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Ecosystem services are a way of thinking about – and evaluating – the goods and services provided by nature that contribute to the well-being of humans. This MOOC will cover scientific (technical), economic, and socio-political dimensions of the concept through a mix of theory, case-studies, interviews with specialists and a serious-game. By the end of this course, our aim is to enable you to: • define the concept of ecosystem services, its principles and limitations • understand the key services associated with any ressource (e.g., fresh water) through readings and case-studies • appreciate the advantages and potential risks of monetising ecosystem services • appreciate the social dimensions (power issues, cultural biases) embedded within any method • integrate tactical advice on mainstreaming this approach into policy and standard government practices • Optional: learn how to map ecosystem services with GIS tools The session that runs May 29th- July 10th will be actively monitored by the instructors, and learners will have the opportunity to ask questions. This course was developed by instructors from the University of Geneva with the help of numerous researchers and input from the Geneva Water Hub and the Natural Capital Project. The course was financed by the University of Geneva, the Global Programme Water Initiatives of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), and the Luc Hoffmann Institute. This MOOC is supported by the Geneva Water Hub and the University of Geneva along with the MOOC in « Water Resources Management and Policy » ( and the one in « International Water Law » ( We look forward to you joining us!...

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6 sept. 2017

Great course. Awesome introduction to Ecosystem Services. Well-balanced portrayal of the many tensions and difficulties in the field. Also a great exposure to MANY experts and many diverse opinions.

24 oct. 2018

An interesting course on understanding several ecosystem services more in-depth, as well as the ways these are quantified. I personally enjoyed also the critical perspectives at the concept

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par Abhay S

18 mai 2020

Extremely interesting and very well presented course. Different perspective of eminent speakers is thought provoking, especially, some critics, which lets you imagine a different perspective. Overall, a great learning experience. Now wish, to really implement such learning's on the job in practical scenario. Great work by organisers.

par Mae A P

25 oct. 2020

Thank you so much for the knowledge I gained on this course. I am an MS Environmental Science student and this adds to my current knowledge inndeed. Even if we have tackled this inn school, I still gained new info from this course. I liked best that you presented the "anti" ES approach and the dangers of using this method. THANK YOU

par Akis P

13 avr. 2020

Very important and useful lesson with detailed refereneces and specific tools provided by scientific research and literature, Equally important were the assignments which helped to better undestanding of the precedure of ESs evaluation and management and interactions with decision makers, local communities and interested companies.

par Okoseimiema A J

30 déc. 2019

The desire for understanding the application of ecosystem services has been met. The videos and the transcription helped to make the course very interesting. With the help of this course, i am able to confidently state where my PhD research will be - Mainstreaming. Whilst i seek for scholarship, I am most grateful to you Coursera.

par Mereana W

27 juin 2019

I enjoyed this course as it further developed the modelling skills I learnt as part of my masters in environmental health. I recommend this course to others who are interested in recognising cultural and social concepts and want to apply scientific methods to better inform others of the value of cultural aspects of ecosystems.

par Harry P

12 août 2020

Really well crafted course. Videos are very inciteful with interactive elements. Having wanted to persue a career in environmental service management, i feel much better prepared to study it at uni, and undertake a career in it. Thanks a lot University of Geneva for all the time and effort spent into making the course.

par Luisa G

1 juin 2020

Excellent course. It helped me a lot as I am currently performing an ES assessment and I now feel more confident about it. I learned a lot during this course. Well organized, adequate content, excellent speakers/teachers. Highly recommended to get an introduction and start a practical work in this respect.

par Beto

5 oct. 2017

This was the best course I have at Coursera. Professor Martin created an excellent content, connecting with professors from different view-point, and giving a thorough perspective of Ecosystem Services at the same time making us thinking about how to move to the next step. Thank you very much!

par Lyndre N

5 mai 2019

I'm currently studying a PhD in Environmental Science at Uni, and this course helped me to understand the context and practical use of the ecosystem service approach. I fully recommend that natural and economic/business students take a look at some of the materials and videos here.

par Ada C M L

12 nov. 2019

This course was something that I'm not expect, there are a many things that I had no idea, ecosystem services,it is the course that gave me the curiosity of, what is sustainability? Where can I implement it?, what can I do for improvement the sustainability in my country.

par Daniela F N

20 juin 2020

It was a amazing course. I learned a lot andIt was a amazing course. I learnt a lot and this topic, for me, should be the most important in this moment for human sociaty. Every single country should improve the used of Ecosystems Services in a sustanble way

par Edward D

4 juin 2017

The course is very detailed and yet remains accessible. I partiularlyThe tests are slightly redundant (often you are asked to given your opinion) but I don't place too much importance as the certificate, it's more the chance to acquire new knowledge.

par Sushma S

21 déc. 2017

Great instructors, guest speakers, diversity of topics, well structured format and great supplemental course materials make this course one of the most relevant and interesting classes I ever have taken. Thank you for offering this course.

par Alyssa C L L

26 oct. 2020

This course is very well-structured. It provided learners with a good mix of theoretical knowledge, case studies, and insights from industry experts. If you are interested in sustainability and interdisciplinarity, do take this course!

par Mangesh K

8 déc. 2020

Those who really want to contribute in sustainable existance of human life...should earn latest knowledge of ES. Thanks to all faculty, Martin and team, for this educative sessions. Wishing you all Happy New Year and Merry Chrismas...

par Hanna M

10 mai 2020

Really enjoyed the class. It presented views from a lot of different perspective which is so important when discussing such a new and complicated concept. Assignment 2 was kind of vague though, I could have used further instruction.

par Matheus F S

27 mars 2020

I am a forest engineering student and this course is being of great value in development, technology, ethics. It is interesting to see how there are some public policies in the interest of ecosystem services around the world.

par mathew r

4 nov. 2019

Great course! The professional quality of this MOOC makes it easy to follow. The references provided are essential to further the understanding of the Ecosystem Services approach. The lecturers are clear and knowledgable.

par Shravani

13 févr. 2020

Dear Teachers,

This was a very well structured and simplified course and I really appreciate the learnings received in the same. I hope you do more courses like this getting into further details.

Thank you,



par Sophie d L R K

29 mars 2020

I discovered this topic and I found the different views on it very interesting . This course is in my opinion a gateway to a more thorough reflexion on how we could collectively progress on ecosystem services valuation.

par Mariia P

8 sept. 2020

Great course. The theoretical material was presented at a high professional level. Practical examples and assignments provided an excellent opportunity to consolidate the knowledge gained. Many thanks to all teachers.

par Andre H

27 nov. 2017

What I really enjoy about this course is that there are so many different speakers from different sectors. That makes it interesting because it makes you aware of these different approaches of ecosystems services.

par Mahmud H T

3 oct. 2017

Ecosystem services is one of most suppressed issue in the field of environment. From this course i have learned the importance, calculation and maximizing the ES. Also learned some new topics in the field of ES.

par Cavine O O

6 oct. 2020

This course has been presented in a most articulate and precise manner. The resources shared in every module are quite insightful and relevant. The lecture videos are precise and clear. It is enjoyable.

par Diego S

7 sept. 2017

Great course. Awesome introduction to Ecosystem Services. Well-balanced portrayal of the many tensions and difficulties in the field. Also a great exposure to MANY experts and many diverse opinions.