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This course gives you access to an exploration of physiological systems from the perspective of overall health and wellness. In particular, a focus on yoga, meditation and mindfulness as a therapeutic intervention in chronic illness and long term treatment. This course is intended for yoga practitioners and teachers, as well as college students and medical practitioners looking for a deeper understanding of the physiological benefits of yoga. The value of taking this course is to understand the impact that yoga can have on reducing stress, and aiding in healing or preventing physiological pathologies. Throughout this course, we will learn about different physiological systems and highlight yoga practices that can influence different systems and reduce pathology. Reading material will include analysis of scientific studies that have successfully utilized yoga practice as a tool for treatment of various illnesses such as: hypertension, stress, diabetes, insomnia, chronic pain and PTSD. In order to understanding these conditions, lectures will provide a complete understanding of the correlating physiological system. The weekly course assignment will include physiology lectures, a weekly yoga practice, suggested readings, and optional discussions for a total of 3-5 hours per week. The course will provide a tremendous amount of information and hands on experience for those interested in alternative health perspectives and a more in depth scientific understanding of this ancient healing method....

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24 févr. 2020

In this course I have learned more about anatomy than my entire life and all yoga courses together. I can't enough recommend this course for any yoga level practice wether students or instructors!!

25 oct. 2020

Excellent course, it tied together the physiology and yoga very well, the videos that showed how to do the poses and then reminded you what that pose was doing physiologically was very helpful.

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par Manuel G J

9 janv. 2020

Superb course for anyone who practices yoga. It expanded the reach I thought yoga had. A lot of scientific research connected to yoga is explained, along with practices. 100% recommendable if you practice yoga or you are thinking to practice it in the future.

par Helena M G

31 oct. 2019

One of the best courses I have ever done. Edie's book as an additional support, very good one too, I'm miles forward now with my teaching,thank you

par RUBY H R

5 nov. 2019

i am very happy with the course. I have gained ample knowledge of how yoga helps body in various ways to heal and release stress.

par Lindsay H

21 févr. 2020

I loved taking this course. As a registered yoga teacher, I was looking to continue my training and to be able to apply my doctorate degree in biomedical sciences. I enjoyed the videos and the "Test Your Understanding" style questions throughout were very helpful. The teachers were outstanding and very knowledgeable in their respective fields. I wished that more of the additional reading materials (articles) were available in PDF form instead of having to pay individually for them. That was the only drawback and some of the articles were available right away to download. I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to learn more about yoga and how it affects physiology. Thank you all so much!

par Angie

11 mai 2020

This is course demonstrates how yoga can change your life. The practice of yoga, synchronizing breath with body movements can improve your overall health, from a cell level and genetics to every single organ and tissue of you body, providing an optimal physical condition and stress reduction. We have learnt from scientific studies how yoga postures can benefit and aid in almost all kind of pathologies of the body. I am an enthusiastic yoga practitioner and this course encouraged me to do even more yoga, read, research, and reccomend yoga practices to family and friends who suffer from some pathologies. I really recommend the course. DO YOGA! :)

par Keely C

7 oct. 2019

A very fun course that goes more in depth on what I am currently learning in my 200 hour yoga teacher training. This course is a great addition to all of the anatomy that I am both needing and wanting to learn to become a safe and well informed teacher! Realistic amount of time to dedicate towards completing the course with great visual photos to encourage engagement and furthur understanding. Has inspired me to continue learning more, while really dialing in these basics!

par Nadia R

22 déc. 2019

The course was a wonderful complement to my Yoga teacher training. It is well presented and developed with applicable knowledge throughout the course. As someone who struggles with chronic pain it made me understand why yoga and meditation work for me and I look forward to sharing this information and encouraging others to take the course. Thank you . Nadia

par Aisling F

6 juil. 2020

I thoroughly enjoyed this course. I found the combination of lectures, reflective and summary questions as well as the topic-specific yoga and meditation flows to be well-executed and engaging. Although much of the biology/physiology components were revision from first-year undergrad it was really nice to see how much I had remembered but more importantly, the course made some links of yoga to different functions of the body that I hadn't previously made and I found that this improved my personal daily yoga practice as I got better at connecting breath to movement and mind to muscle as well. I think that this course is very accessible and I highly recommend it to anyone with even passing interest in yoga in order to gain a broad idea of the many health benefits that regular practice offers.

par Ajay K A

10 juin 2020

The course gives scientific correlation of human physiology and its relation to Yoga practices. Generic description of various physiological systems in medical terms, their functioning and problems due to internal/ external factors are magnificently brought out in the course. Impact of Yoga exercises on various physiological systems/ organs has been explained by sensing the movements/ pressures created through Yoga. Videos of Yoga exercises are a great help to beginners. For me, the faculty needs the best appreciation for creating interest in the course for students and explaining it so wonderfully. It is a wonderful course for professionals as well as health enthusiasts.

par Amandeep S

4 mai 2020

what else could be a better course on yoga here? None but this meticulously designed course at very low price by NYU. A great hardwork is done by the faculy to design that course. It is a course which addresses the question "Why" and "how" yoga et al. helps improve the overall health and wellness. Lot of study material and research papers are introduced which makes it more interesting and helps inculcate practice with theory. Enjoyed every minute spent on this course. Kindly start more courses for an intermediate and advanced Yoga for the enthusiasts around the world.

