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As a society and individually, we use energy every moment of our lives to improve our quality of life. Energy 101 will develop the big picture and connect the details of our energy use, technology, infrastructure, impact, and future....

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Feb 28, 2019

This is an amazing course which offers a deep insight to the economics of the energy sector as well as the future sustainability of it. Thank you so much for offering this course


Oct 03, 2015

This course is great! It is truly a perfect introduction to how the world acquires its energy sources and how the real impacts, social, economic and environmental, affect us.

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par Azat B

Aug 15, 2015

Very interesting Course. I really enjoyed it. I learned not only traditional sources of energy (oil. gas, coal), but also got wise to alternative sources of energy (their future perspectives). Also it was interesting to hear about energy supply from economic point of view.

par Nitish S

Jan 21, 2017

This course is simple and informative. After learning this course one can go and speak about Energy in general, take part in discussion, and expand his further understanding.

Thanks for providing this course-ware!

par satya p

Oct 19, 2015

It's great course. Give you broader picture of energy world. I would like to have a follow up course with focus on solar and wind energy.

par Mauricio U M

Jan 17, 2016

Excellent course! Dr. Shelton is an excellent instructor and the content is very insightful.

par Chia C L

Aug 19, 2017

Very good course if you like to have the big picture

par charles d

Oct 12, 2015

Very good overview of US Energy and how the facts should shape policy

par Souryadeep B

Nov 17, 2017

Very useful from the perspective of getting all the major details in one place holistically. Recommended highly !

par Pamela W

Sep 17, 2015

Fantastic course. Very eye opening. Some of the lies that are created from miscommunication from other agencies. When you dig into the weeds and it's presented the way it was in this course, it was very enlightening. I don't think people realize how much energy or a carbon foot print that they create in their day to day lives. Thank you.

par Amir K

Aug 21, 2015

Uncomparable. This course is worth 1000$$ atleast.

par Edgaras V

Aug 17, 2015

Great and useful information.

par Derek R

Aug 22, 2015

So far, the course is quite interesting. Also, since I am a 1968 graduate of Georgia Tech in Mechanical Engineering (now retired), I am very pleased to reconnect with Georgia Tech through this course. I worked in the Canadian nuclear industry (nuclear power plant design and supply) during my working career, so a course about the various forms of energy is of great interest to me.

par Simin M

Feb 22, 2016

A great course! I definitely recommend taking it to whoever is concerned about energy independence and climate change. Professor Shelton gives a solid overview of the facts that one needs to know to better compare current technologies and the emerg


Apr 30, 2019


par shobhita

Apr 29, 2019


par Gabriel L

Aug 13, 2019

This is a great intro course into Energy. No mater what we do in life; we all require energy to get things done. It's great to understand where energy comes from; along with the technologies that are being used to gather and distribute energy across our grid. Very interesting and well taught course.

par Veronica P

Aug 10, 2019

Great course if you're looking for a primer on how energy is produced and consumed in the U.S and how that ties in with policy and economics.

par Khuzama W

Aug 18, 2019

Great one, I've learned a lot about renewables and their usage, energy not just in the US has to be improved, be more efficient and environment-friendly.

par Silvio N d S

Sep 02, 2019


par Azeem U B J

Dec 22, 2018

Nice introductory course on energy and its importance in modern life. One can not live without energy in 21st century and with that comes great consumption demand for energy. Knowing how demand would increase and what measures to take to ensure meeting those demand is very important. The course is US specific but every informative and gives a broader overview.

par Aditi S

Mar 03, 2019

It was good but only took in perspective the USA energy spectrum.

par Oommen A

Mar 22, 2019

Very informative and the multiple quizzes help refine your learning experience.

par Jose L M M

Mar 22, 2019

Good introductory course!

par Victor H

Aug 18, 2018

Energy sector has vey special knowledge and in order to work on any energy policy, the basic knowledge about how energy source be transformed usable energy is essential. Energy 101 gives out the rightful answer.

par Zulfiqar A

Nov 03, 2018

Very basic course, for someone like me.

Recommended for those who want to delve into statistics of energy usage in Unites States.

par Gerardo H

Apr 28, 2016

Very good course and complete... Best Regards,