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In this course you will get an introduction to the main tools and ideas in the data scientist's toolbox. The course gives an overview of the data, questions, and tools that data analysts and data scientists work with. There are two components to this course. The first is a conceptual introduction to the ideas behind turning data into actionable knowledge. The second is a practical introduction to the tools that will be used in the program like version control, markdown, git, GitHub, R, and RStudio....
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14 avr. 2020

As a business student from Bangladesh who is aspiring to be a data analyst in near future, I love this course very much. The quizzes and assessments were the places to check how much I exactly learnt.


7 sept. 2017

It was really insightful, coming from knowing almost nothing about statistics or experimental design, it was easy to understand while not feeling shallow. Just the right amount of information density.

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par Attila T

24 janv. 2016

It is really basic course, I expected much more even if this is offered only for $29.. (the cheapest course in the specialisation)

par Bee S

13 mai 2020

Having an instructor narrate is extremely important in a course. The robot that is narrating makes the videos unwatchable.

par Valentin D

19 janv. 2016

Completely useless. Just a number of boring videos of what you may possibly learn in Data Science Specialization.

par Melvin S M

25 avr. 2022

I've taken a class in R. Half the quiz answers are wrong and is really overall pointless as a course.

par Ivan Y

26 oct. 2017

The course contains almost no valuable information. It is not required to spend 4 weeks for it.

par maryam A

21 août 2019

It is unbelievable how one can learn with this boring automatic course. I can not stand it!

par Parth G

10 janv. 2016

It's a course which is designed to preview the other courses. It could easily be eliminated

par Bea J M L

30 mars 2022

It's boring. The robot's voice is annoying that's why I can't focus on the lesson per se.

par Mohammad A N I

8 janv. 2020

I do not like the voice in this course . I will can not continue the course .

par Brian D

7 nov. 2020

Automated voice was terrible. - I didn't even last through the first video.

par shivangi p

26 mai 2020

I just made me install R, R Studio and a repo on Git. Thats it.

par Joonas S

14 nov. 2016

Too compact and short. Should be integrated to other courses.

par Ian H

12 avr. 2018

Terribly run waste of money! Better off going to Data Camp!

par Decharpol P

12 déc. 2020

Synthesized voice is used instead of an instructor. Boring

par Kishan S

5 mai 2018

It was useless for me; as i have used R studio previously

par Ed. C

4 oct. 2018

Low quality, I didn't learn anything really.

par Steve Z J

28 juin 2019

Bad course. All videos are machined read.

par Lia L

19 févr. 2019

I really don't like the automated videos.

par Berny V A

11 avr. 2022

That kind of robotic video are the worst

par Deleted A

5 août 2018

A lot of information without practice

par jonathan s

16 mars 2018

Seemed pretty useless to me

par Jansen M A

31 déc. 2020

No effort whatsoever


9 mai 2020

Too basic

par Normand D

2 déc. 2015

I would like to report some major issues with the new interface.

1) We don't have access to the slides anymore. This is a major issues since some of the slides content important links. These links are not shown in the transcript (I've double checked).

2) When we try to download the videos, subtitles or transcript, the resulting file name is the same for all content of the same type. More specifically, all videos are named "index.mp4", all subtitle files are named "subtitles.vtt" and all transcript files are named "subtitle.txt". This makes it more difficult for the student to save the files. In the previous version I would only right-click and saved in the right directory. Now, I have to right click, type the right name (which could be long sometimes) and then save the file.

3) In the previous interface, it was possible to see all the threads we were subscribed to. It is no more the case. It is not a problem right now, because there is not a lot of posts, but in cases where the number of post increase, it will be a pain to go through the list of threads and find the ones of interest.

Please ignore the review for now, I couldn't submit my comments without reviewing the course.

More comments may follow later...

par Isheunoziva

5 avr. 2020

This is a recommended course for anyone serious with data science. It is highly accessible, especially for screen-reader users who may be comfortable taking lectures using text rather than videos. I was able to successfully complete assignments on my own without problems. However, the only setback I see with the course is its over-reliance on RStudio. While Rstudio is a great IDE for R programming, it is not yet fully accessible. So questions like, "Which quadrant is at the bottom right corner" are answered as a guess-work rather than full knowledge. I suggest that command-line options be considered as this is accessible for everyone. Thus, while the GUI option is left intact, there is need to also provide command-line alternative to accomplishing the same thing. Otherwise, this course is perhaps the best when it comes to introducing the concepts on data science.