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The digital age is dramatically reshaping the rules for organizational success. The new context demands renewal of your capabilities and development of different mindsets. In this course, you’ll learn the different components of emotional intelligence at work. For example, you’ll learn how you can work effectively in teams, build cooperative relationships with your key stakeholders, exercise effective influence, handle difficult conversations, and create energy and enthusiasm to foster meaningful change. Our modules will begin with powerful stories that are illustrative of typical challenges faced by front-line leaders. We’ll analyze the case illustration using the ideas from emotional intelligence theory, and highlight the key lessons that you should take away in terms of mindsets and skills that you should master to distinguish yourself as a leader....

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Jun 12, 2020

Thank you sir...\n\nIam a MBA tourism student. Through this course and learnings, I gets some new tips on how to lead our colleagues in a organization, I think this course will help me in my future...


Jul 26, 2020

Thanks to Coursera, IBM and Mannaniya college of arts and science for giving me this great opportunity. This course will be more helpful and confidence for my career development\n\nThank you so much

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par Dr. A J M R

May 02, 2020

I was very fortunate to have attended this course and that too by Prof Ramnarayan Sir from ISB. his style of discourse was smooth, self-assuring and made it simple and easy to comprehend with practical examples to illustrate the points mentioned/covered. In today's competitive environment, with equal accessibility, affordability & availability of all other resources and only human resources being able to provide the cutting edge, understanding yourself and others (in terms of emotions)assumes added importance. Hence attending this course of Leadership&Emotional Intelligence was timely and will help me to perform effectively in leadership positions.

par Sumit S

Apr 26, 2020

When I have come across this course I can now able to understand how to behave in different critical situations like a leader should behave how to emotionally connect with each of our team member how to improve organisations ability improve its success rate and I also understand how self awareness is very important leadership quality and know that front line leader should have qualities like confidence energetic and enthusiastic he should have growth mind set as well as people-centered mind set

par Nino L D

Oct 21, 2020

Great course!

It contains a lot of information on how to be an effective leader. It emphasizes the importance of using “soft skills” in leadership and management.

As a point for improvement, consider clarifying that there is no such thing as left-brained and right-brained individual. As you already know, this notion is more a figure of speech than an anatomically accurate description. Feel free to validate:

Thank you ISB and Dr. Ram!

par Claudia D A

Oct 25, 2020

It was very interesting, I learned a lot. The concepts, ideas and suggestions on how to be an effective leader can be applied in different fields. I really enjoyed it. It was hard sometimes to manage time to watch all the videos and do the activities, but it was worth the effort.

The course provided plenty of ideas on how to deal with different conflicts and situations at work and it gave room to reflecting how one is doing the job and facing the challenges

par Ali A S

Oct 17, 2020

This is excellent and well prepared and presented, thanks you all our prof who leading and teaching me this important topics, really i have gained much and much knowledge from this site, i would like also to thanks any one who make me happy and to achieved my goal, i say again thank you very much, finally would like to thanks universities and their management who made this successful online courses possible.

My name Ali Shaqalle

par Neerupa C

May 15, 2020

For leaders, having emotional intelligence is essential for success. After all, who is more likely to succeed – a leader who shouts at his team when he's under stress, or a leader who stays in control, and calmly assesses the situation?

Sessions conducted by Professor Ramnarayan are outstanding. This course provides a deep understanding of the importance and effectiveness of emotional intelligence for leaders..

par Dr K V M A

May 16, 2020

A wonderful course that takes oneself through unfathomed depths in the realm of leadership with a subtle treatment of emotional intelligence that one can make best use in professional and personal contexts. All in all awesome experience with a resource person with tons wisdom. Great to be a part of it for 4 weeks in my life. Looking forward to a similar experience in another course.....

par Akshat S

Jul 19, 2020

Prof. Ram's way of teaching is great. He uses very simple terms and ideas to explain the concepts. Most items fall under "Oh, I know this. This is common sense". However, these are seldom put to real world use. With great examples and real interviews with experienced leaders throughout the course, it is easy to relate to ideas and approaches anyone can follow (frontline leader or not).

par Priyanka T

Sep 21, 2020

This topic is very interesting and helpful for me... Now a days it is very important for a leader that if he wants to achieve his Target or build harmonious relationship with the superior or subordinates , he must be very much aquaint with the person working with him... This topic help us to deal with different theories and model which are very helpful for new or existing leaders..

