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In this course you will get an introduction to the main tools and ideas in the data scientist's toolbox. The course gives an overview of the data, questions, and tools that data analysts and data scientists work with. There are two components to this course. The first is a conceptual introduction to the ideas behind turning data into actionable knowledge. The second is a practical introduction to the tools that will be used in the program like version control, markdown, git, GitHub, R, and RStudio....
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14 avr. 2020

As a business student from Bangladesh who is aspiring to be a data analyst in near future, I love this course very much. The quizzes and assessments were the places to check how much I exactly learnt.


7 sept. 2017

It was really insightful, coming from knowing almost nothing about statistics or experimental design, it was easy to understand while not feeling shallow. Just the right amount of information density.

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par Yanal K

7 janv. 2016

First experience got me hooked. I love coursera. This course, even though an introduction taught me a lot and showed me an error of my ways in everyday life. One question in the 3rd Quiz was very confusing to answer. But that's about it. I hope the rest of the specialization carries on forward in a similar maybe even better pattern.

par Sandhya M

29 déc. 2019

The course was completely new to me. But the step by step instructiona made it easy for me to complete the course succefully. Linking of R and GitHub is like a magic to me ,who is new to programming. The Video on Control Version is fantastic and can be helpful for even professors like me who give group projects to their students.

par Shelly L

19 nov. 2017

I think this course did gave me a full impression regarding data science and guided me how to install basic tools successfully. Also, I found that the help guide and links those are introduced during lecture are very helpful, such as "Github help" and discussion forum. I used them a lot when finishing the last peer view project.

par Daryl B

31 juil. 2020

This was an excellent course. I always wanted to know how to use GitHub and this course knocked it out of the park for that. Also learned how to set up R & Rstudio on Debian 10 vs. Windows and/or Mac. I'm a FOSS guy so this course provided sufficient guidance around how to build my Data Scientist toolbox on that platform. Nice!

par Egor M

23 juil. 2020

A short introduction to the primary tools and concepts for data analysis with R. The lectures cover a fair range of topics from installing the software to experiment design and types of data analysis. Relevant and informative examples are provided for each section. All in all, the course is a wonderful introductory experience.

par SZE P L

6 juin 2021

This is a great course to startup a Data Scientist journey. Learn how to setup the tools to be ready for R programming and the concept of data analysis. A minor negative comment is that the robot voice is really annoying sometimes, but it is well explained in the Welcome notes and videos. OVERALL, good course to be enrolled.

par Lucho B

31 oct. 2020

It was interesting, including the presentation itself in the sense of the automation of the generation of the course. I will probably copy that idea for my future courses, otherwise the content without major problems. It catches my attention that they do not explain or at least indicate how to install these tools with Linux.

par Juliano D

1 sept. 2022

No começo, tive que me acostumar com a linguagem apresentada nos videos. Logo em seguida ja compreendi o meu funcionamento no curso: assistir os video, ler o texto, anotar a estrutura e os pontos-chave, exercitar quando era necessario, e resolver as questoes. Com este ritmo consegui aprender o que o curso propoe. Agradeço.

par Selwyn L

1 mai 2018

I liked this course. The material that you learn was pretty basic, but the community helped you digest the more indepth concepts (I am new to RStudio and GitHub). What some people will find as a flaw, I liked the fact that I had to go and look for the answers online and it wasn't just given to me in the course notes/slides.

par Sashin R

24 mai 2022

A great course that provides an informed and thorough introduction to data scient. The electronic voice does take a little time get used to, but I really liked that the text files and videos where directly connected. It felt like I was reviewing the work immediately after going through. I liked that.