par Caroline P

6 juin 2020

This was an excellent course in explaining how each body system can be affected by a regular yoga practice. I really enjoyed revising my anatomy and physiology by doing this course as an already qualified yoga teacher. Particularly the epidemiology

par Akanksha K

2 juin 2020

This course is great for all yoga teachers and core points of this course should be included in yoga teacher training! It's a good foundation for yoga therapy as well (if they ever did come out with Yoga therapy, would definitely attend it)

par Ciapchin

24 mars 2020

I just got my yoga teacher certificte 200hr and this course really hep into linking my knowledge about yoga and its spiritual side with human body physiology. It gave me an insight on how postures influence on our organs and body.

par Rhea S

1 juil. 2020

This course has opened new horizons for me as a Yogi. I have much more knowledge and this has made me aware of my entire body as a whole.

I will definitely help me guide people whom I teach in the correct and healthier direction

par Abimael S N

25 févr. 2020

In this course I have learned more about anatomy than my entire life and all yoga courses together. I can't enough recommend this course for any yoga level practice wether students or instructors!!

par Dnyaneshwari D M

30 juil. 2020

it was a great experience. I learned so many things and made me more aware of the importance of health and how each organ plays a crucial role. even the course structure was very good.

par Gary S

28 août 2020

I've had a really hard time doing this course. First all the videos seem to just stop, clipping the last minute or less. If you pause the video then you have to go back to the beginning to watch. And my pet peeve is everyone dressed in black. I have never been to a yoga practice where everyone was in black. It's not the norm so it's distracting, almost cultish. I'm glad I decided to monitor the course and did not pay. Unfortunately there is a lot of good information here if I could just work through the aggravation.

But at this point I'm dropping out.

par Laura S

27 janv. 2021

I am currently training to become a yoga teacher and this course gave me a very in-depth understanding of the effects of yoga on the cells, organs and body as a whole system. Lectures were detailed but very well explained and difficult concepts were always supported with visual representations. The course integrates scientific theory and concepts with hands-on yoga practices, making it intellectually challenging and interesting but also practical learning experience. Highly recommend to anyone, from yoga teachers to yoga lovers, to medical practitioners and healthcare providers. Thank you!


15 mai 2020

I was searching this type of course from long time and finally I got on coursera. I am highly thankful to Alexandra Seidenstein, Eddie Stern, Tommy Lee and other guest faculties. This course is very helpful to understand the effect of yoga on human body scientifically. The different physiology taught by Lee was amazing to understand the engineering of human body. Specially the concept of Genetics and Epigentics and nervous system were mind blowing. The different yoga postures taught by Stern and Seidenstein are very very useful to control the stress as well as for complete health.

par David D

24 déc. 2020

I found this to be a perfect course to teach oneself the basics of yoga but more importantly the scientific explanation why and how this works on the various systems and organs of the body. It covers many weeks but I welcomed the amount of material, with an interaction of theory, research and practice. I would think anyone could find value for this time investment.

All the lecturers were outstanding but the two main lecturers were superb, able to speak clearly and directly to you without reading from a screen prompt. Bravo!

par Shibaji M

3 déc. 2019

This is a gem of a course, this is the best course I have ever done in Coursera and it's same in standard as the classics from Tim (Algorithm) and Andrew (ML) and some of the Banking and Finance classic courses.

This course should go into the Hall of Fame. I have benefited immensely from this course and thanks the instructors from the bottom of my heart for producing a course like this.

My only request for future edition will be to provide pdf for reading suggestions, 70% of them are behind a paywall.

par Susana P

19 juil. 2020

Este curso me encantó! Abarca todos los sistemas del cuerpo, te ayuda a profundizar más en el conocimiento sobre yoga y la meditación. Los impactos que tiene sobre el cuerpo y mente los he podido emplear en mi vida diaria y en mis clases. He logrado que mis clases tengan otra intención, que es sanar a mis estudiantes y ayudar a que tenga mejor calidad de vida a traves de la practica de yoga y meditación. Infinitas gracias por su trabajo y espero que hagan más proyectos parecidos.

par Heidi S

9 févr. 2021

Thank you for this course opportunity! I have always known that yoga practice was good for overall health and now I understand more fully the physiological reasons why. This was interesting, informative and fun. I have learned new elements for my yoga practice and have made a commitment to use it daily to develop my techniques to reduce stress and create homeostasis in my body and to be able to share this with my health coaching clients as well! Namaste

par Tracie C C

5 juin 2020

This was an excellent course! It gave me a clear understanding of several yoga postures and the physiological effects of yoga, meditation, and breathing. After just one module, I quickly realized how important this information is for me and anybody who makes the conscious effort in living a healthy life and in protecting this amazing machine we call our body. Knowledge is power! Thank you for making it available on

par Silvana L K

6 juin 2020

Thanks for this course, I have found and learned more than I expected, each lesson has a lot of useful information and tools that can help improve your life and that of others through Yoga. It was very valuable to me to access current knowledge about the benefits (studied by science) of practicing yoga and mindfulness. Excellent course