par Kolli S R

Jul 16, 2020

Firstly I would like to thank my college management and the Coursera platform for providing me with a course free of cost. This gave insights on how to tackle tricky situations and also the skills a good leader must possess to be more effective also I got to know-how emotional balance is essential and the role it plays in managerial decisions. Importance of listening etc..,

par Rufino E M

Oct 12, 2020

I am very glad that I have participated this course... the lessons were very important inputs/guides for the improvement of my leadership competencies... the most significant learning that I have is that - leaders must bear in mind that every individual in the organization is an asset and therefore must be involved in all of the organization's activities and/or processes.

par Rishita M

Jun 07, 2020

i'm glad that i got an opportunity to learn from such highly professional institute situated in my own home country, with the help of this course now i am having knowledge about the essence of leadership and qualities which i need to evolve in order to achieve success in corporate field. Also i'm thankful to Coursera for providing me this wonderful opportunity.

par madhumitha m

Jul 26, 2020

This course is really well done. An overview of the main techniques of emotional inteligence applied to management. In a context where you are asking for great performances and you are always on the run, you are provided with really important tips and techniques to improve yourself and to improve the work environment, making it more productive and jovial.

par Agnes C C

Oct 17, 2020

This course is very relevant and useful to me being a manager of sets of people. I have learned a lot by taking this course. I have realized the things that I should do and not do as a leader. My learnings will help me a better leader and understand my direct reports. This will also help me in my relationship with my superior and co workers.

par Dr M A S

Aug 17, 2020

I am a teacher teaching an MBA course at a public University in India. I worked in senior-level under the Government of India for more than two decades. This course helped me to understand the nuances of various aspects of leadership, emotional intelligence. I am particularly impressed about the last week of the course on change management.


May 24, 2020

It is a very good course for leaders and aspirants. While the course may seem simple on the surface, seminars, perspectives and assessments are structured so comprehensively to help individuals understand one's proclivities, preferences and positions thereby enabling us to become enabling, engaging and experience leaders for others to follow.

par Mridul P

May 29, 2020

This course is a combination of real-life situations and concepts. This course taught me when you have to make a decision you should think more with EQ skills. The understanding becomes easier when practical cases come in front of you, the examples, case studies used in the course were very good to explain the implementation of the concepts.


Aug 18, 2020

Thank you so much for this course korma I learnt many things about leadership and emotional intelligence , I learnt decision making skills I also learnt change leadership and conflict management and influential intelligence and difficult conversations this course was really helpful to me thank you so much for such a mesmerizing adventure.

par Ned R

Sep 21, 2020

I really enjoyed this course. Having led a large training organization (FAA Air Traffic Training Academy) for many years I can really appreciate the design and execution of this online course. It was superb! The content was thorough and well presented and the instructor was great. Congratulations on a job well done.

Dr. Ned S. Reese

par Subodh K

Jun 28, 2020

Fantastic course for frontline Leaders. It take us through all basis needs for frontline managers and developing skills and competencies for making effective leader. Content of course and way it was presented by Prof Ram is amazing . Happy to complete and satisfied and recommended 5 of my colleagues with a must go program for them.

par Shravani G

Sep 30, 2020

This course is really helpful for those who are looking for a growth. I am so delighted to take up this course and I now have a broader perspective on this. I thank Prof.Ram for his excellent way of teaching through many case studies and I also thank coursera along with the team members those who worked behind the scenes.

-Thank you

par Manuela L

Sep 16, 2020

Excelente curso. Explican los contenidos de manera sencilla y esquemática, fácil de digerir. Ofrecen estrategias prácticas para mejorar tus capacidades como líder y ser más efectivo al tomar en cuenta los aspectos emocionales y sociales que cobran mucha importancia al momento de liderar procesos en donde hay personas involucradas.

par Yuva P J

Jun 23, 2020

Thank for providing this opportunities to us. In this course I have learned How to develop for myself and create our own ability to achieve our belief. Thank you sir for your polite and clear way of teaching. Thank You Indian School of Business for providing this platform. We engaged learning new and new things. Thank you so much.

par Muthu K M

Jul 23, 2020

Honestly I was skeptical of an online course on these key skills to begin with. However the way the program was structured and delivered I am 100% satisfied because I learnt quite a few skills in a simple interactive and clear manner. I recommend this for everyone interested in Leadership. Thank you Prof.Ram and ISB and Coursera.

par Ms. A P

Jul 16, 2020

The way what we thought of leadership is so different than what it actually takes to become a leader. I absolutely love the course & also how to accept and handle change as a leader, all of these are highlighted in a very detailed manner. Overall I learnt many things about leadership and would implement them in my life.