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A good algorithm usually comes together with a set of good data structures that allow the algorithm to manipulate the data efficiently. In this online course, we consider the common data structures that are used in various computational problems. You will learn how these data structures are implemented in different programming languages and will practice implementing them in our programming assignments. This will help you to understand what is going on inside a particular built-in implementation of a data structure and what to expect from it. You will also learn typical use cases for these data structures. A few examples of questions that we are going to cover in this class are the following: 1. What is a good strategy of resizing a dynamic array? 2. How priority queues are implemented in C++, Java, and Python? 3. How to implement a hash table so that the amortized running time of all operations is O(1) on average? 4. What are good strategies to keep a binary tree balanced? You will also learn how services like Dropbox manage to upload some large files instantly and to save a lot of storage space!...

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23 mai 2016

I like this course very much! Rope is the cleverest task I have ever done! Of course, I hope in future I will work on even more difficult problems, but this is pretty good already for me as a student!


9 juil. 2020

I think the course content and assignments were great. A suggestion though, it will be more helpful if there are more and varied corner cases that would save time spent in thinking and making cases.

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par Benjamin J

21 déc. 2020

This was a great, and challenging, course. I learned a lot from it. I thankful to the instructors for their hard work. Many thanks!!

par Kazuki Y

26 juil. 2017

I was essentially new to prototypical data structures, but the course taught me a lot. In HW, I couldn't finish the splay tree one.


23 janv. 2021

Great course, learned a lot. Thanks to all professors who have put so much of effort in this course to make this course so great.

par Sonali S

9 févr. 2017

This course was really awesome and helped a lot to revise old concepts as well as learn many new things about the data structures

par Avireddy N R 1

29 nov. 2020


par Ayush J

22 mai 2020

This course is awesome and very beneficial.

All the course instructor have gave their best and taught us in very systematic way.

par Nguyen B L

1 nov. 2020

For me this is an excellent and challenging course. Required more time than my expectation. But very valuable. I learned a lot.

par Sakshar C

10 juil. 2020

It was a great course. Learned lots of applications and also efficient implementations of many basic and useful data structures

par Gudipudi M

5 janv. 2019

It is great oppurtunity for a student like me in remote areas.I thank Coursera for the quality education it has been providing.

par Artem L

12 août 2021

The material is challenging, but managable. The programing assignment kept me on my toes, I could not complete a lot of them.

par Hiroki U

14 août 2020

Assignments were tough, but all of them were good problem.

Completing assignments, you can learn more about Data structures .


20 mai 2020

thanku for this it was really heapful.and during programming assignments i have learnt a lot.looking forward for next course

par Yuvraj G

17 juin 2019

Great Course Highly Recommended.

There is hell lot of information to grasp. Must take this course. And put everything in it.

par John J M

13 juin 2016

Great course with great content. Really enjoy the addition of support material and test cases for the difficult problems.

par Suraj M

26 oct. 2021

Best Course Learned linked list, heap data structure, binary search tree, any many more data structures core concepts.

par VENNA S P a

12 nov. 2020

The course contents were very well presented and the practice exercises really kept me engaged throughout the course.

par Aditya C

6 janv. 2020

Very Good Course. I find myself tough to write code that will run in one go after rigourously checked on mine laptop.

par Amandeep

19 juin 2021

Really amazing problems. The structure of the course is really great. The best section I found was that of Hashing.


9 août 2020

This is the best course to learn data structure in very easy way .This course teaches the topics by using visuals .

par Krzysztof L

27 sept. 2017

This is great course. Mostly thanks to the very good and interesting programming assignments.

I highly recommend it.

par Sean W

9 juil. 2017

Course is well designed and an enjoying challenge. It's a bedrock course for anyone solving computational problems.

par 2K18/EC/079 H N

29 août 2020

If you have the basic language of any coding language(C++,java,python) then this course will be very good for you.

par Jay C

24 juil. 2020

Learnt new things like Rabin-Karp algorithm ,algorithms to find patterns in strings ,applications of BST ,etc.....

par Arun M

20 juil. 2020

excellent course for data structures and algorithms.

recommend to all who want better standing of data structures

par Manikant R

30 mai 2020

Course was well taught , I find it little difficult to understand but its okay , the topic is difficult itself.