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Créativité, innovation et changement, Université d'État de Pennsylvanie

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Let’s keep making history together - over and over! In 2013 and 2014, over 200,000 people from more than 190 countries came together in this MOOC to explore creativity, innovation, and change. What did we DO? We discovered creative uniqueness through Creative Diversity. We used Intelligent Fast Failure to build innovative skills. We applied CENTER principles to drive personal change. And we implemented value creation skills to initiate lasting change. That was CIC 1.0 and CIC 2.0, and it was a BLAST! Now we’re back - and even better than before - with some new faces and fresh ideas to help you develop your creative potential, so you can enhance and transform your business, your community, and your personal life. This is CIC On-demand … we’re ready to ROCK … AND we are always open! Recommended Readings Innovate or Die - Jack Matson: CENTER - Darrell Velegol:

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par PC

Sep 01, 2015

An awesome course with good explanations and tasks.\n\nAt the end of the course, it enabled me to think the other way that I usually do not do on looking at any object.\n\nThank you team.

par AD

May 15, 2016

It is an amazing course which will truly boost your creativity, help you interact better and bring about change in society. The assignments in this course are also fun-filled! :)

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77 avis

par Pramod Kumar Sharma

Mar 07, 2019

Really it is very wonder full course, unknowing changed thinking process for resolving any problem with numerous No's of ideas, every body is having his own thought process or you can say everyone have different creativity level, everybody is creative.

par Khyati Mankoo

Mar 05, 2019

This is brilliant course to open your avenues in the field of creativity and innovation.

It opens your mind about creativity in general and how the ideology of only a few are blessed with a creative mind is wrong, comes to life.

This course helps you use innovation in your daily life with a simple technique of a changed perspective.

The value creation module allows you to transform your dream/passion in to reality by analyzing your options thoroughly.

My only feedback is, if the usage of structural module was adapted across majority of the videos such as concept-fan strategy or action plan, this would help in a structured way of thinking.

par Namal Jayalath

Mar 02, 2019

Very good


Feb 16, 2019

Very interesting and an eye opener.

par Peter Phuc Huynh

Sep 17, 2018

Great Course!

par Ukachi Osisiogu

Sep 01, 2018

Very insightful

par Eduardo De Oliveira

Aug 17, 2018

Very interesting start

par Alvaro Diego Palomá

May 11, 2018

Great content and excellent teachers

par Логанов Андрей Сергеевич

Mar 12, 2018

interesting course!!!

par Marita Ayala

Mar 02, 2018

Very insightful information that helps specifically in generating ideas.