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This course presents the principles of evolution and ecology for citizens and students interested in studying biology and environmental sciences. It discusses major ideas and results. Recent advances have energised these fields with evidence that has implications beyond their boundaries: ideas, mechanisms, and processes that should form part of the toolkit of all biologists and educated citizens. Major topics covered by the course include fundamental principles of ecology, how organisms interact with each other and their environment, evolutionary processes, population dynamics, communities, energy flow and ecosystems, human influences on ecosystems, and the integration and scaling of ecological processes through systems ecology. This course will also review major ecological concepts, identify the techniques used by ecologists, provide an overview of local and global environmental issues, and examine individual, group and governmental activities important for protecting natural ecosystems. The course has been designed to provide information, to direct the student toward pertinent literature, to identify problems and issues, to utilise research methodology for the study of ecology and evolution, and to consider appropriate solutions and analytical techniques. Needed Learner Background: general biology and a good understanding of English. This course has the following expectations and results: 1) covers the theoretical and practical issues involved in ecology and evolution, 2) conducting surveys and inventories in ecology, 3) analyzing the information gathered, 4) and applying their analysis to ecological and conservation problems....

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2 déc. 2019

The course is very useful for those who are concerned with the enviromantal studies and conservation of the Earth. It is very simple to understand and is provided with videos and transcriptions.

15 sept. 2020

It is wonderful class. I thoroughly enjoyed.Igetmore information about nature.\n\nIt is very useful in my studies.and my projects

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par Rohan K

8 sept. 2019

Amzing course.

par Naomi R

29 août 2019

Great course!


20 juil. 2020

Thank you ✨

par Ece Ö

11 août 2020

Thank you!

par JOSE L B

14 août 2020

muy bueno

par Кузнецов Н Р

24 juin 2020


par Tainah G S

31 juil. 2020

The course is great, but subtitles need to be revised, for a non native english speaker, it can be very helpfull.

par Liza v G

13 déc. 2018

Thanks to Roberto. I like to organise a Bio Blitz in Springtime nearby Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

par Reema s

12 août 2020

A good course to start with, basic points are covers and resource materials are also very useful.

par Sourav C

1 août 2017

Avery good course for future ecologists , very useful presentations and video slides.

par varna s

8 sept. 2020

wonderful course. It really helps us to improve our knowledge on ecology.

par Joy S

11 sept. 2017

Good stuff that I learned in basic life science.

par Damian W

5 déc. 2019

Packed with great content

par Natalia A

20 juin 2018

As a beginner to ecology, I feel that each lecture is very short for a topic covered, it would be great to have lectures longer so subject can be better explained.

par Ananya M R

5 oct. 2020

When I decided to take the course, I had high hopes but they came crashing down in Week 1 itself. I didn't want to judge prematurely so I did the entire course and found it to be badly structured, haphazard and it definitely doesn't give a learner all that it can. While the instructor seems to know his subject, the way in which he rushes through everything, grazing only the surface, at the same time throwing around jargon (either leaving it unexplained or explaining it poorly), is quite annoying. There are too many unexplained visuals and there isn't any complementary reading material. At the start of the course they list 30-odd pages worth of reading material but don't provide links to any during the course at the appropriate times. Also the questions in all the quizzes are written/phrased so poorly that at times you have no idea what they mean or you end up spending extra time rereading the sentences trying to make sense of them. If the course is in English, it should make sense so that learners can understand what's being said. Overall, I expected to learn a lot but learnt very little. There are other courses on Coursera that provide the same or better information in a much more structured manner. Any course has to be well thought out and well structured to be effective and this definitely isn't.

par Alice Z

31 mars 2020

when the first quiz does not provide answers in material in the module ... I leave ang dive one star -

do not spend time being disrespected as as learner. Frankly amazed about that in this course as this Uni usually not like this ...

par Carolina S A

4 sept. 2020

Infelizmente, apesar de citar um extenso e rico set de conteúdos, não os explica, o que torna o curso apenas uma citação de temas após a outra, sem aprofundamento e sem explorar o potencial que teria. Decepcionante...

par Carlette A N

6 juin 2020

Poor english. A lot of words were misspelled and the explanations of concepts often unclear. Also the questions in the quiz did not always reflect the material covered in the lectures.