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Dino 101: Dinosaur Paleobiology is a 12-lesson course teaching a comprehensive overview of non-avian dinosaurs. Topics covered: anatomy, eating, locomotion, growth, environmental and behavioral adaptations, origins and extinction. Lessons are delivered from museums, fossil-preparation labs and dig sites. Estimated workload: 3-5 hrs/week....

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5 avr. 2017

Thank you for this excellent course! I really enjoyed the short videos, the concise notes, and quick quizzes (both at the end of each lesson, as well as the main point quizzes throughout the videos).


17 oct. 2020

Even as a dinosaur nerd, I still learned a lot. Instructional videos with embedded quizzes were very well constructed. I'm just a bit bummed that I couldn't access the fossil viewer for some reason.

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par Methsara T

4 févr. 2021

I'm really interested in dinosaurs since when I was in grade 1, with time I used to spent more time with finding new things about dinosaurs and paleontology subject. As now I'm in grade 11 and my target was to learn more as I want about paleontology. So this Dino 1O1 course really archived my target and gave me really great knowledge. I'm hoping to keep learning about this amazing subject further. One day I will become a great Paleontologist. This Dino1O1: Dinosaur Paleobiology course has taught me many things which will make my first steps for my big target. Thank You!

par José P

14 mai 2020

I thank the University of Alberta, Canada for this opportunity that I greatly value. The Scientists in charge of the course, of the lessons and videos were very didactic, pleasant and facilitated the understanding of the topics for which, as a biology teacher in Venezuela, I congratulate them. I will use what I have learned in my high school classes. The PDF materials are very good and the links they have are very illustrative and informative. Thanks again and many successes. P.S. I would very much like to get a good quality didactic matrial like yours in Spanish.

par Sinéad D

23 avr. 2021

Brilliant and indepth course covering all of the basics, and some more complex subjects, relating to dinosaurs. A brilliant overview, expertly conducted by Betsy Crook and Dr Phil Currie. They both are obviously hugely enthusiastic and well-educated in their fields. I wish I could learn directly from Dr Currie, he seems the ideal teacher that every passionate learner wants. I aim to continue learning with the next course, Theropods and Birds. I only wish the certificate was more professional-looking and was available as a verified physical copy also.

par Renee N

24 mai 2018

Absolutely LOVED it!! I went into this course thinking I'd be able to name random dinosaurs and accumulate random facts but it was so much more. This course has taught me so much beyond just dinosaurs itself but really gave a glimpse of what the world was like when dinosaurs walked on this very planet. It also broke down a lot of topics like evolution theory and the history of earth, providing a very wholesome view. For someone who does not possess a very scientific mind I actually enjoyed this course very much. I highly recommend this for EVERYONE.

par Jose F L

19 janv. 2021

I think this is a great course. I attended with my six-year-old son, and he also enjoyed it very much. Even though Spanish is our mother tongue, he understood using the closed caption in Spanish, so thanks for that. I let him answer all the exams with very little help from me, and he obtained excellent grades. I have to say that sometimes he felt tired with some videos (some last more than 10 mins), but again, he is six years old. So

We appreciate the teachers Philip and Betsy; probably my son will attend the University of Alberta someday.

par Nickolas T B

2 févr. 2017

Wow, what an awesome course. I can't find anything to complain about. The notes were useful and well-formatted, the video lectures were concise and full of clear language and examples to demonstrate ideas, and the quizzes were a lovely balance between easy and impossible, they gave just enough challenge to make me rack my brain for some detail I'd almost forgotten. Awesome course, I am walking away with what was once just a passion for dinosaurs is now a concrete starting point for an academic intrigue in the entire field of paleobiology.

par Rokaiya S

13 juil. 2020

This was my very first course in coursera and I absolutely love this course! I have been fascinated by dinosaurs always and through this course I learnt so many things! The teachers are so good at teaching and they were absolutely perfect. Their style of explanation, giving example, letting me to think and guess, everything seemed to me a very good game! The whole environment made me think that I was there in the field working with some fossils. I wish to visit that place one day in my life so much!

Thank you all so much for the course

par Eva Z

17 juil. 2021

I feel privileged and honored for having the opportunity enrolling in such a superb course. The course material is fantastic! As I learnt many things during the weeks, I felt the urge for knowing more about palaeontology. When I was a kid, I didn't have the opportunity to learn palaeontology in Hungary, so it remained a deep interest for me. After more than 20 years, here I am after completing a 12-week course at the famous University of Alberta. I'm so grateful for the whole Dino 101 team making this course available for all of us!

par Edwin R

19 juil. 2019

This was truly an amazing and thrilling learning experience. If you are taking this course you can be completely sure you are going to learn a lot about this amazing field. The professors are very welcoming and kind in the way they talk and teach throughout the videos, so you always feel the need to learn more. I completely recommend this course if you are willing to know more about dinosaurs in a deeper approach for beginners. I learnt a lot and I am very thankful with the University of Alberta for that. Thank you so much

par Pond

17 juin 2020

This course is so amazing. You will not only learn about dinosaurs but also get deep into it. There are many great 3D samples that you can see along with the studying. Moreover, there are so many quizzes challenging your knowledge all the time, surely, it will make you more understanding. Trust me, this course is really worthy to learn. Come in if you love dinosaurs and you will never be bored. At last, Thank you very much for all teacher in Dino 101 team who make the one of the great course in this Coursera. Thanks.

par Paty B -

11 déc. 2020

Un gran curso en el que aprendí muchas cosas de estas increíbles criaturas, de una forma interesante y también divertida.

Los videos estan llenos de información al igual que las lecturas. Recomiendo muchisímo este curso, para todos los que amamos este tema.


