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Across the world more than 420 million people are living with diabetes. Two thirds of these have not yet been diagnosed. When discovered late or managed incorrectly, diabetes can damage your heart, blood vessels, eyes, kidneys, and nerves, leading to disability and premature death. In fact, more people are dying of diabetes related diseases than of diseases as HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined. This course will provide you with an introduction to the most recent research in the field of prevention and treatment of diabetes as well as a broader understanding of the situation in different communities, rich and poor, across the world, where diabetes threatens public health. What kind of disease is diabetes, who has it, and who is at risk of getting it? And what are the roles of medicine, exercise and nutrition when trying to prevent, delay or treat diabetes? During the course you will meet researchers and experts from Imperial College London, Emory University in Atlanta, Steno Diabetes Center in Copenhagen as well as the School of Global Health and the Center for Basic Metabolic Research at the University of Copenhagen. They work with very different aspects of diabetes, from microbiology to global public health, but what ties them together is the belief that it is a global responsibility to combat diabetes, and this fight can only be won through new knowledge and global collaboration. We hope you will join us in the course and equip yourself to take part in the ongoing discussions of this truly global and individual health challenge. This course is also part of the EIT Health programme....

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4 oct. 2020

Only thing not furnished that is fasting glucose and pp glucose ranging should be furnished. And also the glucose tolerance test result and Hb1AC test result ranges to be discussed during the course.

6 déc. 2017

This was an awesome short course which I would recommend to anyone who is interested in diabetes or other chronic diseases. I learned a lot about different ways you could possibly prevent diabetes.

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par ken

12 juil. 2018

Taking this course actually resulted in a lifestyle and diet change for me. While in conversation with individuals who have diabetes I am even able to bring things to their attention things that they were unaware of. There were so many things contained within the course that I was oblivious to. I have become an unofficial spokesperson suggesting people take this course. I believe that this course should be part of Junior High and/or High School programs so students/people can learn at an early age what preventative measures they can introduce into their lifestyles to prevent diabetes.

par Ravinder N D

24 janv. 2019

This course gave interesting facts about diabetes. I am expecting a sequel to this course. The coordinators may start a new course about its pathophysiology or management.

par Lillian L

7 déc. 2017

This was an awesome short course which I would recommend to anyone who is interested in diabetes or other chronic diseases. I learned a lot about different ways you could possibly prevent diabetes.

par Bonnie N

24 oct. 2017

This was a really excellent class for anyone who wants a clear understanding of what diabetes is and how behavior (diet and exercise) can positively effect change. The objectives were clear, the narrator was easy to understand and the interviews with other experts in the field was very well done. I also appreciated the additional readings and opportunities to explore further afield. Thank you for a really good class.

par Rihab A

9 mai 2020

I enjoyed this course very much. Was an excellent refresher for myself and all the material, additional reading resources and instruction from the professors was clear and concise. Thank you!

par Birendra S

29 août 2018

good course , this takes into considerations of diabetes epidemic all over the world . There has to be different mechanism to be adopted in developing countries as compared to developed countries .

par Olena B

19 mai 2020

This course provides basic information about diabetes. This course will be helpful to Health Care Professionals as well as patients who want to know more about the problem and how to manage it.

par Manuel o l t

19 déc. 2016

es una excelente opción para los que queremos aprender mas acerca de esta importante enfermedad

par Ricardo H M F

25 mars 2019

Excelente contenido. Profesores de alto nivel académico. Muy recomendable.

par Dayanand P

19 déc. 2018

Great course to learn the fundamentals of Diabetes

par Ivan D B H

13 janv. 2019

excellent course


19 mars 2018


par Saleh A M B

1 sept. 2017

great <3

par Maureen W

27 mai 2018

Thank you.

I was just diagnosed with prediabetes. I like to think this knowledge would have helped when I was the correct weight, at 26 and had hypoglycemia. It was pre Google and pre Coursera. I was a curious person and am but I guess I didn't know enough to take it all seriously.

Thank you for your great research and interesting presentation patterns.

