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In this MOOC, we will learn the basic cyber security concepts, how to identify vulnerabilities/threat in a network system. We will apply CIA basic security services in the triage of recent cyberattack incidents, such as OPM data breach. We will learn the risk management framework for analyzing the risks in a network system, and apply the basic security design principles to protect the data and secure computer systems. We will examine the trustworthiness of programs and data installed in our systems and show the proper way to verify their integrity and authenticity. We will apply principle of least privileges for controlling the shared access given to different groups of users and system processes. On Amazon Cloud instances, we will use GnuPG software to generate public/private key pair for signing/verifying documents and open source software, and for encrypting documents. We will learn how to publish software, the related signature and release key on web server and publish public key to PGP key server for others to retrieve. We will learn Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and Linux utility to serve as a CA for an organization, learn how to sign certificate request for clients or servers in secure email and web applications....

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7 mars 2018

The course is excellent in terms of syllabus and objectives. IN my view, it would be even better if there were more explanations about the practical exercises

9 janv. 2021

This is a very intuitive and flexible course upon deadlines. The instructor has control over the course hence making understanding very simple

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par Tioluwani O O

4 juil. 2020

It was a good experience

par Abhishek R

22 avr. 2020

This is amazing course.

par Nazmul A J

27 mai 2020


par Ana M P C

7 août 2020

it was great

par Doss D

14 juin 2020

Very useful

par Sarah H

27 févr. 2021

I got the yearly subscription and didnt mind to spend time on this on top of other planned courses. I will not pay for this course. Don't get me wrong, the material is good and as a beginner I learnt a lot. But the general lack of maintenance for this course is not worth it to pay. Some other (free courses) has an active TA who at least takes care of the questions. Nobody answers anything here. But saying that, I still managed to finish the course with some common sense so its fine. I am kind of thankful too because the assignments kind of forced me to learn Linux. First exam had unexpected questions and some questions were not worded properly but I kind of got the hang of Prof Chow's style and managed to benefit from his teaching.

par Hamdi B

11 juin 2020

The courses are very interesting but the fact of letting someone whose English accent is very bad, even if he is PhD, is not a good idea, Also he is not that charming person who will seed in the student the passion and love to keep going on. I only finished the first course and I was always telling my self "when will this course end?" because I was not feeling that cool mood. In Enterprise system management and security specialization PhD Greg Williams was such cool, clear and very informative so that any student will keep studying, that's what I mean, I wish if this specialization was also presented by him.

Conclusion: Coursera must enforce pedagogic and regular course material update policies!!

par Michelle B

6 avr. 2021

I enjoyed this course, though it was challenging. I reviewed each video several times and studied the reading assignments. The hands on projects are essential to understanding the material. The professor provided rich examples that can be valuable as future references. Very practical and useful course for Linux and network security.

par Robert K

18 mai 2020

Some parts tough enough, a good command of linux will help a lot. Instructors accent can be hard to understand sometimes and text transcript can be hit and miss. Enjoyable course to do over all

par Nischay

6 juin 2020

The documentation was a bit outdated for some stuff, but overall a good course. I definitely learned a lot as a total beginner.

par Víctor E

2 déc. 2019

Falta más acompañamiento del docente, ya que en los foros no hay nadie que ayude respecto a las dudas que uno tenga, además teniendo en cuenta que existen algunas lesiones que no son muy claras, siendo que no se explica el por qué se están realizando esos pasos para la configuración, de como serian los procesos en algo real. Creo que le falta más contenido y revisar aquellos enlaces de lectura que no están sirviendo algunos.

par Julian A C E

25 févr. 2020

The instructor speech is not dynamic at all and the hight number of pdfs and steps made the assigments process difficult.

par Koushik B

30 mars 2020

The course is good but AWS are no longer free and i m stranded in the middle of the course.

par Erion C

26 mars 2021

This course is somewhat outdated.

par galimba

6 juin 2020

While I am thankful for the financial assistance Coursera has provided for me, I am stepping down from this course. It is far from what I've expected the course to be. A few notes on my disappointment: 1) The course relies heavily on creating an AWS VM, but the student codes provided are invalid. The professor doesn't address the situation on the forums and said VM is no longer available at AWS, effectively making the first week a "do the best you can do with what you've got" kind of scenario. It's unprofessional. 2) The course encourages the study of specific historical knowledge (i.e. what happened with Korean hackers) and it is not what I expected. I signed up thinking I was going to be getting a technical approach with hands on experience, instead I got tested on historical events that barely relate to what I was trying to learn. 3) The overall experience is that this is an outdated method of learning that has been brought over to Coursera. I took the liberty of following the links to the professor's website at the given university and apparently he hasn't published anything in years, so I question his ability to teach anything new related to Infosec.

Again: Thank you very much for the financial aid, but I'll be trying out another course.

kind regards!

par Ivan W

23 juil. 2020

Out of all online courses that I have participated, this one might be the one with worst maintenance and updates. The assignments are not updated and not thoroughly assessed. For example, a simple assignment was to select region in which we use AWS EC2 instance, but accounts using AWS Educate can't choose region. There were also outdated references and links. It needs to be updated, badly.

The professor's English and pronunciation wasn't clear, but still quite understandable. I feel that he also doesn't quite feel... energetic and passionate in teaching? But overall, the syllabus and material looks good enough.

par Pratishtha S

13 mai 2020

my course is completed still it is showing not completed..

par mohammed k

1 mai 2020

learning content for weekly assigmnets and teaching is bad

par Michael F

21 avr. 2020

I am incredibly unhappy with this experience. The peer graded assignments include the need to access AWS through an AWS Educate marketing site. When you enter the information provided the service is not available for this course. I read the discussions and see that many students are confused by this problem with no response. I would not recommend signing up for this specialization until these issues are resolved.

par Gordon S

5 avr. 2020

The lecturer has a weak command of English and imagines that there is value in reading word for word from his slides. It's faster to read the transcript, but since it mirrors all the same faults as the spoken English, you might as well go and read a book that is written in more intelligible English.

par Justin G

20 déc. 2019

Professor consistently drops the ball and allows the AWS credits to expire inside this course. You cannot complete it as of 12/20/2019. Coursera is not able to fix this, Amazon says to talk to Coursera. Coursera says to talk to the Professor, and the Professor doesn't respond to his campus emails.

par Robert W N

28 févr. 2021

Coursera - you need to make it easier to unenroll / drop courses. My dashboard is cluttered with content I explored but decided not to pursue further, including this one,

par Abdelrahman M

21 nov. 2019

I am really having a hard time understanding the instructor and the tasks given are hard since there is no help or little information provided.

par Ayog m

19 avr. 2020

I couldnt complete because I could not get the Amazon services. The instructions are not even working.

par Akhoon F

28 juin 2020

communication isn't clear