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Whether being used to customize advertising to millions of website visitors or streamline inventory ordering at a small restaurant, data is becoming more integral to success. Too often, we’re not sure how use data to find answers to the questions that will make us more successful in what we do. In this course, you will discover what data is and think about what questions you have that can be answered by the data – even if you’ve never thought about data before. Based on existing data, you will learn to develop a research question, describe the variables and their relationships, calculate basic statistics, and present your results clearly. By the end of the course, you will be able to use powerful data analysis tools – either SAS or Python – to manage and visualize your data, including how to deal with missing data, variable groups, and graphs. Throughout the course, you will share your progress with others to gain valuable feedback, while also learning how your peers use data to answer their own questions....

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15 juil. 2020

In this course we can get many ideas and opportunities of the english and the meaning of many things we used to no many things we should have been working many ideas and then how we should shall have


10 juin 2017

This course covers the basic data management and visualization using SAS and Python. I like the simplicity and straightforwardness of the contents. Will continue to explore this specialization.

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par Erik B

26 févr. 2017

Terrible. A waste of time and money. I recommend doing Statistics with R from Duke instead. This one should be taken off coursera.

par Yasmeen G

25 févr. 2018

I feel that I am wasting my time

The video lectures are simple but I do not have any idea about what to do in the assignments

par Avinash M

31 mars 2019

To sum up this course in one word - 'Hopeless'. Please don't take it. There are better ones available on Coursera.

par Glenn B

29 janv. 2017

This is a good course. I have done stats in the past so i was using this as a refresher but also to advance my python skills a bit more. I think you should take an introduction course to python first. you will get more out of the coding examples. I suggest the Intro to Python by the University of Toronto at Coursera. I found that to be an excellent course.

I find that in these lectures they do a great job in explaining the stats theory. They do not dwell to much into the science behind it but more the applicability. This is all good. You can simply do a little additional research and get the pure science behind of it all

par Anupama R

18 sept. 2015

Great course, teaching end-to-end on how to select data, "prep" it up, analyse data using SAS/Python and create custom visualizations. The project based course makes it more enjoyable as students can quickly apply the principles presented in each week's videos. The resources to learn Python and SAS may not be make you a "star" programmer (since this is not a programming course), but are more than adequate to get a newbie learn enough to process data and work effectively. Definitely recommend to anyone to get an excellent head-start on data analysis from a business and academic research perspective.

par Rusmat A

23 juin 2018

This is not a course for learning Python, and the coding is straightforward as you are given examples for everything. What this course does do is to give really well-presented, high quality lecture materials and (possibly uniquely) allow you to choose a research topic and matching data of your choice to use throughout the specialisation. For me, this is much more motivating than doing analysis on data you really don't care about, just for the sake of it.It's fun to read your fellow student's research blogs, also. Really looks like students on this course are from all over the world.

par Γεώργιος Κ

4 juin 2018

in fact this is a 4.5 star rating. The level was introductory. The peer assignments are not the best tactic. They can be an adding to other examinations to see how others treat the same problem. But in fact what you learn in that course are a must. If you are new to data science with little or not any knowledge of Python or SAS then this course is ideal for you. If you have already gotten acquainted with data analysis then this course is to support your skills and maybe you can find one or two new things.

par José A R N

26 août 2017

My name is Jose Antonio. I am looking for a new Data Scientist career (

I did this course to get new knowledge about Big Data and Visualisation and better understand the technology and your practical applications.

The course was excellent and the classes well taught by teachers.

Congratulations to Coursera team and Instructors.

par Vinay

18 sept. 2015

This is the best Course and Specialization I attended ever in my life. The way of presentation, the content(examples and detail) are really amazing. This is the course that any layman can understand. I would recommend to anyone who would like to understand and work on Data Analysis.

Hats-off to the Profs and team. You did a fabulous Job. Thank you!!

par Ankur R

18 mai 2021

This was a basic course on Understanding the data, I was planning to complete the specialization but I didn't know I had to pay for other courses. However, I have completed this course with a great understanding of learning the research problem and creating a Hypothesis which is a necessary part for planning ahead for the execution.

par Denise L

20 déc. 2015

I have never used SAS. I have done minimal statistics and my major in university was Sociology, which I did 20 years ago. So needless to say, I don't remember much. This course was easy to understand and was structured in a way to build upon knowledge from one week to the next.

par Alex S

12 oct. 2015

This class is well produced and suitable for people who might be a little intimidated by coding or statistics. It's definitely a great place to start, and with only a few hours a week and simple pointed assignments, it was a soft re entry for me into the academic world.

par Margaret W

3 févr. 2016

So far, course is one of the best I am taking. It moves at a slow enough pace that you feel you can actually learn explore but at the same time are not bored. The videos are well done and have the right balance of interesting content and skill building.

par Sudarshan K

21 févr. 2017

Being the first ever course I took seriously with, it was fun and a new experience. Liked it. The way of teaching, the unique grading technique used by coursera, the tutors were perfect and to sum it up it was much more than I expected.

par Arulmani T

10 oct. 2018

Great course to learn the basics of Python and SAS programming.

I loved it. I would highly recommend this course for persons looking to learn python or SAS programming.

Thank you Coursera team for providing such a wonderful platform.

par Guy D

27 nov. 2017

Excellent Course. Looking at data in a different way, using Python to explore what is behind. Good and clear explanations. I think that knowledge in programming is necessary, since there is non-trivial coding in this course.

par Hawra

26 sept. 2020

Started from scratch and amazing video instructions that were super clear! Error on one link provided though, but I've reported that :) Excellent course! Great intro to data! Excited for the rest of the specialization! :D

par Anwesha N

20 juil. 2020

I have enrolled to different similar courses and this one by far was the best. The approach they are taking helps you become independent and project oriented which is a great thing. Highly recommended.


15 juil. 2020

In this course we can get many ideas and opportunities of the english and the meaning of many things we used to no many things we should have been working many ideas and then how we should shall have

par Iryna Y

22 févr. 2016

Thank you so much for the course!

I liked the research project, it game me a lot of interesting knowledge. I thought in the beginning it is pretty easy course but the last assignment took me a while.

par Nikhil T

13 avr. 2018

So far I found this course very nice , good real time examples with interactive sessions along with Exercises and assignments.

It seems my effort and time is going to get paid of soon. Thanks Team !!

par Siddhi G P

26 juin 2018

This is a great course for beginners. The course instructors have arranged the course at a very comfortable pace and this is a great beginning point for anyone who wants to learn SAS or Python.

par Ankita R

2 juin 2020

I learnt a lot from this course in data management and visualization and enjoyed the assignment parts of the course. I also gained insights in making data management decisions!

par Abhijit K

15 janv. 2021

Great for a beginner.. the flexibility which is given by the course with our thoughts and imaginations was too good.. must-do for anyone to begin the Data Analysis career <3

par Rustam M

11 août 2016

Really smooth conduct of people in videos and excellent way of explaining things. Very excited to keep going to see what this specialization has to offer further. Thank you.