A great course in which I learned a lot of things of this amazing creatures, in a very interesting and fun way too.

The videos are full of information as well as the Lectures. I seriously recommend a lot this course, for all the ones that love this subject.

par Pythor ( A

16 déc. 2017

This is everything I've ever wanted from education. I was interested in this topic ever since middle school. My core education did not offer me such. So I had to seek out the education I want. As luck would have it. This class exists.

If anyone wishes to hone their paleontology skills or want to get into paleontology or just like dinosaurs. This is the course for you. This is a super easy class with super interesting lessons. I hopefully plan on coming to the University of Alberta to fulfill my paleontology dreams.

par Fran S

22 sept. 2019

Although I've been fascinated by dinosaurs for years, this course offered me the chance to learn so much more about them than I had ever considered before. I especially appreciated the chance to interact with bone and skull 3D reproductions, and the lesson notes at the beginning of each section will serve as an ongoing resource, since I was able to export them as PDFs. I truly appreciate all the work that went into producing Dino 101. By the way -- I'm 72 years old. It's never too late to learn something new!

par Emma R G

21 nov. 2022

I love paleontology, this course made my goals set and official, i want to go to college and take the time and energy to become a paleontologist! This course taught me so much and i became so glued to it, its full of interesting facts and taught me what dinosaurs really were, their biology, their behavior and their history, This class was incredible and I'm so thankful for learning what I've learned. I love paleontology and i know you will absolutely adore this class and the peoples teaching. Thank you!!

par Alexa R

8 janv. 2021

As an artist that loves creature design and grew up fascinated by the idea of dinosaurs (or the animals of our planet's past in general), this course was not only very intriguing but it helped cover areas in which I wasn't previously well-read; helping give me a much better foundation. From the reading material to the video presentations and quizzes, this course provides a wealth of knowledge and helps you memorize/apply it! Thank you so much, University of Alberta, for providing such an excellent course!

par Carol S

21 juil. 2021

This is one of the best Coursera courses I’ve taken. There were lots of great graphics and the presenters spoke clearly and sounded interested in their subject. This class has spurred a personal interest in dinosaurs and paleobiology, and I plan to do additional research on my own. I would love to see a series of shorter classes developed by the University of Alberta about dinosaurs, focusing on different eras or different types of prehistoric animals. In other words, I couldn’t get enough. Great course.

par Steven H C

27 nov. 2020

i was very impressed with the dinosaur paleobiology course. It was rich in content yet was presented in an easy to understand language. The mixed use of the short quizzes, videos and background information sheets allowed for multiple exposures through diifferent formats. I do learn best with these different approaches which provide insights from diifferent angles. Keep up the good work! I'm going to have to put Alberta, Canada on my list of places to visit soon.

Thank you for the class!

par Luke N

26 nov. 2020

I really loved this course! It is not very difficult, so someone with little to no prior knowledge would get a lot out of it. As someone who does have prior knowledge, I still thoroughly enjoyed it, and learned along the way. It certainly teaches you a diverse range of subjects (ranging from the basics of evolutionary biology, to understanding plate tectonics and other geological mechanisms) all through the lens of dinosaurs. I can also really appreciate how much work went into creating it.

par Emil

26 avr. 2020

Very nice course. A little bit long maybe. The girl leading the lectures was definitively customer friendly. (She looks very similar with the male lecturer. At one point I thought, that they were relatives. Now at the end of the course, when I see, that their family names are different, I understand it is not true) I took the course because of the topic. I wanted to hear an university point of view about dinosaurs. The other reason is that subtitles of an European language were available.


20 déc. 2020

It was an amazing experience, learning all this information about dinosaurs and how diverse they were. I learned so many things that I would not even imagine before this course and I deeply thank Dr. Currie and Dr. Kruk for their beautiful way of teaching and their passion for their work and research. I sincerely recommend this course to anyone who is interested and passionate about palaeontology and how animals of tens of million years ago existed and spent their lifetimes!

par Munawar J

18 juin 2017

This was a Great Learning Experience for me and my 5 year old son, Muaziz H Jatoi.

At the age 2, he been telling us that he wants to become and for a year he been claiming of being a Paleontologist, even he claimed, of being A Paleontologist, to the Researchers at Carthage Institute of Paleontology in Kenosha, WI.

Thanks a lot for such a resource & the opportunity to learn in the comfort of home. We would love to talk with Dr Philip Currie and his team of Graduate Students.

par Roberto G G

1 août 2021

Awesome course! As a Dino lover, I really enjoyed this course. Although it is now some years old, it still helped me refresh my Dino knowledge and be closer to the state of the art. The explanations are very good and I'd highly recommend reading the course notes and checking the supplementary resources that are linked to get the maximum value out of the course. Every minute I spent on it was worth it. Thanks to the whole Dino 101 team, specially to Betsy and Dr. Currie.

par vikram s r

3 déc. 2020

One of the most interesting courses done by me over last 8 years of doing about 20+ courses. The highlight was the so interesting way this course was designed to keep the participants focused and the just right amount of information and challenge to critical thinking about a great science. I am in awe of all paleontologists who have worked so hard to piece together this information for posterity. My best wishes to this dedicated community who continues to enlighten us.

par Antonia T B

10 sept. 2018

A really fascinating course.

I wish there would have been more drawings or skeletons when talking about a dinosaur (sometimes it was hard to follow and the pace was too fast. Also, it's always more interesting seeing pictures or maps than the face of the lecturer all the time). Also, I missed professor Philip John Currie. When he lectured the level went really high. But overall it was an excellent course.

Thanks a lot and many greetings from Spain / Antonia Tejeda Barros