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A good algorithm usually comes together with a set of good data structures that allow the algorithm to manipulate the data efficiently. In this online course, we consider the common data structures that are used in various computational problems. You will learn how these data structures are implemented in different programming languages and will practice implementing them in our programming assignments. This will help you to understand what is going on inside a particular built-in implementation of a data structure and what to expect from it. You will also learn typical use cases for these data structures. A few examples of questions that we are going to cover in this class are the following: 1. What is a good strategy of resizing a dynamic array? 2. How priority queues are implemented in C++, Java, and Python? 3. How to implement a hash table so that the amortized running time of all operations is O(1) on average? 4. What are good strategies to keep a binary tree balanced? You will also learn how services like Dropbox manage to upload some large files instantly and to save a lot of storage space!...

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23 mai 2016

I like this course very much! Rope is the cleverest task I have ever done! Of course, I hope in future I will work on even more difficult problems, but this is pretty good already for me as a student!


9 juil. 2020

I think the course content and assignments were great. A suggestion though, it will be more helpful if there are more and varied corner cases that would save time spent in thinking and making cases.

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par Pawan k a

7 juin 2020

This course has only one weak point that is its mentors and teaching staff who are not actively helping on discussion forums.

par Aryan K

25 août 2021

The course consist of only theory. It would be better if it will includes some coding concepts and examples related to it.

par Pavel O

9 nov. 2016

Very good course. I would not say its for beginner. But would definitely helps you in the future progress of your career.

par Garima B

5 sept. 2016

The course material was good and the understanding of the subject was satisfactory . :)

Thank You and keep us updated .

par Srividya S

12 sept. 2018

This course is very useful for programmers and contains in depth detail of the various commonly used data structures.

par A09 A K

16 oct. 2020

course is great . Learnt a lot . I will Pratice more. And take up other courses if my time permits. learning is fun.

par zhouning z

19 juil. 2016

great course but I think the last two modules are a little difficult to understand, especially for beginner like me

par Kalin D D

22 nov. 2018

More exercise will be better. It will be good you mention red-black tree segment and interval trees B and B+ trees

par Diego A

9 sept. 2016

Overall the course is good. The last two weeks on AVL and

Splay trees need more examples and felt a bit rushed.

par John F

28 juil. 2018

Good introduction to data structures - with a focus on the implementation rather than using premade libraries.

par Rishav R

5 avr. 2019

I wish every assignment had the test cases

The course is awesome anyways and focuses on more than just grades.

par Xavier C i R

20 mai 2016

Great course although last lesson about splay trees explanation is too fast and basic for me to understand.

par Kodumuri S

14 sept. 2020

The accent of tutors is a bit hard for me to understand but eventually i got used to it ,Good course!

par Can R

12 juin 2018

instuctors no longer check the discussion boards. So it's a hassle to get the right answers sometimes

par Planck M

11 janv. 2018

many subtitle of the video doesn't match what the speaker is saying, so I hope you can improve it,thx

par Debasish M

9 juil. 2016

the last lecture was too fast. Would be good to divide this into two parts. Rest all is great stuff.

par Dhanendra K V

26 avr. 2019

This is really good for beginners. This will explain you from basics to advance level uses of DS.

par Fengyi Z

21 mai 2019

We need some feedback sometimes. It is way too hard to solve a question without error feed back.

par John B

14 juin 2018

The module on dynamic arrays was not well organized or explained, but otherwise a great course.

par varun r

27 mai 2019

Very good insights in the data structures. There can be more focus on linked List, Graphs etc.


15 oct. 2019

Very informational course, really a great one. THANKS Coursera and Higher School Of Economics

par Amr E

29 juin 2020

the assignments are amazing also the content

but some of the sections are not well explained

par Mayank B

15 janv. 2018

Very good course, only problem is the little help offered by mentors in the discussion forum

par Saruar M

23 avr. 2019

Overall a good course. In my opinion the hash-tables and BSTs material was a little rushed.

par Sahidul C

24 déc. 2018

Less diagramatic explaination.....making it hard for some concepts to grab.....overall good