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The AMNH course The Dynamic Earth: A Course for Educators provides students with an overview of the origin and evolution of the Earth. Informed by the recently released Next Generation Science Standards, this course examines geological time scales, radiometric dating, and how scientists “read the rocks.” We will explore dramatic changes in the Earth over the last 4 billion years, including how the evolution of life on Earth has affected its atmosphere. In addition to looking at geology on a global scale, participants will take to their own backyards to explore and share their local geologic history. Course participants will bring their understanding of the dynamic Earth - along with content resources, discussion questions, and assignments - into their own teaching....

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13 déc. 2018

Well organized and excellent resources for educators\n\nI liked the observation assignment as well because it put participants in the minds of students and gave a possible activity for completion.


3 juil. 2017

Very informative course. Must be attended by start ups in college. Freshers in industry too can attempt to have additional knowledge. Excellent course on Earth, its history and formation etc.

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par Robert C C

24 août 2017

Great over

par Sai G C

6 nov. 2021

good good

par Maritriny S

8 sept. 2017


par Anurup M

5 janv. 2020


par Gyuzel Y

17 nov. 2020


par Rusty D

29 oct. 2016

The lessons were pretty good and definitely focused on teaching. The assignment though was by far my favorite part. I think I might continue to do my own research on local geologic features just because of how much fun I had doing it for the class.

par Cherri G

13 juin 2021

I enjoyed this course very much and learned what I expected to learn. I was disappointed in the time it took - almost 1 month - from when I submitted an assignment for peer review until it was reviewed by others.

par Yves S

24 sept. 2017

Very good course - the extra material is a gold mine, but the course itself is very well worth spending your time on. Nice touch was the practical assignment - after all, geology is not desk-work... :-)

par Alina M S

5 janv. 2020

Excellent I learned a lot despite not being an educator. I think that the peer review system leaves much to be desired as your submission may not be marked

par Félix C G

17 oct. 2016

Curso ameno y curioso, ideal para recordar cosas o aprender un poco de geología para profesores de secundaria.

par Gopinath S

6 mars 2016

so far i have completed week 1 course its quite interesting, and feel like reading a research thesis


16 déc. 2020

Conitnue your quality service to the educators and science enthusiasts in the world!

par Alejandro A C

18 janv. 2021

Not so comprehensive as I expected but good course overall.

par Sayed A

8 déc. 2017

very good, wonderful information

thank you

par Dhiego C d S

15 janv. 2016

Great course until now.

par Nilesh V

1 juin 2020

Very knowledgeable

par Xabier H O

6 nov. 2021

T​he course has some interesting content, but to my mind, organisation should be improved. For instance, the early atmosphere lectures went back and forth in time, instead of following a chronological order. Additionally, some of the resources offered to expand your knowledge do not work and, although I reported it, it never got solved. I would have also appreciated a bit more feedback in the assignment. Other than that, I appreciate the effort that the team has made to put some interesting contents available and link them to their museum.

par jill a l

8 févr. 2016

Great course for Teachers or those, like me, who want to gain general knowledge. I like the diversity of reading, video content and quizzes and the aspects of geology that were covered.

par Josef P

28 févr. 2016

Some interesting topics and detailed insight, but the course could be more systematic.

par Sonja P

15 sept. 2016

well presented, I would have liked more Information on teaching geoscience though

par Deleted A

22 sept. 2020

I felt that the geology aspect of the course was somewhat informative- and decently presented -it was a good summation, which i'm sure was meant for educators k-12 or even onward. However, I felt the organization of the topics could have been better, for starters. I was confused by how the course started with talking about geologic information, when I was expecting the educational aspects that came later on. I would recommend starting by describing the educational dynamics before giving examples of Earth dynamics- it makes more sense chronologically, for the stated purpose of the course; it's a better primer to receive and learn about the mode of education you are presenting. Also, I found the educational side of things lacking. It seemed to be a simple summation of the information you could find on the next generational...etc website. Not only that, but it took a while for me to realize that the field exercise was meant to demonstrate the sort of exercise one could do for students; but you didn't go into detail about topics such as: how to plan such an exercise, how to describe the exercise to students (who may live in a wide range of geologic settings), or even how to evaluate it beyond the guidelines of the suggested website (someone else's information). I would strongly suggest that you assess whether this course truly/effectively follows the set goal of providing instructions to educators, or if it is actually an advertisement for the Museum of Earth History, and the Next Generation Science Standards website. I was expecting much more, than the course ending on an almost random seguey into Earthquake information, although it was somewhat interesting, and a decent enough example of what an educator might present to a classroom; but the explanation on the part of the instructors was lacking. They only provided the information at the beginning without reviewing the information or methods of presentation covered throughout the final week of videos. The quizzes almost exclusively tested geologic knowledge, but the stated purpose of the course was to teach people how to teach geology, not whether or not they could learn it.

par josevalenzuelalara

16 oct. 2016

I don't like