Highly reccommend it.

par vaishnavi c

16 déc. 2021

This is an excellent introductory course for Data Science. I personally feel that, I should really have taken this course sooner. It is an excellent beginners course. I would like to say a big thank you to the mentors. This course helped to understand RStudio and GitHub in a way I have never understood before. Thank You!

par Mainza H

29 oct. 2017

This course has really helped me understand how to value peoples work and share what i think and share my work with others. The lectures are very good and helpful. From the knowledge i have arquired i view things differently, more like a data scientist and i am motivated to complete my specialisation as a data scientist.

par Nanette H

15 févr. 2016

Great course! Explains the details of what is in the content of the rest of the certificate while not being too detailed. Showed which classes will be related to the content of each part of the introduction. Did a great job of setting up all required tools for the the R programming course (which I am currently taking).

par Haripriya R

3 juil. 2020

I loved the course - the different kinds of formats of presenting the information really helped me in choosing the medium in which I wanted to learn! Thank you to all instructors and the links to all the material provided. I loved Hilary's name analysis and Nate Silver's take on US elections - thanks so much once again!

par Ayush R

2 avr. 2020

before completing the course I thought that I know all of its content, but as I proceed further I realized I was wrong and got to learn many thing, the most fruitful thing that I learned here was integrating Git and R Studio, the final assessment practically brushes up all the learning taught. overall am very satisfied.

par Kiel A

20 mars 2016

Really solid introduction to the subject matter. This course gave me a better understanding of how to go about finding the questions which need to be answered, which is fundemental to the study of data science. Also, it gave me a wonderful tutorial on where to find help and how to ask for help which I found very useful.

par Raksha S

24 mars 2020

This course is just amazing! I had the best experience learning it at my own pace, and the interactive learning session was an added fun to the whole course! I am looking forward to learning so much more! The slides had very illustrious graphs and teaching was in such simple words that I could grasp everything so well!

par Shannay R

3 mars 2020

An excellent introduction to R, RStudio, Git and GitHub. The course content is well designed and touches upon various topics in a crisp tone. The course lowers inhibitions and allows learners without any coding experience to test the waters.

Definitely recommended for all enthusiasts looking to venture in Data Science

par Jose P M L

9 juil. 2020

Very nice introduction to the subject. If you know RStudio and Git you can easily go throught it in a couple of days. You might really wanna go deep into R Studio features like markdown syntax and take a good look at Hilary Parker's work to see how a data scientist think and go through her process. Her blog is amazing

par 20e

12 oct. 2017

I got a general idea about the work of a datascientist which laid a stepping stone for my further study.

Further more, I think the lesson of "getting help" is quite helpful and practical for me and I enjoyed the whole class.

I would recommend any one who is interested in datascience to take this course at the beginning.

par Ursina R

16 sept. 2022

It's a useful course to get you started with R, GitHub & Markdown. After the course, I have all the programs installed properly, as well as some helpful resources at hand, so that I can start doing some actual projects. The introduction on data and types of analyses were not new to me, but a good refresher anyway.

par Ващенков В В

21 févr. 2019

Info is compressed but it is still available for understanding and useful. But I think new students can have some difficulties with git or github, because theres some not so obvious commands like swap branch, commit changes etc...But it is also good for students to learn use Google and look forward for tutorials :)

par Francy G B

12 juin 2020

Este curso me permitió explorar algunas de las múltiples herramientas que tiene R y conocer su utilidad en la utilización y/o procesamiento de datos. Además el interés por seguir aprendiendo más sobre el manejo de R, puesto que es una excelente opción, para apoyar el análisis de datos en procesos de investigación.

par Marko N

1 déc. 2015

The new graphic is really nice and helpful. Even the fact that you can retake the quizzes after 8 hours is really nice. I have noticed that there wasn't any possibility to download pdf files of the lessons (or I didn't see it), the last time I took the course there was this possibility and I found it so helpful.

par Tejaswini P

30 mai 2020

I found this course very interesting. The progression of course from week 1 to week 4 was very well paced. The study material provided in form of notes, powerpoint presentations and videos was adequate for understanding the topics. I would definitely recommend this course for people interested in Data Science.