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Digital business models are disrupting 50-year old companies in telecommunications, transportation, advertising, e-commerce, automotive, insurance and many other industries. This course will explore the business models of software disruptors of the west such as Apple, Google, Facebook and Amazon, and the east such as Xiaomi and weChat. The class uses a structured framework for analysing business models with numerous examples so that students can apply it to their own business or case study. We will explore how software developers are not just the innovators but also the decision makers in modern competitive battles from mobile to cloud, and from consumer goods to enterprise software. And we will also explain how developers are the engine of digital business models, using examples from diverse industries – from healthcare to aviation....

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8 août 2020

A good overview of how businesses can leverage on digital tools. Too bad I could not afford to purchase the certificate as of the moment so I have to settle with auditing this course for now.

18 mai 2019

Definitely changed my outlook.\n\nAssignments are very good to involve you even further and foster the knowledge. But they made me stuck and did not let me to move on for weeks together.

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par Hajira H

17 mai 2021


par Tasniim A

15 mai 2021


par Eleni p

4 juil. 2017


par Yahye A M

21 mai 2021


par Abdikani M J

7 mai 2021


par M. F N F

18 oct. 2021


par Boshuo D

7 mai 2021


par Bouscayrol Q D K

22 oct. 2020


par Karolina G

22 avr. 2020


par Nur S F U

16 avr. 2020


par Amir R

13 déc. 2017


par Puteri A K

7 févr. 2019

Very informative and I personally like the fact that there's plenty examples given during the course which basically reflecting to different cases and scenarios of existing digital business models.

Maybe some corrections needed on the subtitle, because there are few minor mistakes. Also since I'm not purchasing the course I don't have the access to quizzes and assignments but I think that'll be a great tool to really digging more lessons.

Overall, this is a great course :)

Thank you

par Toni D

29 oct. 2020

Excellent content, teaching materials, and assignments. Big value added! The reason i am not giving it 5 stars is that the peer review mechanism did not always work. On the last assingment the feedback was poor, inconsistent with the rubric, inexistent, or delivered in a language i did not recognize. Suggestion: as the word count seems to be a recurrent criteria for grading assingments, why not introduce word count as a feature of the submission text box?

par Omar B M P

28 juin 2018

The course it's really interesting and It's necesary to be properly teach. There are words that have to be correctly defined from lund university to keep the standards of the certificate. Because not every one understand the same way of creating value, creating save ... and the way that have to be done the digital business model. When they aré correcting the assignments there are people who are not juging correctly.

par Maxime A

14 juil. 2017

Good introduction to digital business models. However, would have been good to go a little bit deeper into the theory, and perhaps include a course on multisided markets and platform economics. Would have also been good to hear from external lecturers (from digital businesses) so we understand their points of view on what the main challenges are to run such businesses.

par Juan E R L

11 juil. 2019

It's really good the content of this course, nevertheless is really dificult to pass the reviews of each week essay as there are not a huge amount of students attending this course at the same time and this difficult to complete it and get your certificate, even if you worked completelly and passed your exams.

Out of that is a really good course

par Florian S

12 juin 2017

Good approach towards analyzing how developers add to existing business models, what explains the rapid rise of developers-focused business models and how these insights can be used in understanding business models.

To me, this is a very pragmatic course and not that close to a scientific discussion. I find it refreshing and very helpful.

par Denise

6 août 2017

Interesting course if you want to learn more about software companies are impacting all kinds of industries today. Grading other peers I found challenging sometimes as I came across a few assignments with less input effort , seemed rushed, or not enough wording, or clearly too much copy pasting .

par José M C L

22 oct. 2020

The course is full of examples and knowledge that will be easy for you to understand all the environment of a digital business.

The information will give a very good awareness and the tools/methodos are helpful to put in "practise" all you learnt.

par Peter B

7 sept. 2020

A good structured course, well proportioned in 7 min video. the overall course has though a steady progress, that leaves enough flexibility to pick it up again later on. Assignments are to-the-point, at times challenging but always satisfying.

par James G

30 mai 2019

Good program with interesting content surrounding digital business . Sometimes it feels it is a bit focused on apps only rather then other parts of digital business. It would be good to combine with other aspects to create a longer course

par Thorsten R

11 nov. 2019

Clear and easy to follow. Well down in putting down in a nutshell the role of developers for success of digital business models based on several practical examples.

par Nishok T

24 mars 2017

The content was excellent but it requires a high interest/attention span on part of the students because very few teaching aids are used.

par Belgis C S

8 sept. 2017

Hi! Congratulations for the course. So far I've enjoyed a lot!. I really like that you take in account Chinese companies as examples.

par Jon E S

6 sept. 2017

A very interesting course explaining and highligthing the importance of developers in digital business models.