Merci. Danke. Thank you. From Ottawa, Canada.


par Tércio A d R B

8 sept. 2018

It is a very good course it provides concepts, epidemiological data, and effective interventions on diabetes treatment. It is a very introductory course, with the basis to understand diabetes and role of nutrition and exercise in its treatment.

par Fournes P

11 juin 2019

Did I get what I wanted? Did I learn? Did I enjoy? Will I take another course and recommend this course? Definitely yes.

I enjoyed listening to all the videos, especially when the host Richard Steed, Professor Jueleen Zierath and Professor Venkat Narayan are talking, their speech is very clear and easy to understand, they use an everyday spoke English neither too technical, neither too simple. FYI, English isn’t my native tongue, so this matters. Other professors and speakers are fine as well; they are an encyclopedia of knowledge.

I like the “Save Note” button when you want to capture a screen. You can also, highlight and save lines from the transcript, it helps to summarize the topic. The quizzes are great; you can take it again; it pushes you to go back to your notes to find out what you answered wrong, rather than giving the correct answer right away. Reviewing three other students is a great idea, as it shows you how others think, talk, communicate, write, as some of them have deep knowledge already but others simply give short answers, but that is all point, we all come from different backgrounds, isn’t it!

There isn’t anything I didn’t like.

Overall, thank you. See you next time. My wife, my daughter and some colleagues are interested to follow my steps in term of taking courses; they might be a student soon!

par Jane S

4 mai 2020

Great lecturers who easily articulate the material to be learned. Highly knowledgeable and who are obviously passionate about their research. I particularly enjoyed the very high calibre of external lecturers as an added bonus. The course was exceptionally well presented, a great length, instructions strait forward with regard to completing the assignment. Another benefit was the perspective, input and wide variety of solutions from other students across the globe. The best course I've taken on Coursera thus far. Highly commendable.

par Rohit P

18 juin 2020

A great first step towards change!

My mother is pre-diabetic and that is what pursued me to take this course and i am glad i did. It's informative, essential and very well researched. University of Copenhagen has done a good job here. I would recommend "Diabetes - a Global Challenge" by the University of Copenhagen to be the course you take after this!

par Jez L

14 juil. 2019

This course has a moderate load which is easy to handle and the complex concept is conveyed clearly to make the reader understand. I have learnt a lot from this course and would recommend trying it. Be noted that a written assignment must be handed in at the end BEFORE the deadline (unlike the quizzes which can be completed later)

par PallaviPandavula

30 sept. 2020

Its a course which could help us both prevent or manage diabetes effectively.I feel that the role of food and exercise in relation to diabetes and obesity were discussed in a lucid way.It would be helpuful anyone who wish to maintain a healthy lifestyle and it this knowledge would surely help family and people around too.

par Krishna

19 juil. 2020

This course is a perfect blend of theory and practical knowledge of current diabetes scenario globally. Certain new facts that I learnt from this course were the role of exercise to circumvent the glucose metabolism, prevalence of diabetes in normal or thin people and link of under nourishment to diabetes.

par Wajahat R B

2 mai 2020

This course has been very useful for me on a personal level. It has compelled me to change my lifestyle to a healthier one.

Now, I'm also spreading awareness about diabetes in my friends and family. Thank you University of Copenhagen (especially Professor Steve Bloom and Professor Venkat Narayan).

par Abigail R J

13 févr. 2018

Fantastic introduction to Diabetes as a Global Burden, asking and answering tough questions that will remain our focus, as Global Health professionals, for years to come. University of Copenhagen nails it again with interesting speakers who know their stuff.

par Sandra L

20 févr. 2017

A very interesting course, with all aspects of diabetes well explained. Great lecturers, and nice interview format. I especially liked the focus on developing countries, and what is different about the diabetes populations there, since this was new to me.

par Madhumita R

11 nov. 2020

Wonderful course on Diabetes. Well planned, structured, and presented with facts and interviews from an expert panel of professors. Thoroughly enjoyed this course with the complete enhancement of my knowledge on diabetes and preventive care.