes physical, chemical and other natural forces. ... Since everything is part of theenvironment of something else, the word environment is used to talk about many things.