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The University of California San Diego, Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Drug Development course brings you lectures from both faculty and industry experts. With this course, recorded on campus at UCSD, we seek to share our access to top people in the field who bring an unprecedented range of expertise on drug development. In this course you will learn the different stages of clinical development as well as the regulatory including but not limited to, an Investigational New Drug Application (IND), New Drug Application (NDA), and product labeling. Additionally you will learn how to Incorporate study design methods for consideration in the design of clinical protocols to assess safety, tolerability, and efficacy in multiple therapeutic areas. In this course you will learn the different phases of clinical development: * Phase 1 or early stage clinical trial are conducted primar­ily to determine how the new drug works in humans, its safety profile and to predict its dosage range. It typically involves between 30 and 100 healthy volunteers. * Phase 2 or Proof of Concept POC studies test for efficacy as well as safety and side effects in a group of between 30 to 200 hundred patients with the disease for which the new drug is being developed. * Phase 3 or late stage clinical development involve much larger group of patients, between a few hundred to thousands, depending on the indication, which will help determine if the new drug can be considered both safe and effective. It will involve control groups using placebo and/or current treatment as a comparison. * Product registration and approval process after a drug is considered safe and effective from Phase 3 trials, it must be authorized in each individual country before it can be marketed. All data gen­erated about the small molecule or biologic is collected and submitted to the regulatory authorities in the US at the FDA, Food and Drug Administration FDA, in Europe the EMA or European Medicines Agency, Japan Ministry of Health and other countries which may require their own national approvals. This course is intended as part 2 of a series: Drug Discovery (, Drug Development and Drug Commercialization ( We would highly recommend that you take the courses in order since it will give you a better understanding on how a drug is discovered in the lab before being tested in clinical trials and then launched in the market place....

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24 mai 2020

I am really glad to have course offered by california university . Its really helpful for me. And i am thankful to all lecturer, and teachers to explain overall drug development process.

Thank you!


15 oct. 2018

Very well done and informative. I truly appreciate the Drug process in entirety being broken down into sections that are easy to comprehend. It is obvious the speakers were chosen for their knowledge.

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par Shweta S

9 mai 2020


par Paul G

19 juin 2020

The information provided by this course was very helpful for someone who is new to the topic and I do feel much better informed as a result. The course itself however is not the most professionally presented. The recordings are of face to face lectures provided to an actual class of students. As such they are designed for online learning where there is no possibility to interact with the speakers and students don't have access to any other course materials. The speakers in the phase 3 and marketing sections didn't really follow their slide packs.

par Eliza V

16 juil. 2017

The overall material was good. However, the course was not structured as an online course, rather an online posting of in class lectures. This made it difficult to hear the questions of the students as the questions were not repeated by the lecturer and therefore we received an answer to a question we didn't hear. Also, because of the lecture nature, a lot of information was missing from the slides as it was spoken information.

par Mark S

2 mars 2020

Several of the questions seemed irrelevant to the actual conduct of clinical research. I also wholeheartedly disagree with #7 in the phase III quiz. The real answer depends on whose perspective you're coming from. Maybe for the pharmaceutical company getting to market is most important, but to the patient I'm pretty sure efficacy is more important to him/her than how quickly other people can make money.

par Philipp L

4 mars 2021

Course content was quite good up to the last third of the course. From my POV the lecturers of the third part of 'Drug Development' haven't done a good job in structuring and explaining the different aspects of Phase III and Phase IV trials. It was more jumping from one anecdotal evidence to the next while losing sight of the bigger picture.

par Maria R F

11 nov. 2020

The course is quite informative. I just found kind of difficult to fully understand some concepts because of the speed they are delivered. Maybe for some talks, more and more detailed slides would help for a better flow and understanding of important concepts. Overall, I enjoyed it and certainly learned a lot.

par Marie A B

13 mai 2020

Informative and engaging in the first two weeks of lecture, however the lecturers on the third week were not that enthusiastic and I felt that I didn't gain much knowledge on them. I would suggest to refrain having two lecturers at the same time to maximize the time on the topic itself.

par Nibrass O

28 nov. 2022

The course mainly talked about the clinical trials - Thank you the details on this part - but the information on regulatory part and the regulations was not enough for me as regulatory affairs specialist, I was expecting more details on regulations and which CFR regulating each process

par Diego R

13 sept. 2020

This wasn't really great, it is a recording of several seminar presentations that were recorded several years ago, for this, the landscape has changed but the content hasn't, also, as this was planned for a in person presentation, the format is not optimal for a MOOC.

par Francisco M

12 oct. 2020

Me ha gustado bastante, he aprendido mucho con el curso. Aún así hay un aspecto que me afecta y es que s habla muy poco de la legislación a nivel europeo y eso hace que me sea menos util para mi formación.

par Matthew L

6 janv. 2020

Week 3 lectures were not as in-depth as hoped and filled with too many personal anecdotes for the time allowed. Much more could have been said if these had been skipped.

par Noam S

2 août 2022

I thought that the course was informative. It would be great if lectures were up to date and may be included with more reading materials and videos to watch.

par Kayla A C

30 juin 2020

Would be nice to update this course. The slides are from 2013 and I am listening in 2020. A lot has changed in the pharmaceutical market since in that time.

par Nikolai W

25 sept. 2019

The name of the course should be something a la 'Clincal trials and drug admistration agencies'. It is not the development of a drug.

par Mrunmai D M

5 sept. 2020

it was a great learning with coursera. it was indeed an informative course and glad hearing the prominent and experienced speakers

par Krithika S K N

2 sept. 2019

Was informative. The lectures could have been more structured and slides more detailed.

par Adrija C

2 nov. 2020

US- centric course. The content in week 3 was not well explained and felt rushed.

par Aneesh T G

23 août 2020

More emphasis on the filing and submissions and approvals need to be there

par Carolina S V

27 déc. 2017

Weeks 1 and 2 are great, but the classes of week 3 need more organization.

par Damien V

17 sept. 2018

good up to phase 2 (included). Phase 3 and after was less informative

par Sean K

21 févr. 2022

Lot of outdated information and poor presentation slides

par Brian M

25 avr. 2021

It's from 2013. Good overview but time for an update.

par Miguel M V

31 août 2020

would like an specialization on this matter

par Budupula K

19 juin 2021

I gained knowledge

par Sofia B J

2 sept. 2020